My Immersion Vortex 230 tends to only disconnect from my radio as if I shut off my radioand it falls from the sky. It’s the solely FPV drone that does this the issue is just not my radio, the issue is the Vortex 230. The repair proven on this video seems to assist, however I am unable to make certain as a result of I’ve solely flown 20 flights since my small repair.

The VORTEX is the most effective drone I’ve ever owned for the easy indisputable fact that it tremendous agile at excessive pace. If you would like one, right here is the place you will get it: HTTPS://

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  1. Ευχαριστώ για τις πληροφορίες… Ναι… that's what I want…. Α $550 Cnd dollar quad falling out of the sky randomly so I can buy another one.

  2. I really enjoy your channel and subscribed

    But I would like to know a little bit more about you and your knowledge about drones..

    Do you have a favorite drone that you like to use.. and what is your favori drone company

  3. That's the weirdest thing ever. I've never had that happen with my Vortex. There has to be a reason as to why this was happening. The only thing that ever makes me lose connection is rare very strong Electromagnetic interference in very dense inner city regions. My Vortex flies the same regardless if the antennas are hanging off the sides flopping around or secured with a 3D printed antenna mount. There is something else going on with your disconnects in my opinion. keep up updated. Καλή πτήση.

  4. Very interesting and hopefully very good fix for others!

  5. Spektrum.. had same issues, got better with changing the antenna mounts. Now kicked out spektrum and went to frsky/TBS and 0 issues.

  6. I only see this with spectrum receivers

  7. Ευχαριστώ για τις πληροφορίες. Had mine fall out of the sky and landed on the concrete messed up the action cam. 🙁 I was trying to figure out how to fix the antennas because they are too close to the body of the quad. This solution gets them close to 90 degrees of each other. Going to try this when I get home.

  8. Ha! Καλή δουλειά. I had the same problem with the first Vortex 250 I bought. The antennas were just strung out the back. BTW Your video captures the horror and helplessness of a failsafe very effectively. Μεγάλη βίντεο, trying to fly it, as it comes tumbling down! It's like virtually dying in a plane crash. No fun st all. Getfpv told me what it was instantly, and I fixed it with the wraps just like you, and haven't seen another failsafe since. Even when I chopped one of the antennas off and flew around with one for a while.

  9. Note how it fell out of the sky. Mine did, and I never made any settings on anything for how to respond to LOSS OF SIGNAL. This means Immersion RC did the dirty work for us. I didn't even know what had happened at first. But now, everyone should take the time to make sure "fail safe" falls to the ground don't become "fly aways". TELL ME THAT WOULDNT SUCK! Instead of watching as it falls to the ground, watching it until the video starts to fade. Hope you don't read about it in the paper the next day. I think the DJI Phantom 2s were infamous for their fly aways. Now I've found my DJI stuff will go to heroic lengths to come home if in trouble!

  10. Γεια σου,
    I have the same issues, but i`m using frSky RXSR. I did change the antenna mount as shown in the video. but keep falling out of the sky. Οποιεσδήποτε προτάσεις?

  11. I had similar problems with the stock Spektrum receivers. The legaly limited output power of the EU spec Spektrum radios doesn't help.
    Finally had enough and switched to TBS Crossfire, never looked back for oh so many reasons.

  12. I am having the same problem. I did secure it with antenna facing the back. I noticed you secure it facing at the front. I will try that!

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