These are the new as the 40 millimeter propellers from movie drone, and we have the new. I think this is a 75 millimeter cockroach frame, obviously for the size, and we have this carbon plate on the bottom, for additional bracing and stiffness to keep the frame nice and stiff. So all the motors and electronics camera everything here is um stuff you’ve. Seen me for in the original acrobee, που είναι, Υποθέτω, they’re calling it the acme 65 Τώρα, because that was a 65 millimeter whoop, Έτσι 65 millimeters motor motor on that one comes with the um, the same flight controller board, the b brain brushless of the one. I think this one here uh, so it has a built in video transmitter and receiver is actually separate, so in this case it’s the crossfire receiver, so you got the little mini t and the immortal channel in the back here for the crossfire receiver. You can see the crosshair receiver right there on the original acrobee they had. The i think was a one of these newbies drone receivers on here with the diversity antennas on this one. So this one here, if you’re worried about range on their receiver or whatever the version receiver you happen to get crossfire, Φυσικά, is going to be the best but it’s going to be the heaviest as well got the same. Goober canopy, you can see here and same bi. Camera it’s got the same f4 flat controller with 12 Amp 400 esds um.

The motors are also the same 0802s and 18 000 tv and uses the same batteries. The 1s 300 μπαταρία ώρας milliamp. Now this is, this: board is 2s capable it has 12 amp psds that are 2s capable uh. Mine did not come with the little 1s 2s adapter, so i only flew mine on 1s and i believe you can put it. You can print a 3d printed part that can put a bigger train here for 450 μπαταρία ώρας milliamp. If you want more flight time now, the main differences between the 65 millimeter and the 75 millimeter is that you’re gon na get a little bit more power. A little bit more flight time because you have a bigger prop and um just uh, basically it’s going to be more efficient as well. So we get uh roughly a minute, more flight time versus the 65 Χιλιοστό. Αλλά, of course it is carrying around more weight and because it only has 0 802 κινητήρες, it doesn’t really have that much acropower, but it’s still fast enough for basically like just whoop style racing. So if you’re in a big open indoor space, this is going to be much faster than the 65 millimeter and let’s just go ahead and show you the difference and the weights here. So the original 65 millimeter was 23.25 grams and then the 75 millimeter version here it’s coming in at 29.14 γραμμάρια, and if you get the different receiver version, um it’s going to weigh a little bit less.

The crossover receiver version is going to be the heaviest because of the big antenna here in the back. So basically you know if you’re wondering which one to get, i would say, if you’re in a bigger space, get the bigger one. Το 75 millimeter it’s a little bit faster. Το 65 millimeter is going to be more agile but it’s going to have a little bit uh shorter flight times. So if you’re in a smaller space umand you don’t mind only flying around for say, like three minutes on the 300 χιλιοστά της ώρας, this is the way to go. If you want more flight time, um a little bit faster but i’m, not really that bad materials, accurate ability, not really that much accurate ability, then get the 75 Χιλιοστό. Τώρα, if you’re wondering how this compares to say, like the the opposite end of the spectrum of this category or this class, that would be the the mob light 7 that i reviewed a couple weeks ago. So while this is coming in at like 29 grams with everything here, i think the modbit7 is closer to like 21 γραμμάρια, έτσι είναι, όπως 30, less weight less mass, but the trade off is when you have less weight. Is you have less durability? So this frame here is very stiff. Doesn’T flex at all, this cockroach frame is very tough it’s going to handle a lot of crashes. Κανένα πρόβλημα, uber canopy is pretty much indestructible.

So if you’re going to be crashing a lot and worried about durability, then this is probably the way to go. If you’re less worried about durability, you’re more worried about performance at the expense of your ability, then you probably want to go the other direction with something a lot lighter like the mob light 7. So it kind of really depends on what you’re looking for there’s. Όχι, like one perfect, you know whoop for any everyone, obviously there’s different sizes to meet the needs of different. You know different pilots, some people like the smaller ones, some people like the very ones that just there is no one perfect one best whoop for everyone. So that’s question is going to be out there, which one’s the best that’s my answer for which one’s the best anyways here’s a little more flight footage from this guy.