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  1. Winnipeg is the warmest city in the world !!!!!
    Καπετάνιος ; what do you think of buying the Mavis from Banggood??
    Ναι. NO

  2. This may be the most frivolous comment you get to a very nice video but since I ordered one in the Black Friday sale how long does it take Banggood for fulfillment? I'm ready to get my hands on it and fly the little beast.

  3. Mine no longer syncs on the app & sometimes the remote & drone do not communicate. Disappointed!

  4. Hi captain. Do you recommend this drone? It look nice

  5. I have reviewed the Mavic Mini also. 👍 Terrific results. Μεγάλη κηφήνας. 🍻

  6. IMO this is genius for a guy with a mavic and a kid. Get the kid the mavic mini and he can head out to the field and fly with you.

  7. that kill motor/acrobat thing has caused problems for me, when you want to kill the drone, you kill it instantly, not wait a couple of seconds until it hits a tree or something else
    the main negative is that either this drone gets pushed around by the wind or (for my case) and an odd gyro that keeps messing up after a simple turn or movement

  8. What is the best budget drone in your opinion

  9. Is there any hands off stability or does it have to be constantly flown?

  10. If taken on an outdoor hike can this drone pair/connect to its controller?
    Would this be suitable for a 14 yr old boy?

  11. Ευχαριστίες για την αναθεώρηση!
    This really looks like exactly what I'm looking for: μικρό, "stable", adjustable camera angle, and cheap! (Not-the-Mavic!)
    The adjustable lower camera angle that nobody seems to like, is exactly what I want! I want to use it as an aerial fish finder for kayak fishing (actually more an aerial terrain finder) so I want to look mostly down and around from 50' επάνω. I think I'm going to try to fit a bigger battery, but with the (3) included batteries, 4 ή 5 five minute flights should be enuf. More is better.
    The video is more than adequate and the relative stability even w/o gps is a huge plus.
    Even the hated wifi connection is another plus for me. Not requiring the conventional tx should let me use a repeater to extend the range. Although I don't need much more than a couple hundred feet, $10 bucks for a repeater and a battery seem like cheap LOS insurance. Τέλος, cheap because it won't kill me when my waterproofing fails (conformal silicon, corrosionX and bean bag chair stuffing) (that and Im just cheap)
    Can you shoot any holes in those arguments? Please do!

  12. Can u choose what mode it is? I want mode 3 with throttle on the right stick.

  13. my drone and the remote doesnt bind what do you think is the problem?

  14. YAY, red lights in the rear and white in the front 👍❗

  15. Is there a way to control the camera gimbal or is it not controlled by remote?

  16. It doesn't say EmoLion, it says Emotion 😛 Oh my

  17. Its not a mavic pro mini why do you say that in beginning

  18. Other reviewers are bashing this , while you give it a good review , I’m thinking other reviews may not have as much experience as you ! 🤙

  19. Sir tell me that what should i buy tello or eachine e58

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