DJI Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 – REALLY DJI? Αλήθεια?

The Phantom four Professional ver 2.Zero was under no circumstances what we have been ready for. What was DJI Pondering? The place is the Phantom 5?

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  1. Αγόρασα ένα. Was my first drone, Το λατρεύω. Not everyone is a drone snob, stop knocking it.

  2. honestly I'm perfectly happy with my p4p plus obsidian and prefer it to the 2.0. I bought the new props and now my phantom is super quiet; cost me 20 bucks lol. I cud giv a fun about the 2.0 to be honest. What does disappoint me though is the leaked photos of the phantom 5. I like the swappable lenses and water proof hints, but I didn't see any new obstacle avoidance sensors, and the controller looked the same. I honestly just think the phantom series needs to be a game changer. The mavic is great, I have a mavic pro 2 on the way, but I think DJI needs to make people drool over the phantom series again. They should do full redesign while keeping same basic form factor. Because I do believe making fine adjustments to existing airframes is smart. But please DJI don't just use the same p4 airframe with no changes really. ούτως ή άλλως, I hope those pictures were just like rough prototypes because I feel like the phantom should have micro 4/3, and should have superb obstacle avoidance and active track capabilities.

  3. When is the P5 coming out? I am not satisfiedP6, P7, P 100. This silly attitude to immediately after a version comes out to start asking for the next is is just plain dumb.

  4. Mavic 2 replaces the P4 garbage yawlso hang up the dino!

  5. My return to home failed. Again another night with my mavik sitting in a field over night. Agian seems fine though this it was snowed on, was like an ice brick when I found it in the morning.

  6. hi I watch most of your vids, and this one was interesting. What I think is people in general, are just getting tired of having to buy the latest and greatest, every year. Not everyone has disposable income of 2k every time DJI comes out with something different. Προσωπικά, I love their products, but as a company I think they suck. There CS is horrible, and there firmware updates are less than perfect. I wont do them unless Im grounded.
    I wish they would slow down, but I suppose there not n business to not make money.

  7. i hate how secretive dji is when it comes to their drones. Whats coming out in 2019 ή 2020? No one knows. Did you get a fantastic deal on black friday? Or did you get screwed bc a new drone is coming out in a few months? Who knows (shrugs).

  8. It’s an update, not a new model. New customers can buy a better P4P for the same money as the previous version. They will release the 5 model when they want to, it’s their company, it’s up to them. And of course they want to make money like anybody else in this world as it should be, they don’t work to get warm.

  9. give a new colour and name to to phantom 4 έκδοση 3.0. satisfaction problem solved.

  10. On the phantom 4 advance,
    What does advance have that the phantom 4 not have or is it the same drone.
    And what does advance mean

  11. Ok, reason for asking is there's one for sale in mint
    condition for 400.00 ΗΠΑ.
    Is it worth

  12. What do you think of owning an obsolete drone? DJI is no longer selling this drone or the advanced

  13. If I wanted to take market share from DJI I would create a super quiet drone and clean up.

  14. Lol, I own a Phantom 4 Pro V1 and just stumbled across the video (and channel) σήμερα. And how relevant it is still is

    Φάντασμα 5? Όχι. How bout a Mavic 2 instead? And a Phantom 4 RTK to stave off the industry people. Meh. At least the Mavic 2 Pro is okI guess. Nothing really groundbreaking though, nothing that competition would have the potential to inspire.

  15. This is getting more and more complicated. I just wanted the most easy to fly drone with the best avoidance which produces the highest quality stills and video for my real estate business. It would be so much easier if somebody would just tell me which one to buy???

  16. I subscribed to you when you made videos for the Typhoon H series from Yuneec. Discolsure: I am a Yuneec fan.
    Ούτως ή άλλως, I am not against DJI, just don't use them for technical reasons that for me makes the Typhoon a better platform. Που είπε, don't you think that one of the reasons DJI doesn't come out with something newer and better SOONER is because other companies like Yuneec aren't giving them a run for their money? Εξάλλου, if you are the gorilla in the room you can pretty well set the rules for everyone else. As long as DJI is making money from existing products, they son't have much incentive to innovate.
    But watch out DJI! When you get to this point, everyone is taking shots at you. I expect some company soon to take them on head to head. It might be Yuneec, or some other sleeper company we haven't been watching. I think soon we will see the drone market get white hot. DJI is hot right now, but unless they pay attention, they will be unseated as the top gorilla!

  17. wow – watching this in apr of 2019 —- what's going on DJI??

  18. As long as a quad is fun to fly and take good footage and come back to where the fuck i took off from im cool light bridge occu. It's all good to me shit i STARTED off on the ones that didnt have none of those things and i still just love to fly them and the ones we have now. For me i just love to fly quads. I started off without obstical avoidance devices dont really need them i learned how to fly the best way without all that stuff. If u want to avoid obstacles Dont fly so close to shit .Ive never ever since i started off. Have hit shit. And dont get me wrong its nice to have all that false since of flying device's on quads. But i learned a long time ago . Learn how to fly the hard way and when u fly these easy as pie to fly quads its a piece of cake.if i lose gps i already Know how to fly with out gps because i started out on one that the wind would take it in its direction and i really had to learn how to fly that hard ass hell to fly aint easy but i learnt and when i got that first gps quad it been a breeze since then and now. Never have i had a crash since flying those hard ass cement ones to fly ones. So for me the ones we have today all of them. Thats available now they all are a breeze and for me the camera on all them are better than all those cheapos that many of us started off on. Every body remember this one thing If u are not flying quads rc planes helicopters or kites are anything that fly in the air for the love of flying things your ass dont need to be FLYING. What ever we all fly just have fun and enjoy. JOY FLYING EVERYONE.BE SAFE AND FLY Y'ALLS ASSES OFF.

  19. Great to see an unbiased opinion. If you're ever in Australia you can come across to my indoor drone racing venue.

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