DRONE RANTDrones vs Planes, Μέσα μαζικής ενημέρωσης, GovernmentDrone hits passenger plane????

It appears each different day there may be an unconfirmed reporting of a DRONE incident with a Passenger Airline. The Media reviews these incidents utilizing the phrase DRONE when in truth it’s hardly ever ever confirmed {ότι ένα} DRONE was concerned. The Authorities than passes laws to limit drones. It is a loopy unhappy time for the leisure drone passion.

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  1. Cant agree with you 100% περισσότερα.

    I sent this to CBC News Ottawa on Twitter in case they are thinking about running a story on that "drone" and Porter Air incident. Hopefully they'll watch this and think twice.

  2. Couldn't agree more. I'm in Ireland and the papers were reporting a near miss not too long ago. 2 days in the media and it turns out the be a plastic bag. I had friends and family tell me be careful because of this rubbish. If people are stupid enough to fly in the no fly zones and mess it up for everybody than I would applause the law to come down hard on the individual

  3. This was a good video, you bring up so many good points, the Drone word is too easy to use, typical media crap again. people do think that these things can go anywhere and at any height more uninformed media and citizens cause more trouble and your right it does effect us hobbyist

  4. Great rant, Λοχαγός. You are only saying what many of us, hobbiest and professional alike are thinking. Without doubt there are some idiots out there flying where they shouldn't, bringing the rest of us into disrepute, But it's the age old story. The press will highlight any negative story from any walk of life because that what sells. Just today there was another such story. "Drone" flying at about 5000 feet 'almost' hits an A320 with 165 passengers on board over London. The pilot described this drone as "black in colour and measuring about 50cm" was seen out of the right side of the cockpit. How they managed to be so precise when on final approach, probably to Heathrow, is anyones guess. That's the way of the world. Συνεχίστε την καλή δουλειά.

  5. A very calm rant sir, καλά είπε! 🙂

  6. Λατρεύω αυτό, couldn't have put it better, Γεια. I suspect this video will get many shares as fellow multirotor pilots try to educate joe public.

  7. Ναι, καλά είπε. The hobby is at risk with all the wannabe Neistats, Black Sheeps etc, so good on you for putting our concerns so well.

  8. Ευχαριστούμε! This has been bugging me for months. I my coworker is a Wildland Firefighter and he said that his friend in the army down in California admitted that the army decided to fly one of their "Drones" during a Wildfire suppression mission as a training exercise. The fire aviation people reported asyou guessed a drone. They described it at 7000 για να 10,000 feet with a wing span of 7 feet and orange and white! Investigations were on!

    Anti "drone" groups admit to deliberately flying DJI Phantoms in areas where they aren't supposed to so they can get attention brought to the issue in the hopes of banning "drones".

    When I fly I usually try to do it when no one is around so I don't have to get involved with a confrontation. But if someone does see me inevitably they'll ask me about it and who I feel about all these "drone" sightings with aircraft and the crashes that are happening like the one in England that turned out to be a plastic bag. I inform them of the plastic bag evidence and I say exactly what you said. So thank you for posting this "drone rant"!

  9. Yeah but most of the time you see drone pilots flying above that restriction I'm a pilot well correction i'm learning how to fly and in planes that can go slow you can see clearly those drones and my friend is a pilot had Dodge one but barely

  10. Ευχαριστούμε!!! I totally agree with you on this.

  11. Όμορφα γίνει! I remember that Porter airlines drone fiasco. As soon as I heard about it I laughed out loud. I liked it better when they were spotting flying saucers….which I do believe exist.

  12. It's almost like they'd rather have child rapist then drone Flyers

  13. Drones can be used for both good or bad purposes.

  14. Absolutely positively 100% Correct you are some ppl meaning media are just plain idiots

  15. People should post this on social media!!!!!!!!!!

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