Night Lions TechN7C Monster Drone – Αναθεώρηση και πτήση

Υπερ-σύνδεση για να αγοράσετε από το RTF ($189) – The N7C Monster Drone is basically a hugely-scaled-up Syma X5C. It has loads of


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  1. Looks like my birthplace in iowa….u know-minus the corn and everything

  2. I was told that the drone is made up of a plastic that is kind of cheap so if it was to fall it would break easily.

  3. General question to anyone who knows… can I transform my mjx601 hex to brushless motors? All thoughts are welcome….

  4. Just fyi for anyone misunderstanding headless mode , and auto return. This feature is designed to be used from onset of flightnot during flight. When you start with it , the copter has a return home point. When activated mid flight….wherever you are in the sky when headless is activated becomes home return pointrendering it useless. You must start with copter in front of you, face forward….then activate headless modetake off , fly around using all the yaw you want….then hit return homeit will return to originallow some variance for wind. Alot of people complain about this featurebut I like it best for night time flying with a cool lightshow….and during any flight when you lose orientation. I would not recommend this for indoor flights….unless you're in a gymnasium! Lol
    PS….Ναι…I learned how to fly properly first….but my eyesight isn't the greatest for far distance's….headless mode has saved my copter more then once.
    Like I said….just fyi. Fly on..brothers,and sisters….feeling closer to God already! Lol

  5. Hey Ryan….have you done a review on Night Lions Tech N 57 hexacopter? Im pretty sure im going to get one anyway, but your opinion would be welcome. Found one for $66 ( can) on…..and I can't resist a cool looking hex! Still rocking the MJX 601but still want bigger! You've turned me into a hexaslut! Lol
    PS….I recently got the Bugs 3 επίσης…..Τρομερό , χωρίς ψήκτρες , δύναμη! Right now at $92 ( can). Yup…an expensive , but awesome payday! Im now the 'Drone Whisperer' of my buildingkids follow me to the park now! I send them to your site to check out the wide range of copters to choose from….thanks for this cool hobbyBrian Koops.

  6. Ryan, i understand this bird has been upgraded quite a bit since this video, you now anything ? Ευχαριστώ, Roost

  7. Lol, this quad won't fit anywhere in Chicago ! 😞

  8. I want to know if night lion is a good company and are parts avalable?

  9. Γεια σου, I noticed a few times it looked like the wind was taking it away, how do you get it back to you without really knowing the orientation, when that happens to me I kind of panic and by that time it's out of range. any tips or tricks with your experience as to get back on course toward you? none of my drones have return to home, and can't get used to headless mode. tx

  10. You don't know what kind of plug that's called??? Must not have ever been into RC cars and trucks. Dean's connector.

  11. Would u recommend this or something else in its class price function etc..

  12. I'm going to have to buy this, and modify it to fit brushless motors and racing quadcopter techYou know… Ακριβώς για τη διασκέδαση. ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

  13. go pro you should be able to lift and old vhs camcorder with it lol

  14. Γιατί, oh why, would they not put a larger battery on this?

  15. where I live no joke, you can fly a drone anywhere without any registration or anything. and I mean ANYWHERA

  16. so goto get one of these, will it carry a gopro ?

  17. I've had mine for over six months. It gets allot of attention. Never had any major problems. I use the guards to make it look bigger. The only problem I've had, which is minor, is that the vibration shakes the camera plug lose and opens the battery port. These are easy to fix though. It's too big to store easily though. I bought the wife a canopy bed and the Monster tests on top.

  18. might just buy one of these and show up to my RC flight club and start flying it like I'm not flying an elephant and everyone is just going to be looking at me like wtf is that thing?!

  19. I'm pretty sure these motors will burn out really easily if you try to do anyrhing else then cruise, and those are Bull nose props right?

  20. the battery cable is a deans plug is is common in rc car and truck batteries

  21. WOW! that thing is hilarious. I spurred on a cough attack laughing so hard. It is almost exactly an X5C clone on steroids.. You know what they say about steroids.. It looks like a Big dog with a little who ha.. The tiny camera looks so funny!! Stop looking at my small equipment.. lol Cool Copter and Great review!

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