ΠΑΠΑΓΆΛΟς ΑΝΆΦΗ – Is it any good for winter filming?

Within the winter, I spend time on winter trails and typically I prefer to deliver a small drone with me. On this video I take a look at out the Parrot Anafi to see if it is going to be one thing I’ll use.

If you do not have a Parrot ANAFI for your self, then now could be the time to get one since they’re all on sale:

ANAFI with three batteries and carry bag: HTTPS://amzn.to/2LdvrEn

ANAFI base mannequin: HTTPS://amzn.to/2Et344j

ANAFI in CANADA: HTTPS://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/parrot-anafi-quadcopter-drone-with-camera-controller-black-only-at-best-buy/12642590.aspx?


MOBILE CAMERA: GoPro Hero 7: HTTPS://amzn.to/2ykSDdH

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  1. Forget obstacle avoidancemore trouble than it's worthjust look ahead and avoid crashing into thingslike driving your car on the road really!

  2. I’m about to buy my first drone here in Australia and was thinking of getting the DJI spark fly more combo for$759 but the parrot Anafi $899 on sale is it worth getting Anafi over spark? I do like the flight time over spark. I’m confused and need help lol!! I’m only really buying one for fun to fly around so 4K is not necessary.

  3. You got my thumbs up , This is much better than mavic air, sold my mavic air ,not a drone I can trust

  4. Close call with that branch. Nice drone and like I said before great 👨‍✈️tings skills. I like the camera too.

  5. Μεγάλη βίντεο. After some initial quirkiness, I'm enjoying my Anafi as well! And you're right, the Anafi is a quiet drone relative to the Spark drone I also fly.

  6. You asked what we thought of the hyperlapse. I think you said it was 30x speed. It might have looked better at a 15x speed.

  7. Thanks I fly the AIR and this Summer i was flying in Arizona and some thought they herd Bees.. BEST BUY $549.99 and I think B&H. With no optical avoidance, I watch your reviews a lot I thought I had subscribed. Ευχαριστώ.

  8. Love Your Videos!! You were a big Inspiration!! 🙂

  9. Hi Captain, did you try the new features with the new big update ?

  10. Thanks a lot for this video! Due to your recommendation on black friday i bought an Anafi and haven't regret it. Its less than half the price of a Mavic 2 zoom and the Anafi has similar functions, accept for obstacle avoidance. The video quality is ok for me. With the latest firmware update the 5ghz band is now available in CE mode. The only downside was a good tablet holder for the Skycontroller 3. I just tested a good one from England ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNyckaU298g ). This drone rocks.

  11. I was sad to hear Parrot leaving the low end consumer market. I really liked all these little innovations.

  12. Μεγάλη βίντεο, Steve, and well timed as it was my Birthday yesterday and my wife presented me with an Anafi. I’ve yet to fly it as I haven’t had chance to charge the battery yet. I’m not new to these flying machines as I already have around 50 models ranging from 250 size racers up to medium lift Octo’s, most self built, but I’m really looking forward to getting the Anafi in the air especially to try the unique features of the camera and to experience how quiet many have commented on how it is. Being in the UK it will help for me to keep a low profile in light of recent news.

  13. Great fun watching
    For hiking I'd get a PD capable powerbankmine gives me a charge of 1% per minute, so I almost don't run out on juice even with just my single battery, reloding in the backpack while going ahead to the next location.

  14. I just bought the bb2 and I wish they would update the free flight pro app to be like free flight 6

  15. Anafi needs more love, a great unappreciated drone.

  16. Great footage, good testMerry Christmas to allI still doing my tests with Parrot Anafi Gimbal and Zoom! Μεγάλη begginner κηφήνας! Let's go forward! Με εκτίμηση

  17. Great video but I have one question did the updates fixed the problem of the landing button that it doesnt ask you if you want to land?

  18. You mentioned the object avoidance of (ορισμένες?) other drones affecting the low flying performance. Could you elaborate (or even do a comparison video).

  19. Hello very impressive in the winter.
    Can you flight it in the Caribbean? Cause I try mine in Dominican Republic I can't flight at all, my GPS is RED not GREEN. Οποιαδήποτε συμβουλή?

  20. Thanks CD for another great video. The Anafi has some very nice exclusive features and looks like an ideal companion for a walk in the woods. But for me, the image quality is not great, even allowing for snow being difficult to film. Unless Youtube has sabotaged your footage, the camera seems to produce highly aliased, fuzzy and posterised images of the snow. Or am I hung over?

  21. hey captain . Love to see you and your content. very humble person 💗
    Love from India 🙂

  22. I'm a new subscriber, just got an Anafi! Quick non-Anafi questions: ένα) How do you capture audio (δηλ.. your voice) for these/this video? β) Do you use FCP or Adobe to edit/compile video from all of these cameras? I'm mostly interested in the audio. It's really quite good considering you're outside trekking around in the snow! Μεγάλη vid, Ευχαριστώ!

  23. Πρέπει να γνωρίζετε, if the batteries are cold, you won't be able to launch. I was prevented from launch recently with cold batteries.

  24. comparing the anafi to the evowhat would you buy, mainly used for photographic purposes?-Γεια

  25. Have you notice any kind of batery reduction due to the low temperature?

  26. I’m thinking of picking this up. I miss the simplicity of the Parrot app. Plus this quieter than my Spark. People come out of the woods with shotguns when the hear my Spark

  27. Very nice Footage! I also have an anafi recently. I like it very much.

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