Jd 20 – Foldable Spark Toy DroneFlight Test and Review

You should purchase this drone right here:
JDRC JD-20 Quadcopter: HTTPS://goo.gl/8h3VxT
Additional 20% low cost for RC Quad: HTTPS://goo.gl/g8ZCt6

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  1. Love your videos man. That drone seems very good. I’m a DJI guy but that little ones peaked my interest. Cheers and thanks.

  2. Hey that is a cool little bird for surethank you for this nice review 👍😉… andI definitely love the kill switsch…🤣

  3. i just order one so cant wait im in alabama so it will take some time to get here lol

  4. I have reviewed this drone in detail. Έλεγχος αυτό έξω.

  5. You fly nice tight flying indoors. Nice outdoors up close flight too. 👍❗

  6. I ordered one , it should be here by next week .

  7. Prop guard of this drone just make crack some body at motor 😥 it doesn't recommend to use

  8. Is it possible to take photo/video using only controllerwithout app? If yes…Πώς? I installed a 2gb SD cardwhen I press left button to take photo..I hear "beep" but not pics stored in SD card:(….no problem with appI can take pics or videobut any through controller

  9. Very nice drone and flying. Any suggestion which drone is the best for fun and practice flying with controller but not more than $100? I got MPP already, just to practice and fun. Is it this one or any other good ones please?

  10. Got it! Kill switchit works well. Very funny. Μεγάλη αναθεώρηση.

  11. Mine is completely crazy! Its not stable at all! Yours is stable just out of the box? just fly and its like that?

  12. how do you insert the sd card into the JD 20.

  13. I really like how you review the drones. it educate me well every drone you review. just want to ask if i should go on this jd 20 or the CMe?

  14. Hi Captain. I have tried the drone. Somehow the app doesn't show the feed from the drone camera. As you being the expert. Οποιεσδήποτε προτάσεις?

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