HUBSAN GPS DRONE H507A X4 STAR PRO – Αναθεώρηση & Demo

You should buy this drone right here:

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  1. Hey nice video. Just one question did you buy the drone or you get the dron from Gearbest ?

  2. Έτσι, It has brushed motors right! That's the only down side in my opinion. The rest looks fantastic for a toy drone!… Ωραίο βίντεο! Ευτυχισμένος ο καινούριος χρόνος… Greetings from Douglas, Arizona! 👍👍👍

  3. I agree the cold temp is effecting it. This is a great drone from all I have read and seen. I really like hubsan drones. A good alternative to dji if someone is on a budget but they still want great features like gps. Ωραίο βίντεο!

  4. Γεια σου, Λοχαγέ., in fact you decided to crash a drone every two days !!! (joke)
    Thank's from France.

  5. I was thinking the Arctic tundra of Minnesota but you said it in this review..Arctic tundra of Canadaalmost the same thing.

  6. Hello Captain,
    It is a great video again, Regards from Florida, here is +22 Celsius 🙂 Happy New Year!

  7. You are brave to go out at this temperature, εδώ είναι. -27. Happy New year!

  8. fpv in phone lag or not. in another chanel , very bad fpv in phone. very slow video fpv in phone. its true?

  9. Cool review. Nice of hubsan to listen to initial reviews about this drone when it came out without the controller, most mentioned the software was great but felt limited by just using the phone only to control. So now it has the controller has the range improved? I believe it used to be controlled by the wifi on your phone, limited to the range of your wifi device. Is the bluetooth just for connection between phone and controller? Or is it to control the drone via bluetooth? Has the range improved?
    I'm flying a similar drone from hubsan and it is coping well with temps close to freezing here in the uk.

  10. hubsan x4 star pro h507a beeping on power on??

  11. Greetings Captain Drone
    U r video was great which tells about all the features of this drone.
    I am thinking of buying it so I searched it in gearbest but no results were found ?????and can u send me some pics u took with this drone pls..

  12. Hey captain
    Can u suggest me a drone which has good camera quality and air control, κάτω από 5000 indian rupees

  13. I would like to get this drone, how would you like to thank the flight duration and flight range

  14. How do i fly it inside. Is there an option for manual flying?

  15. Can you still use it with just your phone if you don't want to use the controller?

  16. this could have been a great drone, but the battery is too small to run GPS, WiFi FPV and the motors at the same time. The battery is 7.6v 550 mah and the replacement battery is only 450 mah I have been getting 2 για να 8 min flights in warm weather.

  17. When I tested mine indoors, the battery got warm in flight. This is probably a good thing for flying in the cold, but not THAT cold LOL! Nice crash 🙂

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