. I just got this drone last night and i wanted to make a little video about it. Ive never owned a drone, never flown a drone. I took this up a little bit last night. I just got it last night, so i wanted to make a little video um about this drone. First impressions from a first time drone owner so lets get into it. I did get end up getting the fly. More bundle comes with this nice case here inside got your drone, the controller three batteries and charger. I think its a good route to go if youre getting the drone. The drone alone costs, Νομίζω, 450 its like 600 for this combo, but the extra batteries um extra propellers and the extra stuff that you get with it, Νομίζω, is probably well worth it. If youre already spending that kind of money, um and heres the drone itself, the dji mini 2 – πολύ μικρό, very compact main things that drew me to this drone from my use case, which is you know, outdoors hiking and backpacking channel the weight of it 249 γραμμάρια. That stays one gram below the faa standards for needing to register this and pass a test so thats great. And then the weight is good to also because im carrying this around with me out on trail, and i wanted the smallest, but also the most capable drone possible. This is capable of 4k up to 30 καρέ ανά δευτερόλεπτο, this video im going to be filming in 1080p, because right now my computer setups just not really capable of handling 4k large 4k editing.

I can do some small 4k, but mainly im sticking to 1080p right now on the channel, so drones going to come with this nice little propeller protector around it. You just take that off and the wings are going to fold out front ones. Fold out like this and the back ones fold out from underneath got your battery compartment back here. I already stuck a battery in there and uh, and then your card goes right in here on the front. Youve got a little gimbal protector, just pop that off and under there is your camera and your gimbal. I think right here. I want to test out the um quick shots, theres five quick shots on here that im interested in so im going to do a couple test flights on those see what they look like, because with me being out on the trail trying to film myself, i think That the quick shots might come in handy so thats, where were gon na start im gon na. Do those try and get some shots and throw them up for you guys and then after that, depending on how much batter we have, i might head down to the river and try to get some cinematic footage, maybe possibly as the suns going down but uh well See see how this goes comes with this very nice controller. Here your joysticks are down in the bottom, so im gon na take those out, and they just twist in here then inside the area that holds your phone, its a little connector cord and it comes with um connectors for iphones, androids and micro usb.

I believe so. Just gon na go ahead and connect my phone in here a while, όπως είπα, ive only taken this drone out one time last night for the very first time right at my house, so im pretty much as new to drones, as anyone could possibly be like. I said ive never owned a drone, never flown anyone elses drone before so. This is all pretty pretty new to me. Then you have to get the dji fly app from the app store, so im gon na fire that up well actually its not in the android store. You have to go and download it straight from their website, not sure why that is, and then your phone just gets held secure right in here, and i do have the um s21 ultra with the case on and thats still able to fit inside of this holder. Here so thats awesome this little wasnt sure if that uh was all going to fit, and that fits perfectly so from there im just going to turn on the controller by pressing once and then pressing and holding and that fires up the controller and i think its A good idea to start with the controller first before you turn on the drone, just in case the drone does wants to do any wonky stuff and im gon na grab. The drone do the same thing on the bottom. Εδώ, δύναμη, button im going to press that and then press and hold it, and i just turned on the dronesit him back down all right.

Οπότε τώρα., ive got the controller on ive got that hooked in to my phone everythings set here. The drone is turned on and im inside of the app and im gon na go to go fly. It wants me to do a tutorial which um dont need right now. Εντάξει, i can see everything gon na change. My resolution back down to 1080p 30 Πλαίσια. Ένα δευτερόλεπτο, which is what i normally film my videos on, so thats were gon na roll with gon na be filming this video with auto exposure, and i did order a set of the freewell, the eight pack of filters i put filters on all my cameras. I have a filter on this camera right here. It helps you stick within the 180 degree rule of shutter, which is going to help you get the most cinematic and natural. Looking footage to the eye its going to give you that little bit of natural motion blur. So well see what this footage looks like. This is going to be completely stock. No filters on full auto so well see what some of that footage looks like for. Anyone who you know is just getting. The drone might not be ready for nd filters and messing in the settings too deep, well see how this all turns out so im on 1080p 30 gon na go into my settings here. Real quick put my max altitude to 400 πόδια. My return to home altitude. 400 feet im gon na update my home point: do that, while the aircrafts in flight all right so, Νομίζω, were good im going to launch the aircraft theres two ways that you can do that theres a button within the app that you can use.

But i found it pretty easy um if you press the two sticks: inward, oh thats in some grass, and that didnt seem to to like that. So i think im going to launch it from off the case here. So lets try that again, hopefully i didnt break a propeller gon na press. The uh sticks in take off all right. We are all fired up Music. Please check it on the map. Μουσική, Music checking um saying that gimbal motor is overloaded, not sure why its saying that so ive got the aircraft launched here. Μουσική, the basic controls are pretty easy to learn, αριστερά, stick up down, bring it up and down left and right, its just going to spin your drone circular and forward backward left and right. Those are your basic controls and then you also can control your gimbal uh with this button right here that can move up and down gon na try to do a dronie. What im trying to figure out right now is how to set the resolution for this, because i want to make sure that theyre in 1080., not sure so were just gon na try this out and see what happens so grab myself here were going to try the Dronie 80 foot, Εντάξει, so its steadily going up and away from me and now the drone is automatically coming right back to me. So thats, αρκετά δροσερό, Εντάξει, im gon na try one going. The other way looks like someones like getting married up there.

Ελπίζω, im not uh disturbing that Music Music, all right thats. Why im pretty close to my uh Music? All right lets. Try one here! Looking back into the sun, this is droney Music, going steadily backing away from me, revealing some scenery behind me seems like that could be a pretty useful shot and quick shot complete and the uh drone is returning back to me. Ελπίζω, these are getting recorded in 1080.. Εντάξει – and you can do that at 80 – 100 120 πόδια 140., so you can get pretty um crazy with these ill try one at 140.. All right lets do it. This is dronie 140 feet and when you want to do stuff, like this, make sure youre im in a large open field, so i know that you know my drone is safe from hitting stuff its flying back into the sun. So i actually, Ξέρεις, im having trouble seeing it, but i know that theres no obstructions over there. This drone has no sensors um an obstacle avoidance. So you need to keep that in mind. Thats, pretty cool now its returning okay, so thats cool droney shot could definitely be useful out there on the trail and lets try rocket. I think rocket. Just goes straight up rock it 120 feet lets try this thing out. This is rocket 120 πόδια, and its pretty windy up here, πάρα πολύ, were on the top of a hill. All right lets. Do it three two im not sure if this ones, just straight up in the air? Εντάξει, its going straight up in the air and keeping me in focus, so it looks on the camera like its lost focus of me.

It sounds like its fighting the wind up there, so i probably dont want to take it up much higher its coming down. Τώρα, Ωραία, so that is the rocket pretty much just straight up. Keeping me in focus definitely could probably be some situations when that could be a useful shot. Next up, gon na try the circle and circle. Doesnt give me any options for um distance, so lets try this thing out. This is the quick shot circle, selecting myself on the screen here and its gon na focus on me and then do the quick shot so now lets start it and you can choose which way. You want this to go. Also three two one Music Music that was cool. I like that one just did a circle around me um. I want to see if i can make that a wider circle or if i just put it further away from me, a little higher all right. So i took it a little further away now: im gon na try the circle again see what that shot ends up. Looking like got myself on here, just gon na hit start three two one, so you know im out doing my hiking thing out hiking. Ω, i accidentally hit the um control. Stick on that quick shot, so it cancelled it out of it im gon na try that one again all right, im, gon na take him a little further back, got him a little further back now, a little up a little back.

So lets see what a large circle looks like and always need to um remember to make sure that you have clearance around you when youre doing these types of maneuvers. This drone does not have any type of sensors, any detection. So for a beginner drone pilot. You know being aware of your surroundings, where your drones at at all times, is going to be one of the most crucial elements, so lets try out this large circle, three two and ill: try not to hit any controller sticks this time, thats cool thats. Definitely looking pretty interesting like i could definitely uh have some use cases for that that circle im liking, that real cool lets try out the helix 80 foot. Helix um bring the drone in a little bit here towards me. All right lets. Try it from here lets. Do a hundred foot, helix and just popped up saying about obstacle: avoidance unavailable so always want to keep that in mind, and this is the helix uh 100 foot. Try that out three two one: oh man, this shot is freaking. Looking awesome, look at that drone go! Ω, my gosh, that is cool honestly. It kind of looks like it lost me a little bit lost centering on me, but that was a freaking cool shot. I definitely think that that would be a cool shot to use out in some video, and the drones were turning right back to me, like the good drone that it is and bring them in a little bit.

I want to do one more helix, im gon na. Κάνουμε 140 footer its because i like that one i just want to see a little bit more rotation see what this thing can do. Ελπίζω, im not disturbing anybody anyway. All right lets. Do this helix 140 foot three, two one! There is some wind up here um, but it seems to be doing okay with that wind keeping an eye on it, as it is getting a little far away from me, making sure that theres no trees thats going to hit, but its getting actually up in the Sky pretty high and this shot looks freaking really really cool youre. Just gon na have to be really really careful with this type of shot, especially um. If youre in a wooded area with trees around, it probably would be hard to pull off a maneuver like the helix such a long distance, helix out in the woods around a lot of trees and stuff, but something to play with. I really liked that shot. Αυτό ήταν ωραίο., and now we got the boomerang boomerang. Doesnt give me any options for distance, so lets hit this boomerang and see what we got three two one that was a pretty cool shot. I think i kind of want to see that one again im going to go a little bit further away from me and a little bit further up. Try that one one more time three! Do this boomerang one more time, one Music see how thats looking and it comes back down in so thats cool, um and those are the five quick shots that i wanted to play around with out.

Εδώ. Definitely would say that i think i thought the helix was. My favorite and i have this in um normal mode right now: theres three flight modes, cine for getting that smooth um. You know movie motion and when youre beginning learning how to fly these, i would suggest putting it in city mode. Normal mode is what im in right now, once you get a little bit used to it, you can definitely go on to the normal mode and batterys running low, so were gon na bring this thing in saying we got 15 left me, Μουσική, Καλό, Μουσική, all right And that was a nice um testing of all the quick shots, definitely im pleased with them. Now that ive tested out some of the uh quick shots, im gon na go ahead and put the drone away move to another location. If i still have some sunlight here see what kind of shots i can get all right guys, we got a little change of scenery. Here came down to the river theres like a bridge running over here, so im gon na take the drone up and try to see what kind of shots i can get out from down here see what kind of cinematic type shots i can get see. If i can hopefully not crash my drone into the river and uh ill put up, maybe like a little montage of some of the shots that i get back here. If i can get some of those for you guys, but uh very excited to have this drone im gon na, take it out, get it up here, the suns going down so im gon na get this out here see what kind of shots i can get see.

What kind of chances i could take? I know i see these uh little places you can go under the bridge. I dont know if im gon na be uh having the courage to do that here. This early on in my droning career, but uh very excited to have this drone, its a very capable drone um. The limiting factor in that is gon na. Be me right now being a new drone pilot. So lets get this thing up here and see what kind of shots we can get. We know what the quick shots can do. They are definitely will be useful in some situations. Εντάξει, you guys, probably arent, going to be able to see me that well, but about to take off, were going to go, try and get some of these shots.