So we decided to finally upgrade to a really nice one and he picked it out. It’S called the diva drone it’s made by fun snap let’s, just unbox this and see exactly why it’s such an amazing drone. I know he was telling me that it has um vlog mode, auto tracking. You can gesture with your fingers to command it because gps and optical flow a bunch of different things that make it amazing and it looks cool so let’s just see in person what it looks like. I can get it out of the box without damaging it. Εντάξει, we’ve got a little it’s. A very nice compact box very well cushioned it’s got your manuals. It even comes with an sd card micro sd card. Ω, it is pretty it’s a little different than the one on the box. This one has really neat designs on the wings: let’s get her out. Εντάξει, so here we go. I know it’s just stickers but let’s see i’m, not gon na unwind them and mess with them, because i don’t want them to be unhappy about me doing that. So it looks like it’s all taped down on the sides and then here’s. The remote control looks like that’s really easy to move. You can easily attach your phone to this, and right here is where you put your phone. So it has a really nice phone holder built right in and we got your part of your power box to charge it up.

There’S the other half here’s one of the batteries, and it does come with two batteries. He was very specific about picking the home with two batteries, so he could have more flight time charging cord for those, and these are extra wing pieces in here in case any of these get damaged. So that is everything in the box, but that is a very sleek looking drone and it does have the camera and the sound there. I can imagine why he wanted it. It is beautiful, beautifully designed, looks like a little mini secret aircraft. I love it and i’m sure he’s gon na love it since he picked it can’t wait to give it to him.