DRONE HELPTYPHOON HWhite Balance, Exposure, Post ProcessingCAMERA CGO3+

Aerial pictures filmed with a Yuneec Hurricane H. This video explains how one can enhance the photographic high quality of your movies taken with the Yuneec Hurricane H CGO3+ digital camera. It explains find out how to set the LOCKED White Steadiness and LOCKED Publicity and what settings are finest. It additionally provides an indication of Submit Processing video to realize a sure consequence.

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  1. Αγάπη τα βίντεό σας. You break it down simply and quickly. Every video I watch I find out something new I did not know my H was capable of. Τρομερό!

  2. ok this is the best and most helpful video for the Typhoon H you can get good shots in with a lil work and thats ok. this make the hobby a lot more fun Thanks

  3. What should the Video setting be on? Mine is set on 3840x2160f30

  4. What a great video!!! I've bookmarked this video for future use with my Typhoon Q500 4K. An amazing platform

  5. Watching this video again to fine-tune best settings on my H. I noticed a significant flaw in the video rendering at 5:30 into it. Patches of the grass turn extremely soft and mushy/out of focus. Are these compression artifacts? I see the same thing on mine when flying over brown trees and in this case those patches of grass were brownish. Έτσι, και πάλι, compression or other camera issues? Ευχαριστώ!

  6. Hi Cap'n.
    I noted that you said that you use a free version of Davinci Resolve. I've very recently started using Resolve too but I've noticed that the videos it produces are quite 'jumpy', especially at times that the footage is going sideways, so to speak, or when my aircraft is turning. I never had this trouble using the much simpler editing software that I used to use (windows live movie maker).

    With my H I shoot at 1080p @ 30fps.

    Do you know of rendering settings that will eliminate the jumping and juddering and/or offer any advice?

    Thanks in anticipation.

  7. Ευχαριστούμε !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This video is necessary to me
    Thank you..~~~

  9. So I got resolve and I can't get it to recognize my video from the TH. it always says media offline. I have tried different resolution and I shoot in raw.

  10. Καπετάνιος, typhoon h or phantom 4 Pro?

  11. HI great video and my H is on its way to me tomorrow, I'm a beginner on the video side so which setting should I use for now and I'll be just making videos for YouTube and none professional stuff. Ευχαριστώ

  12. Thank you for a very helpful video. The pictures and videos from my recently aquired Typhoon show a blue-ish haze for about one quarter of the screen on the left. The shop where I bought it is not willing to recognise the problem. Three other people I have shown the pictures and videos to, have recognised the problem. Yuneec have been rather vague and evasive about it. Would you be willing to look at some pictures and two videos I made and comment on them? I could send them to you by wetransfer.com . It would add some weight to my argument with Yuneec. Ευχαριστώ.

  13. This is a great video…..thanks so much for sharing

  14. this is what ive been looking for Typhoon H. camera settings. i wanna ask about the sharpening images or videos. H got a lot more distortion and not really sharp vs p4. you think doing a lot more work and proper handle will do the tricks?.

  15. Ερώτηση? what is gorgeous mode? How does it work? And will using polar pro ND filter's affect it. also would it be redundant ? Meaning use one or the other, both not both? Let me know what u can. Thank;s.

  16. Wow! This is a fantastic video and really should be included in the box with the drone. What made it so great? Useful information, examples, explanations and no long rambling talk to waist time. Ευχαριστώ.

  17. What about the EV on the typhoon H? What is that setting for and what is it recommended to be on? Such as a sunny day? I find it hard to pick the right ISO based off the st16 screen, it's until I get back to review the footage to see I was over-exposed using a nd8 and iso 100 on a sunny day.

  18. Ναι! Καλές πληροφορίες.
    Flying is the easy part. Seems like the drones these days have the same basic camera and video capabilities. I would like to see more powerful zoom cameras I this price range soon.

  19. Let me echo the praise of the other comments below. The information contained in this vid is so valuable. Without this info, my video would have been ok, with the info the videos will now stand out. Can't wait to shoot more footage.
    THANKS Captain!

  20. Great info, Ευχαριστώ…Εγγραφεί

  21. Excellent explanation of basic camera settings. Great info!

  22. Great tutorial again Captain. I had to watch it again as after making my first flights over the last couple of months and working with video (in RAW) I was looking into ND filters but not sure if our shutter speed is actually fixed? Can it be changed? Ευχαριστώ και πάλι

  23. Καλές πληροφορίες! I use a product called ProDRENALIN for post processing of my videos..Also on occasion use Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere for their filter and color correction capabilities

  24. Great vid and great channelyou’ve been a huge help!

  25. Maybe I'm over thinking this but how do I set the WB to land or sky?

  26. Μεγάλη βίντεο! Very good information for a beginner like me. Ευχαριστώ καπετάνιος!

  27. Καπετάνιος, I hereby promote you to Colonel for this one!💪👍

  28. Σας, Φίλε μου, are really very bloody helpful ! 🙂

  29. Hello captain, I really enjoy your videos, so much good information in small manageable clips. I recently purchased a Typhoon H, I have figured out the white balance and exposure settings to suit my taste thAnks to you. I went out and shot some videos a few days ago, I’m editing in Davinci Resolve, I’m running into a bit of an issue when (or after) rendering. Once I render the video it’s very choppy, the colors, exposure and details are right on. Τι κάνω λάθος? How do I get smooth video upon render?

  30. Thx for the help Cap. You really know your stuff, very fluent and easy to follow…..maybe not as easy done, haha

  31. Is there an option to show a histogram on the screen?

  32. Μεγάλη βίντεο. I assume the same applies for the Typhoon H Plus?
    Shot some drone footage, but all in gorgeous mode. Lot of overexposure. Will change to Natural or Raw and try out the Davinci Resolve program (which looks pretty cool).
    I'm normally using Powerdirector to create my videos. Does Davinci Resolve program also support video creation or just post processing links changing colours?

  33. Just ordered my Typhoon H with RealSense and this video is awesome!! Once I get some basic piloting skills down, I can't wait to try out these video tips. Awesome work, Καπετάνιος, and thanks for sharing your expertise!!

  34. Συγνώμη, please advise, αδερφέ … I want to buy dron but still confusedchoose it …. 1. MJX ΣΦΆΛΜΑΤΑ 5 2.JJRPRO 5 EPIK 3. MJX ΣΦΆΛΜΑΤΑ 2 W 4. GPS TOYS X16 5.WL TOYS Q333A 6. MJX 3 PRO C 600 What do you think, αδερφέ? According to the sample, who has long since traveled to the world of dron ?! and from all the names of the dron which are the farthest and longest in the range and length of flight !!!!
    Lebih sedikit

  35. Did you add the filters before you wb or after?

  36. This video should actually be on the 16 GB SD card that comes with the Typhoon H. Another mountain of information on how to make a good video, thanx Mr. Καπετάνιος

  37. Great video tutorial. I'll be downloading davincu resolve tonight

  38. Man your videos are so educational. Love watching your videos. Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ. This actually taught me a lot I know a lot about electronics and cars, but cameras in depth is my weakness.

  39. Φοβερό βίντεο. Ευχαριστώ πολύ!

  40. Do you think still competitive this drone? Just bought one used ,since I like the 360 camera movement

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