DRONE PHOTOGRAPHYGatineau Park, QuebecBeautiful in Winter – DJI Phantom

Aerial pictures filmed with a DJI Phantom three Superior. Flying my drone over Gatineau Park within the late winter months.

Gatineau Park (Γαλλικά: Parc de la Gatineau) is situated within the Outaouais area of Quebec, Canada. Administered by the Nationwide Capital Fee as a part of the Nationwide Capital Area, Gatineau Park is a 361 sq. kilometres (139 sq mi) wedge of land extending north and west from the town of Gatineau QC.

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  1. Captain Drome, would be nice to know if you have produced any drone videos on traffic jams (Δηλαδή. 3 roundabouts within 2 blocks) in the Gatineau (Hull) area, des Allumettieres Blvd. at ''rush hour''. It is a disaster for driversall roundabouts are blocked by traffic because of pedestrian crossingpreventing all other traffic wanting to drive through! It is just a nightmare! Looking forward to your response.

  2. Hey are you allowed to fly a drone in gatineau park as im wanting to do so

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