You see that you enjoy that want to see how i made that. Καλά, stay tuned and lets go and find that music lets start with finding the music finding music on our list is very, πολύ απλό, so lets take the genre of music well well. Take and i have cinematic serious, dramatic tense, thats, all good. What i usually like to do is i like to take the ins: have the music, instrumental and search my newest first, because then we can find the freshest and the most newest songs there. So lets listen count down to destruction, Μουσική! Ω! This is actually sounding pretty good nah, just a little bit too much of uh dramatic ness. Maybe lets take off the dramatic one, so uh hard and heavy. That already sounds too much lets, maybe add something more electronic yeah lets maybe take away the take away the tension and lets maybe add some serious, peaceful, maybe maybe serious peaceful might be pop. I dont want to pop, so i can also take away some tags so pop i dont like pop, so exclude pop no pop for me. So lets check it out. What do we have the secret valley, Μουσική? I would say too happy for for this Music. Hey all right, Εντάξει, this lets listen to it yep. This is it. This is the song escapes. Also also the name of the song is quite fitting. I would say all right lets. Um lets mark it as lets just download it already so Music.

We have found the song and it only took us about six minutes. Finding music before capturing is much better because you can keep keep in mind the song, the sounds and everything and you can capture the shots for the music, but now lets go and capture those shots with the dji mini 2. Then we shall edit. The video lets. Go and did you know that there is a new personal plan subscription for art list, its much cheaper for just 14.99 a month or 9.99 ένα μήνα? If you get the annual subscription, you can access all the music and sound effects on art list for use. On your social media content like youtube, instagram and facebook, so go check the link in the description. Its amazing. We are here in this amazing place with a lot of blog buildings around and we shall be flying the dji mini 2 to capture the shots. I need for the video i shall be editing. Lets just get some of those shots now and then we shall go back to the studio and we shall edit the video Music so were. Τέλος, here i have sorted the shot uh i did it before, so i can save time as you can see in this time lapse. One thing i can mention about sorting the shots. You have to be ruthless about your shots if theres something wrong with it. If theres a jitter or something cut it dont use, it only use the best parts of your shots, thats the main rule about editing videos.

You want to show off the best of the best, because whats the point of showing like mediocre shots to someone and its its theres. No point so lets do it. I have one two, Τρεις, four, five, Έξι, Επτά, eight nine ten shots and i shall uh create a one minute edit with this song. We we found before so the first and the last shot of the video should be one of the best shots you have uh. I might use this actually thats, although this might be well see well see. So not not this one, oh yeah this this one, this one is one of the best. Definitely so, Παρεμπιπτόντως. Im also editing this on this new 16 inch macbook pro the m1 pro so its the base model of 16 inch well see how how does it handle the editing process? I have no idea uh. This is my first edit with this computer, so should be fun. I think the video should start with this sound so its like. Ναι, just like this Music hit the gap nice. So there we had like a slightly that turn. There was just a little bit too much um, i would say slightly too rough yeah. So this is where the first trick comes in is your best friend in editing, uh drone videos is warp stabilizer, but only use it when its needed. So here i want to smooth that one turning point. So how do we enable this effect? Controls? Ναι – and i will use it with 10 Δύναμη, thats thats about right all right.

The clip has finished stabilizing one trick: how to see if warp, stabilizer, sometimes doesnt, like very close, passing objects. It tends to freak out on those, but as we can see here, it smoothed the turn very well. It was slightly too rough for my eye, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, was like slightly slightly rough, but this warp stabilizer on 10 smoothed it out perfectly, and here we have a slight gimbal tilt and we can fix that by going in so lets start from here. So we need to scale in a little bit scale and rotation so enable the keyframes and right here we should already be rotating so uh Music, something like that so scaling just slightly, so we can fill the frame all right now that looks good. Now that looks good and then it goes out of it. I dont know its all good all right, so this part right here. We need to smooth it out as well, so how we do we do we do it like this click on the keyframe and then pull this thing image and then smooth it out. That will make the scaling in and rotation smooth and thats what we want. You want everything to be smooth Music, all right all right, but i kind of feel that i already want a different shot here: its good to keep watching the video from start to the latest point in editing, because then you can see how it all works together.

Μουσική, Εντάξει, maybe we can improve something there, but currently i dont know what so ill. Just move on and lets see. Ω, this was also a very beautiful shot, another bird, another bird, a grandmother or a lady or whatever Music. Maybe we can and also i think i might edit this video in in a different aspectratio so ill. Just pull this sequence here, um sequence settings and lets edit this yep, and so i will be doing all the editing here in 16×9. But here in the it will be this wide cinematic look, which also gives us some room to play with the up and down motion. Oh that bird, there i really like it. I really like it, although i dont, i dont, know how i feel about this shot. Εγώ, like the composition, but i think its slightly too slow for this moment. I think we need some more excitement here. Um, Μουσική, Εντάξει, σας επιτρέπει να, keep it here, because its a very beautiful shot in my opinion, then lets maybe add some excitement because another gap yeah. We can reverse this one and so command command r to access clip, speed and duration. Reverse speed and we have a reversed shot right here and if we would want to stabilize it, we would have to nest it because warp stabilizer doesnt really work well with reversed shots. It doesnt work at all. So if we would want to warp stabilize it, we would nest it just like.

I did now and use warp stabilizer now and it will work so, but i i feel that this shot doesnt need warp stabilizer so lets just not stabilize it. Α ναι, thats thats. Some excitement there, another bird Music, yeah beautiful. I im enjoying this feeling right now. Ω, we can also add some. Α ναι, thats thats, just what i want thats just what i want well add some rotation, so it so it feels funky lets give it some funk. So so so, just like that Music interesting interesting thats uh, surely it looks pretty cool, but i have a feeling that if i will do something with these keyframes make them not linear, but smooth like i did before it will look a lot better lets see. Everything is kind of like art, its its painting, a picture Music, its painting it digitally. Συνήθως, in my edits, i i let the video show itself, i all i do is i get inspired by music and then i do stuff and i just see what whats the end result and usually its pretty cool. So this show right here is all right, but this show right here is much more advanced, so we can use that or we had a shorter shot right here. Όχι, but this one, Νομίζω, is the perfect ending shot, because we are going like this like this and then revealing kind of the whole place. But this one definitely would need warp stabilizer, because the motion there was not perfect and i will be speed, ramping that shot so okay, we can do this shot right here.

Lets shorten it slightly and lets. Add it here: Μουσική! Ναι, lets not have it for a very long time, and this shot should be like this, because we are editing in that wide aspect ratio, and i want that bird to be in the shop Music, just Music, two birds, Μουσική. I love birds. I have a feeling that i have like this very good connection with birds and they never attack my drones. They just do cool stuff in the shots which is, i dont, know its weird and amazing, and i love it so lets see maybe thats thats it. Maybe one two three four five, six shots is all i need well see. Καλά, this is non linear editing, so we can add and take away stuff. If we need to do so. Εντάξει, so lets nest it. So we can do that speed remapping there. We have this Music. All right lets see. Lets see. How does that look lets see? How does that look? Maybe it will look amazing? Maybe it will look like well see you have to experiment. If you experiment, you will sometimes theres this one effect. I just randomly discoveredand i will share it very soon. I just need to capture this one shot to be able to make it its so trippy, and i i discovered it just by experimenting Music. I would say its all right, its all right. I think we could maybe add one more warp stabilizer here, please all right that crop there was not too much so it might be okay, it might be all right.

All right lets just check it out. Lets just check out this edit. I made it in 19 λεπτά. I have a feeling that there will be some adjustments to be made Music. That bird though oh that rotation looks sweet Music rotation looks very sweet Music. Αχ, Όχι! Όχι! Όχι! No is it really in the edit or was it just a glitch, ah its in the edit? Oh man as much as i would like to have this in a one shot shot its not possible. I will put something in middle in the middle of here: Music yeah here its too rough and it wont stabilize. I know i know i have Music, although the second shot its very cool. I like that bird there, but it kinda. I think that this will work better here. Όχι, Όχι, not this one, Εννοώ, maybe this one Music Music, Εντάξει, maybe maybe Musicmaybe like this. So this is why non linear editing is so cool because you can always switch things up. Μουσική, Χμμ, its its all right its all right. Maybe we can make it Music. Εντάξει, maybe lets nest. It maybe lets add some scaling in. So we could add that Music. Maybe it will look a lot better. So quite a lot of warp stabilizers but lets see lets see. Αχ, Όχι, Όχι, that looked slightly terrible. Εντάξει, maybe five percent is what we need so sometimes speed ramping can mess up mess up the warp stabilizer because of those quick motions – Μουσική, no thats scaling in does not work very well.

Εντάξει, i think i need to pre pre render this this shot right here. Εντάξει, cool lets see how does it look together? Everything together all right. I did not use nd filters for this flight because well it was quite gloomy. I could have used nd4 to get that perfect motion blur going on, but well i did not Music, Όχι, no Music, although that ending part looks extra, smooth and beautiful. Ω, i see what would work there that shot that shot of the bird because we have. We have almost the same type of motion. We work together quite well. Εντάξει, Μουσική, Σχεδόν, but maybe all i have to dois make it huh that might actually work that might actually work Music yeah, because that that sound there that buildup type sound actually complements the speed ramp. I have so many amazing shots that i shot with the mavic 3 σήμερα, hmm theres, something i like and theres something i dislike about. All this lets check it out lets check it out just from the beginning Music. I know i know it will work very well. So theres a speed ramp here and theres no speed drum here, but if we, i would add, some speed drum here, combines better so it transitions into this next shot better. Ναι, κάτι τέτοιο., but slightly better Music, Α ναι, Ναι, thats, Μουσική, Μουσική. Now this shot right here would benefit from that rotation type stuff Music.

This shot right here, im enjoying it that fpv type feeling and this fog yeah now thats thats the edit now its time to actually color create this video. So to do that very easy, let me switch to color yeah all right. What i usually do is i just um im, not the im, not im, not the color grading, uh guru. I just have made a lot that works pretty well with most of the shots. I do in most situations its like a universal lot for me, Um, so its here, oh gee. Now this is looking slightly too much yeah, κάτι τέτοιο.. 60. Εντάξει, maybe no! Όχι! Όχι! Όχι! Όχι! Όχι! So this beginning part looks all right. The gloomy weather of the today of the today, your english teacher, would kick your ass, rhinis, Μουσική, Εντάξει, thats, pretty all right, thats, pretty all right, just copy and paste. Now i have to match this one up. This will be slightly more challenging because i captured it in such a different, such different, color Music. Now we need that magenta here maybe lets desaturate it slightly sometimes desaturating a shot. Oh now it looks kind of similar as we can see it was before. Ω, my god, Εντάξει, thats, pretty cool all righty. Is this the final edit? Is this the finished video Music that second shot? Το λατρεύω. Its very cool, also composition, Σοφός, Μουσική, Περίμενε. I think those shots will connect way better.

If i have here, if i have a little speed ramp here, Music and thats, my challenge thats what i have made and i think well, i could it still improve a lot of things here, but its not about creating the perfect video, its about creating a video And showing it to you, how im doing it like theres, still a lot room so much room for improvement, but the idea was to show you how i edit on music, where i get my music, its art list. Προφανώς, uh artless, as i have said before numerous times, has a lot of amazing sounds music and everything you can like imagine sound wise, its its such a great service and its very easy to find great sounding music. Εκεί, like hip, hop cinematic stuff jazz pop, whatever you are looking for its there for all my real estate stuff for all the stuff i create, i use artless music. Hopefully you were able to enjoy this video. Hopefully you were able to learn something new as well. Ελπίζω, this editing process was uh fun to watch. Αν ήταν, you know what to do. Leave that like and subscribe to this channel for more epic drone content. I just love to fly drones and its my passion, its my passion, to fly drones to capture stuff and to show beauty around us, because theres so much beauty around this, its just a matter of perspective. How you look at the things around you? If you look at them from slightly different angle, that thing that you think is might turn out beautiful.

So thank you for watching.