There is a lot that the mini 2 can offer for you. Is it perfect, of course it isn’t, but there is still lots to commend so today, Εγώ είμαι., going to be sharing my two month review of dji’s latest sub 250 γραμμάριο. Κηφήνας. If you enjoy the video, please remember to drop a like and subscribe for, more mini 2 Περιεχόμενο, so the minitube was released november, 4ου 2020 and it is the successor to the original mavic mini. Although the original mini was a popular choice of drone due to its small size, it also had a number of shortcomings. Ωστόσο, dji has clearly worked hard to ensure that some of the problems that people had with the original mavic mini would not be present in the mini 2., and the biggest change is definitely the introduction of occusync 2.0 Τεχνολογία. This is a tech that dj i have been working on for a while now, but it is the first time we’ve got to see it in a drone as small as this one, although both the original mavic mini and the mini 2 use a standard, wi fi Radio connection to the controller, the difference with occusync 2.0 is that a device such as the mini 2 can now swap channels on the fly so to speak, rather than being stuck with whatever the strongest channel was on take off. This is going to make a huge difference, because wi fi can be quite a fickle thing as i’m sure you guys are already well aware, and with occusync 2.

0 Τεχνολογία, you will now be able to retain a much stronger connection in differing environments. Φυσικά, no technology is perfect and it is still very possible to lose signal with the dji mini 2, whilst it is in flight. Fortunately, the drone includes a bunch of gps based safety features, including the ability to automatically return it back to its starting location without any input from the pilot and even with the return to home functionality, if perhaps because of strong winds or some other reason, the mini 2 still manages to get lost and lands elsewhere. Its final transmitted coordinates can then be used with a find. My drone feature that is built directly into the fly app software, oh and speaking, of the app. The current version is now 1.3.0 and is available for android and ios users and for the most part, Ναι, it is a functional piece of software that’s, going to give you all of the information for your flight that will be required. Ωστόσο, before your first take off it’s important, Φυσικά, you familiarize yourself with the various pieces of information and telemetry that are displayed throughout the interface. But you also have the ability to change various settings, including your preferred units for speed and distance, and just exactly how the interface displays that information. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the drone’s response to your command. Should you wish to do so for those that are going to be upgrading from the original mavic mini? You will notice quite a substantial change to the controller.

We are now using the same controller with the mini 2, as he shipped with the air 2. A much larger drone, your phone or device that you’re going to be using with the rc, will now be situated at the top of the controller and actually held in place by the wi fi antenna. Ναι, not a lot of people realize that this is the antenna for the wi fi and at 15 centimeters by 10 εκατοστόμετρα. The controller, interestingly, is actually bulkier than the drone itself. Ωστόσο, the plastic casing feels extremely sturdy, and the whole thing feels overall to be very well built and the control sticks, which are actually quite small, can be removed easily simply by unscrewing them and stored under the controller when the whole thing’s not in use, which just Keeps things nice and clean and safe and protected, and aside from the main flight controls, the remote controller can also be used to adjust the gimbal’s vertical axis and switch between taking still photos and video images, and it also has various options that allow you to change. The maximum speed of the drone, whilst in flight you have scenic normal and sport options there and there is a return to home button. Should you choose to use that, but going back to the drone itself, despite its small size, Dji, have still included quite the impressive camera. With this thing resting on its 3 άξονα αναρτήρων, the camera will be able to provide you with buttery, smooth and steady images.

Some of you may be familiar with various action cameras and the like that provides software stability. Καλά, the gimbal is a hardware stability device, so it’s far more appropriate for something such as a drone fair enough. Το 12 megapixel sensor is simply not going to be able to compete with some of the mini 2’s larger companions that exist on the market and it’s, certainly going to fall short when you’re operating the drone in low light conditions. The screen itself is absolutely pitch black, which means we’re not going to be able to actually see an image on the screen. Υπάρχει.. Just no lighting around here, Ωστόσο, for simple daytime flying the mini 2 camera performs superbly providing crisp photo resolution up to four thousand by three thousand pixels in four by three mode and true 4k resolution at 30 καρέ ανά δευτερόλεπτο, you will also have the option of Recording at 24 25 fps just for those more cinematic shots, or if you don’t mind, dropping the resolution a little. You can even record up to 60 frames per second for more impressive, slow motion shots. The camera does a fine job in auto exposure mode, which is what it’s set to by default. But you can, Φυσικά, change that to manual settings and combine the manual settings with. Perhaps an nd filter will allow you to get the best possible video and, as a side note, although the drone’s camera is going to be recording in high definition, βίντεο, the actual live view, that’s transmitted back to your mobile device is going to be at a maximum Of 720p 30 καρέ ανά δευτερόλεπτο, and also unlike some of the larger drones from dji, there is no cine like recording mode for the mini 2, which means that you are stuck with recording mp4 format, along with video being stuck in whatever the color profile.

Is that dj? I have included, Ωστόσο, for still photos. There is a raw option if you want to go ahead and take pictures in both jpeg and raw to apply your own color grading later on, Φυσικά, that’s all optional, but it’s nice that you can at least do that with the pictures. Now one of the awesome features of the mini 2 is the ability to take quick shots, and there are numerous options for you to choose from. You simply need to select the quick shot that you want, choose your subject and click start and then the drone’s going to do all of the work for you once the quick shot’s finished, the mini 2 will simply return to its starting position automatically. It is a neat feature and i have found myself using quick shots quite regularly. Just remember to make sure you check your surroundings, because one of the negatives of the dji mini 2 is that there is no obstacle avoidance sensors. Καλά, στην πραγματικότητα, there is a downward sensor, which is there mainly so that you don’t crash the drone on landing. But apart from that, there is nothing else provided so there’s, no sideways sensors, no front or back, and certainly nothing on the top, which means you’re heading for a tree. The first your drone is going to know about it is when it whacks straight into it. So a little bit disappointing that there’s, absolutely apart from that downward landing sensor, nothing of note in terms of obstacle avoidance, but hopefully maybe that’s something that dji will be able to squeeze onto the mini three and also due to the drone small size, it’s very important To be fully aware of the current wind conditions, the drone is itself rated for winds up to 10.

5 meters per second, which is about 23 miles per hour and, while that’s, Εντάξει, i think like when there’s the odd gust, if the conditions are 23 miles an hour Constantly you really do not want to be flying. This thing just make sure that you download the one of many free apps that are available. That will tell you a rough idea of what the current weather conditions are for your area before flying and make sure as well. You know the direction of the wind so that you can fly out against it, knowing that, at the very least, you’ll be able to fly back with it. It’S quite windy out here today, pretty obvious it’s not going to be suitable flying conditions. Ωστόσο, sometimes you can’t always tell just by being on the ground and that’s, where those free apps are really going to come into their own. Just to give you an idea as to whether it’s worth getting the drone up into the air, the drone itself does have wind warnings, which can be particularly helpful. But you know if the wind’s that bad the warning’s not going to help you if the drone’s drifting and you can’t actually have the power to move it back to you. So just pay attention to the wind because it can be your worst enemy, but the small size is not to be considered a negative of the mini 2 it’s meant to be considered a positive at less than 250 γραμμάρια.

Let’S be honest. This drone is probably going to have far fewer restrictions in your country that would otherwise be imposed if it was above that 250 gram limit for those of us in the uk. The regulations for a drone such as this one include making sure that you have displayed your operator id on the drone itself, along with when flying keeping that flight below 120 meters above ground level and retaining visual line of sight of the aircraft. At all times. Oh and not flying directly over crowds yeah, the caa is not a big fan of that. With the battery connected in place, my mini 2 actually weighs in at 237 γραμμάρια, which gives me about 12 grams to play with four various accessories. That means, if i want to use nd filters or the cree lights, that i’ve shown in another video to increase the visual line of sight. I can actually play about and do that, because that still doesn’t bring it over the 250 gram limit. Ωστόσο, other accessories, such as propeller guards, για παράδειγμα, are likely going to do exactly that and bring your drone above that limit. So you might just want to consider not using those types of accessories unless you actually don’t mind flying within the regulations of a larger drone. When it comes to actually purchasing the mini 2, it is available in two packages. There is the basic package which effectively includes the drone and the controller along with a couple of other bits, but nothing too major, but there is also the combo pack, which is what i would personally recommend, and that includes three batteries in total.

So the battery that comes with the drone plus an additional two extra, a charging port or pack. So you can charge all three batteries together and it also includes a number of other little things along with the case as well. But the main thing about the combo pack is: it does come with those extra batteries and let me tell you even a casual flyer like myself. I would not want to do without those additional batteries. The flight time for the mini 2 on a full battery charge is rated at 31 λεπτά. I don’t think i’ve ever got close to that. I’Ve often found myself swapping batteries so yeah. I would strongly advise that, εάν χρειαστεί, you save up a little bit longer in order to go for the combo pack, as you would probably end up wanting to get some extra batteries anyhow. So does it do great in winds? No does it do great in low light? Absolutely not, Ωστόσο, despite the negatives, κατά τη γνώμη μου, the mini 2 is fantastic and i’m, really really pleased with it. As a first time, drone owner it’s just been so much fun being able to see my area from a completely different perspective and the mini 2 is so easy to use. And of course, it includes a bunch of features that just make the overall flying experience. A joyous one, so would i recommend the dji mini 2. I don’t think it will come as a surprise to say yes, i would, but before you purchase just make sure you familiarize yourself with your country’s regulations on flying unmanned aircraft and double check that if you are going to be flying mostly from the same location that You’Re not in a flight restricted zone as that’s going to hamper your plans very quickly.

If you are so, i will give the dji mini 2 my thumbs up.