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The GoPro Hero 7 produces a secure video for those who maintain the digital camera in a single path whereas transferring. To get that cinematic fluid stabilization for all instructions you want a 3-Axis Gimbal. That is the least costly on in the marketplace, and it’s actually good!

The product is by FUNSNAP and known as the CAPTURE. You could find out extra about it right here:
Fb web page: HTTPS://
Στο Instagram :HTTPS://

You could find it on AMAZON right here: HTTPS://
You could find it on BANGGOOD right here: HTTPS:// = CN

Would you like your individual Captain Drone Hoodie like I used to be sporting within the video. Try this web page: HTTPS://ιστοσελίδα = 1

GoPro καπέλο: HTTPS://AMZN.To/2OFz5Hu
ΦΩΤΙΣΜΌΣ: Στούντιο Softbox: HTTPS://AMZN.To/2GZTPX6

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  1. I got one of the Smooth Q's a few weeks back when they were on sale for $97CDN. They are a nice tool to have. BTW.. Where are you locatedsome of the places you fly and visit are very interesting. I'm in the Widsor area and here its pretty flat everywhereno forests or trails.

  2. καλό βίντεο… Ευχαριστούμε… do you need a adapter for the gopro?

  3. Thanks for the video Captain! I kind of wish the Karma program wasn't shut down.. an improved Karma would have been great

  4. I was looking into these, primarily the DJI Osmo, but that is $139.00. This seems like the perfect budget balancer. Ευχαριστώ για το βίντεο!

  5. I have bought from AliExpress a gimbal Smooth Q by ZhiYun, a bit more expensive at 135 USD, but happy with it. Probably viewing your video earlier could change my mind. 😊

  6. Θαυμάσιο! You walk in some hairy places to not be looking down. Carefull !

  7. Μεγάλη αναθεώρηση, what do you think of the new Insta360 camera?

  8. You can not beat the price for what it does. Just ordered one! Ευχαριστώ για τις πληροφορίες!

  9. I was looking for a cheap alternative to thé osmo. .this looks like a winner

  10. Were you using Electronic Stabilisation for the phone while it was on the gimbal ?

  11. I recently borrowed a Freevision Vilta-M from a friend and loved it. Φυσικά, it’s about twice the price of the Capture. Ευχαριστίες για την αναθεώρηση.

  12. Εντάξει, now I am confused. The Funsnap looks okay but it is the Hero 7 where the confusion comes in. I have seen three videos from photo "pros" that are raving about the Hero 7 that makes gimbal obsolete. From what I saw in those videos is the best stabilization. I'm just about ready to pull the trigger of $400 for one. Then I see your Helo 7 in the gimbal and it was not as good as the others. I could easily see your "bounce" step. The other guys did not use a gimbal and no bounce step. That gets me confused and hesitating to buy the Hero seven.

  13. The hero 6 already had amazing digital stabilization, the hero 7 is unreal and rarely need a gimbal. I do like using my DJI Osmo Mobile 2 to do pan shots and time lapse or Hyper lapse

  14. A great video. I have joined your channel. Please return the favour many thanks chris 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊

  15. Cool review. I like that gimbal. I have noticed that the less expensive gimbals always have problems tracking objects.

  16. Γεια σου,long time sub. But first comment I think. I really appreciate your videos. You are one of the best reviewers of everything drones. Thanks for making your videos. Pretty awesome that you seem to get all the best drones available. I for one truly appreciate your videos. Thanks from Indianapolis.

  17. In the only axis for which this device does not stabilize (vertical) , it is amazingly stable. You are seen to move more in frame than the background. Is this an in camera stabilization effect because as I wrote , the gimbal does not stabilize in the vertical axis so I guess it has to be the Gopro doing this. Αν ναι , the combination of in cam and gimbal working together is truly remarkable for the $$$.

  18. Yes theres cheap gimbal….
    Why should buy the most expensive one
    Compare please with dji osmo mobile 1 because baterai can removableand other
    Many thanks

  19. How did you mount your gopro, it doesn't look like you used the adapter

  20. Technically not a gimbal, more of a 3 axis stabilizer.

  21. For the same price you can get the iSteady from Hohem on

  22. Still waiting for mine. Advert said 6th to 8th November. . . . . . . That's changed to 22nd when I looked at my EBay account just now 🙁 Getting quite impatient now.

  23. I want it to track my face instead of my head can it do that?

  24. Mine's arrived. Very well made and works very well. I have not installed the app though. When I scanned the QR code I got taken to We Chat and they wanted me to join We Chat. Όχι, ευχαριστώ!
    I did install another app but that doesn't seem to work very well. I'm very pleased with the gimbal and how it performs. My wife was stuck for an idea for a Christmas present so she gave me the money back and will wrap it up. . . . . . Imagine the surprise on my face on Christmas day. . . . . . . Thanks for doing the review Steve. . . . . . . . . Jim

  25. Following your video I bought one, and I am absolutely happy with it. One thing I noticed is that the video from the app is not as smooth as with the phones camera app. So I am using the gimbal without connecting it to the phone. The stabilisation is still working perfectly and the video is smooth, also one could use 4k if the need arises. Of course you loose the tracking modes and the trigger button, but this is of little concern to me.
    I admit, I wouldn't have ordered without your review, I would not have expected it to work so perfectly given the price. So thanks a lot. 👍

  26. Just for some clarification, Is this the Xiaomi funsnap capture 3 άξονα? Ευχαριστίες για την αναθεώρηση.

  27. I wanna use it with my gopro and I wanna display it on my cellphone. Can you put a phone holder somewhere?

  28. my gimbal always steers to the left for some reason i add weight perfectly do i need to recalibrate? if yes then how
    ΕΠΕΞΕΡΓΑΣΊΑ: i tried to recalibrate 1 short press and 3 seconds press and still nothing happens just same thing and i noticed later when i put my phone the stabilizer its like
    goes down and down but on the left side keep in mind i put the weight and everything perfect that it is balanced in middle but the stabilizer just goes to left side down

  29. My gimbal arrived today, Banggood sent me a trash actually! Τίποτα δεν λειτουργεί, lights the indicator light, but nothing works or even connects to Bluetooh! Now you will know when or if you will change my gimbal, bad shopping experience!

  30. this video forced me to buy one gr8 work…. I have only one question how easy to fit gopro in it I have hero 4? and how heavy is this

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