Mavic DJI 2 Zoom vs Autel EVOCAMERA QUALITYCanadian Fall Colors

If you happen to personal both of those drones, you may have an impressive digicam. Each cameras produce a high quality picture. That is the straight out of the field digicam settings. In different phrasesAll settings have been on AUTO. I did change out and in of VIVID COLOR mode on the AUTEL twice within the phase which I am certain you may pick.

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  1. I pretty much agree with everyone else. Together they seem very comparable with a slight edge to the M2Z. However I feel the M2Z is better than the M2P and the AE is slightly better than the M2P. The AE seems to have a slight saturation in the blue. The M2Z seems to pick up detail in the shadows more. But the sky appears to be very good in both. I also thought the 8X digital zoom wasn't all that bad. But no comparison to the M2Z even when both set to 2X.

    So please tell me why the AE image was jostling about from side to side when you were doing the side by side comparisons on the rock wall! You can see this happening at 2:50 και πέρα….

  2. I feel the dji zoom is way better picture quality to me there’s a lot of noise with the autel’s evo image quality

  3. Evo looked much better with vivid color on. Zoom looked a good bit sharper!

  4. That return to home video from the Evo was amazing. Koodos to the Mavic but the Autel seem to have DJI's number. Μεγάλη βίντεο!!!

  5. Much of the Autel Evo footage I have seen is still a little crooked to the horizon, even after the first fix. It seems that they didn't fully fix the problem. I would prefer the Autel, but I'm still wary because of this issue.

  6. That landscape is amazing, is that the Canadian East coast?

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  8. Hi Steve, I think both are excellent, You should use 60fps for the EVO in your comparison, no point hamstringing one for the other. There is just a main point for me, I can go into any of the large chain store's and buy any DJI drone with what ever accessories I want, I cannot do that here in Australia with AUTEL. Also there is only $AU300 difference in the price over here, and I would have to buy everything online and have it shipped to my door, which means another problem I cannot hide the purchase from the wife which causes more problems, if you know what I mean.. So it's Mavic Zoom for me and I am loving it. Don't tell the wife :o)

  9. Oh BTW the digital zoom on the EVO, it was ok at 2x but 8x was bad.

  10. evo not enough contrast and pale, Mavic 2 zoom wins hands down

  11. lthe mavic is red-dish the EVO has far more DR

  12. I love your work but in this instance, as we are looking at the fall colours it’s a shame you’ve chosen such a large black strap. The sky area could have been another option for captions. Just a thought

  13. Ιδανική σύγκριση, EVO looks slightly better to me dynamic range wise.

  14. Another great job with this quick little comparison! Εγώ, personally, enjoy your way of doing this as well as the previous "Versus" βίντεο.
    I like your leaving them on "auto" as delivered and letting the viewer decide for themselves without any opinion by the person doing the review/comparison.
    Almost everybody will like a certain "look" and will tweak accordingly but the auto settings give a good starting point to see how the different manufacturers calibrate/emphasize a certain look.
    I still think that the MP2 has a "yellowish" tint though (as did my Yuneec Q500 4K)

  15. Both of these performed very well. I was actually surprised by how closely they matched. If I were going to upload video directly without post processing, I think the M2Z image was more eye catching. Αλλά, I like to edit my footage, and the slightly flatter image of the EVO would be better for that. Ωστόσο, I'm a bit concerned about the gimbal motion of the EVO while it was just sitting on the wall. It looked like it was on a boat. Any idea why? Was the wind pushing the camera around a bit?

  16. The mavic zoom looks better the evo looks good but not as good there's more clarity and the video looks brighter and sharper my choice is the mavic Zoom all the way

  17. Like the Autel better, hard tome getting it in the UK. AT THE MOMENT

  18. Hello Captain Drone! I would like to change my mavic air for an evo or zoom but i have some question in regard of the evo? Do the props shows in camera view when filming? What about the signal strengh is it good? Do you happen to have disconnected or signal lost with the evo? I know the zoom is great for the connectivity, signal and range! I saw a video of Sean Ozz with is evo in the air and the gimbal is acting weardly like shaking from left to right when giving input….did you encounter this problem? I just want a goog drone worry free….if possible. It would be nice your advise for helping me make the good choice!

  19. When are you going to get the Typhoon H Plus. You need to compare the camera quality to the new DJI's. I think the Typhoon H Plus has the best image quality of any drone under $3-4K

  20. I am a autel fan but really mavic 2 blows away evo have both mavic way better

  21. Ken said the Evo wins, you seem to say the Mavic Zoom wins. Προσωπικά, I think either drone is a decent choice. Quite frankly, I LOVE arguing in video comments, it's a lot of fun! Ωστόσο, the truth of the matter is debating the color palate in AUTO is really silly since all it takes is a small adjustment on the Mavic to change it. I'd imagine that the Evo has similar settings in the menu. What I look at is features vs cost. I'm sure hardcore Evo fans might argue this but based on the side by side data sheets from each manufacturer, the Mavic 2 Zoom just has more to offer.

    Mavic 2 Ζουμ:
    1. Much better range.
    2. 1080 vs 720 video transmission.
    3. Significantly better battery life in every test I've seen.
    4. Quieter.
    5. Ζουμ.
    6. Better obstacle avoidance.
    7. Better/more flight modes/quick shots. Hyper-lapse, POI, Active Track, Αστεροειδής, κλπ.
    8. Better in app editing/sharing/live streaming.
    9. Onboard storage.
    10. Super res photos.
    11. Swappable camera.
    12. Smart return to home.
    13. LED φώτα.

    Autel Evo:
    1. 3.3" In display video screen.
    2. 4k60 video.
    3. No NFZs.
    4. My personal opinion is that the Evo is better in automatic than the Mavics.
    5. Dynamic Horizon Lines. (couldn't resist!)

  22. captain drone….i just bought the evo and took it up for a test this weekend and looked at the footage when i got homecan you tell me why is my video so blurry right out the boxand everything is on auto like alot of videos i have seen i have used nd filters to with and without and the footage was so blurry. am i doing something wrong

  23. I have the Mavic air. Was just wondering, can you pause a video while your recording?

  24. question for evo owners:has the horizon tilt been fixed? how about evo range and signal? vibration when descending? thanka a lot

  25. Hi Steve and James. I went to Best buy on black friday expecting to buy the autel evo. Even though they said they stocked it they had been out for weeks. I wound up buying the Mavic zoom basically because you reviewed and James liked it (Black Friday price of $1100). To me you both represent honesty with no BS. Hard to find. For a monitor i use a Samsung S8 (having nit rating over 1000 or so they claim. I'm near Seattle so the bloody sun is gone for …).
    My question: Is there any problem running the cell in airplane mode? On the bench the map is working and home point is obtained and tracks. Reason being when using my P4 (sold it because of quirky software crashing) the phone rings and bumps me off the program leaving me "blind". I wonder if I can use a cell phone without a sim card making it a dedicated monitor???

    Thx Steve and side kick James. Happy holidays and merry Christmas to you and family's

  26. Wow!! It's amazing how people can see so differently. The EVO colors are dull, washed out, less virbrant, λιγότερο απότομη, and overall lack luster. Το Mavic 2 Zoom is hands down the better picture with the colors popping and sharpness. Και πάλι, DJI is the undisputed leader when it comes to video drones.

  27. I wonder if the Evo exposure was brought up one or two stops would the videos look more similar. On the return to home assuming both set to auto the Evo looked better to me. Both are great in there own way. A fellow photographer and I just did a joint shoot together, I couldn't believe how many times we disagreed on video settings in our drone shoots. I liked it on the bright side he liked it on the darker exposure. All depends on the artist. I have the first Dji Mavic pro and I can still pull out great video and stills and still get paid for them. I have to change my camera settings when ever I change the way my camera faces the light. Μεγάλη βίντεο, Ευχαριστούμε.

  28. Steve, revisited once again this video, because of the use of zoom on both cameras. You really can't compare the optical vs the digital system of the EVO especially at the extremes. The DJI Zoom will win everytime. Αλλά, I am about to buy the EVO because of my uses and the price. Still have my X-star Premium and trying to sell. Anyone interested? Όπως πάντα, you are the best. Honest appraisals are much appreciated! Ευχαριστώ!

  29. Can anyone recommend a place to purchase the Evo in Canada since Autel doesn't ship internationally?

  30. Are you sure that M2Z's camera isn't broken or something? That's really awful soft footage from it, I'm seeing a difference watching it back at 1080p which is atrocious I shouldn't be able to tell them apart but I can 🙁

  31. Hi Capitan! If I buy a Mavic 2 Zoom from the linkIts free of taxes to my country?

  32. This chain is a real encyclopedia on drones.

    Enormous work and a big thank you, for all this information Captain Drone.

    Now I know which Drone to get me.

    I was between Autel Evo and Mavic 2 ζουμ.

    I'm going to let Autel Evo ripen for a while.

    Another big thank you.

    From a neighbor of Quebec.

  33. Ιδανική σύγκριση! Two very competitive drones, same location, same time, same settings. Τέλειο.
    Τώρα, here's what I saw:
    1. The EVO Auto image lacked the contrast of the M2Z (a bit like RAW). I made screen grabs of each full screen 4k image of the same view. I added some contrast and a little fill light to the EVO image. These corrections made the two images so similar, I had to zoom in to pixel level to see any differences. And the differences were in favor of the EVO in some areas and in favor of the M2Z on other areas. I think the EVO handled the blues and pinks better. The slightly higher magnification of the M2Z meant that it captured slightly more detail in some areas.
    2. The EVO Vivid setting added too much color.
    3. Προφανώς, the EVO digital zoom is nowhere as good as the M2Z optical zoom.
    4. The EVO has slightly wider field of view at 1x zoom.
    5. As you both flew back to over the rock wall, I was surprised to see that the EVO brought out the pink stones that weren't hardly noticeable in the M2Z video.
    6. The movement of the EVO camera while setting on the rock wall is disturbing. It didn't seem to effect the aerial video stability, Ωστόσο.
    Based on the comparable video quality and the difference in cost, the EVO is a better value.
    Did you notice any differences in flight characteristics?
    Thanks for doing this.

  34. They didn't show the Autel at 60fps and while they were sitting on the wall the Autel had a bunch of the wall in frame which probably disturbed the ranged picture sharpness. Also depending on how you are watching this post the picture can look very different for different people.

  35. Awesome comparison guys. I remember that spot from 1996 when I took some photos there with my 35mm film camera. Just amazing to see it from a drone. Thanks for including some great footage in the post. Main difference I saw was a little more contrast on the Mavic (which I thought was nice), otherwise much the same, even colour saturation is similar. I fly EVO and just love it.

  36. 👌 Good for Jamesgood and simple explication, the people must think and thento buy or not to buy, un χαιρετισμό desde España 🇪🇸 edu bermudez. 👌

  37. The EVO looked as good if not a little better than the Mavic Pro 2. Similar quality at 2x zoom. EVO quality drops like the rock in zooms above 2x!! Bear in mind that the EVO is capable of 4K-60, has a built in monitor, and doesn't have NFZs. Επίσης, EVO is less expensive. It comes with a nice bag too!! Tech Support is very responsive!

  38. Is it near Ottawa, μεγάλη βίντεο…. love my mavic zoomlove this place.

  39. Y’all are dumb if you think this was even a comparison for image quality.

  40. Ένα άλλο καλό βίντεο. DJI has more contrast and color sat by default. They always do. M2P default auto color is even stronger than the M2Zoom. Evo has a more natural color and slightly less contrast (tends to look more Log based), but that depends on the angle and lighting of the scene. Notice the trees, and green grass, rocks, and even the jacket color as you land both on RTH. What happened there? M2Z now has less color than the Evo shot. The wider FOV also throws off the viewer because one shot seems closer to trees foliage than the other. Many comparison videos fly at the same distance and height, but that is hard to do considering the bigger FOV differences. Auto modes change the dynamics. For either drone, it's going to vary depending on the scene and lighting. I use these all, plus M2P, and P4P. All the mavic drones are bumped in sat and contrast. Many have to drop that in post. P4P is closer to Evo in terms of a flatter camera setting by default. Tons of range in either of these drones. Evo recently had a change in FW that added some sat and contrast in the auto modes. What they called an IQ (image quality based) correction. What I noticed more on this FW update is that Evo seems to balance scenes more than it did beforeie flying with a scene of different lighting, especially late afternoon or evening. Check it out for yourself. Some say they don't like the heavier saturation and color temp as it was prior. I think it's now a closer comparison to the M2 lines, but the sky colors always still seem more enhanced with the Evo. Try the firmware for Evo and see what you think. Orbit is also improved btw. I recently tested the two M2P and Evo and had similar results. Autel is making some changes. Evo is newer, but even MP initially ran through a ton of updates, and some they had to go backward on as well. As they say.. it's a process.

  41. Mavics are unreliable too many video feed issues Autel all the way

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