Bourbon allen was first to say first in one of my recent videos and this one’s the shout out so congratulations good morning, τετράγωνο ελικόπτερο 101. Here what i got for you today is the do it yourself. Drone build it yourself uh. This is a nice little beginner’s learn to fly drone. It is available in two different versions with and without a camera. The version i got is without the camera. I just want a little fun to fly drone to fly around in my basement and that’s. What this one particularly is. Και πάλι, there is a different version out there with a wi fi camera. You know wi fi cameras on these little toy drones aren’t the best. So if you’re looking for just something to play with, i recommend going with the cheaper uh non camera version and it does come with an instruction manual. I strongly recommend you read it before you attempt to build it, but i did read it already. So we’re gon na actually go assemble. It right now let’s go over what you get in the box. First off um, you get a battery charger for the battery that comes with this it’s a little uh 3.7 βολτ 300 milliamp ανά ώρα μπαταρίας. Very generic, very common battery. You get a set of prop guards. I am not going to install the prop guards. These almost always degrade the flight performance of a drone, so i’m gon na leave mine. My prop guards off uh.

You get the frame uh you get. The battery cover or the battery holder for the drum you get uh the flight control board. This is the brains of the uh, the drone it’s very important. You also get four little motors that go with this uh. They appear to be 716 motors that uh that you will install according to the color coding on the end of the wires for the uh each of these motors and the color coding on the board, so it’s kind of hard to mess it up there. You get a prop puller for removing the props. This is for removing props. If you need to replace them because you get spare props, you get a full set of props and one set of spare props. You get the flight transmitter and these are just little sticks that you stick in to the transmitter these little plugs. I will do that later, but that’s to enable you to operate the transmitter and it does come with batteries included, which is nice okay, to build this thing. The first thing we need to do is look at the frame and determine which way is the front, and the front is the one with the little knob on the back here, and we also got to take the flight control board and determine which way is the Front and the front is with this little power – Καλώδιο, this this smaller cable. This cable is for powering the camera, which did not come with the drone, but it’s still installed on the flight control board and the thicker wire is the uh plug for the battery and that’s.

The back end of the flight control board so front end is the thinner wire back end is the is the thicker wire and all we need to do is align these tiny holes with uh these mounting holes on the flight control board. I also recommend that you move this wire over like so and i’ll. Show you why here shortly, but let’s install this plug. This is plug this into the little holes on the flight control board. If i can line them up for you there and they are aligned and also what i wanted to do is what i told you is we’re going to move this wire out of the way or try to keep it out of the way the propellers, by placing It like so pinning it right there and that should help keep this wire from getting in the way of the propeller. Since we don’t have the camera with this particular version, we don’t really need this. We actually could snip this off. I guess if we wanted to, but okay now, that’s aligned in there and the next thing we need to do is well. Actually next thing we need to do is install the motors and we’re going to start off now the a motors you’re going to see a little bit of your there’s a little. I don’t know if you can see that let’s see how that focuses, but that shows you where the apr colors go and the forward left and back right is where the a propellers and a motors go, and those are color coded with red for the motors and The b, propellers and motors are uh forward right and back left, so we’re going to start with one of the red motors and let me grab one and we are going to put the wire make sure the wire comes out this end and slide one of these Motors in like so and do the same on the other end, plugging or sliding the the motor in and enabling the wire to go in.

Like so and then we’re going to plug in these two red motors making sure that we match the pins where the uh pins with a plug, so we don’t want to jam it in there. Έτσι, εσείς, you want to visually check to make sure the holes on the end of these uh plugs or yeah plugs match the pins in the receptacle. So you don’t bend those pins doing the same with this one here and doing it like so there we go, and then we do the same with the white motors white motors. Go in, like so slide in i’m, going to pin it right away: Εντάξει, receptacle and pinholes matching them up, and the other one on this side here goes in like so, and also matching these pins with the uh, receptacle pin or the holes with the receptacle pins. So i don’t bend them yeah get in there. There we go okay, and next thing we do is put the battery cover on the top and that holds the flight control board down. So it doesn’t come back out again: Εντάξει, Λαοί, Εγώ είμαι.. Συγνώμη, i did not check there. This battery cable or this battery uh cover goes a certain way, there’s a a wider angle and a smaller bracket and that’s. They got to match up the wider and the smaller brackets, or else you can’t close it. There we go got it that time, so that is the assembly. Now you got to get these wires out of the way of the propellers, so we’ll bring them down, like so make sure they’re they don’t get in them in binder or bound up with the propeller.

So you got ta pull each one of these wires down downward like so to get them out of the way along with this, this particular wire here, Εντάξει, so that’s almost assembled now. The next thing we got to do is put the propellers on now again check and make sure these are the a’s front left and back right are the a’s, and these are the a propellers here. You just push them on, like so okay, that one’s on that one’s on and then the bees okay, the a’s go on the red motors and the bees go on the white motors. Εντάξει, and that should be it. Then the battery just simply slides in here like so let me let me bend it a little bit, so it goes in a little bit easier and once i charge this battery, we should be ready to fly so that’s the assembly of the do it yourself. Drone didn’t take too much time. I hope did it on screen here, so you could see it again make sure these wires are out of the way before you go flying. Ξέρεις, move them downward and let me charge up this battery and let’s. Take it for a flight so hope you enjoy this flight. Okay before we go flying, i want to show you real quick. I found a way to get these wires out of the way and keep them out of the way each one of these arms has a little slot that you can slide the wires through and down downward and away from the powers to keep them away from the Propellers, and also for this one wire over here, i actually slid through that unused power, cable for the uh camera that’s, not included with this, to keep that camera cable out of the way.

Έτσι, just a little trick a little, i guess that’s, what those slots in the arms are for actually is to get those wires out of the way of the propeller. So now we should be ready to go. Ας. Take a look here: yeah everything’s out of the way, the propeller, so we should be ready to fly so let’s. Take it down the basement now and see how it flies. Hope you enjoy this flight. Εντάξει, to start the drone we are going to plug in the battery like so and place it on a flat level surface and then we’re going to turn on the transmitter and bind it to the drum by up down on the throttle until the lights are solid. Εντάξει, the back side should be the red lights front. Side should be the blue lights. Now again, this drone has just been built and it’s never been flown before. Thus we’re going to probably have to calibrate his gyros first. Okay make sure the gyros know. What is a flat level position for this drum and to do that we bring both sticks down and to the left until we see flashing of the lights on the drum so now the gyroscope will be calibrated let’s. Do that again to show you sticks down to the left until we see blinking and now the gyros are calibrated. Next thing we need to do is get to the air and again since this has never been thrown before this.

We should also expect to still see some drift in the drum okay and we’re going to need to counter that drift by adjusting these trim buttons until we get a flat hover. Also we’re, going to probably want to go to higher rate to to counter that drift. Because the drift might be severe, we’ll see once we get near whether we need to go to a higher rate. Εντάξει, so let’s try it and bring both sticks down and out to start the motors and again take to the air okay right now i noticed that i was wrong. Apparently the blue lights are the rear and the red lights are the front. So the side with the um with the battery connector is the front of the drone, so let’s try that again putting it on flat level surface bringing both sticks down into the left again to recalibrate and let’s. Ξαναδοκίμασε., bow sticks down a knot and take him to the throat taken to the air yeah. Εντάξει, that was right and we do have some drift. Let me go to the lower right back to beginner rate it’s drifting to the right and forward so let’s. First off counter the forward drift by pressing this back drift button or trim button until that’s, fixed and then left trim button to counter that right. Drift requiring quite a bit of trim again to be expected for a brand new drone. I’Ll get it hold on.

And there we go trim that required quite a bit of trimming for this brand new drum. So you know it’s to be expected. New drones, don’t know what level is and you got to teach it. What level is by calibrating the gyros, and even then, that might be wrong, as you saw there and that i needed to also um. Let me get a little forward. I need to also trim it with these trim buttons that’s, how you use the trim buttons. You know it’s still drifting a little bit to the right, so i counted that by a left button trim and still drifting a little bit backward. I counted that with a forward button trim until that backward drift stops. Εντάξει, so that’s good that’s, αρκετά καλό. Εντάξει. Now i just gave it a little yaw there, i’m noticing it’s drifting with the let’s, try that again to the right yeah it likes to drift. When i give it a little yaw i’m, not sure why that is, but let’s show that again yeah it drifts and there goes our gyros there’s. One thing you learn if you bounce a drone, if a drone gets bounced around there goes. My head expect the gyros to go out of sync and um. I think the problem is especially with this drone is that this board is so loose in there that it’s going to cause quite a bit of drifting, so we’re going to have to recalibrate the gyros again because of that little incident.

We just had there so let’s. Do it first off, let me double check these propellers and make sure they weren’t damaged nope. The propellers are fine, so let’s cap recalibrate the gyros again it sticks down and left and let’s go to higher rate again in case. We need to counter that drift and then starting the motors taken to the air again. Oh there we go not too bad, so i’m going to higher rate, because i i don’t want to go into that wall again so now, let’s see if that drift is still with us. Let’S turn it to the left a bit yeah. Look at that that’s. Weird turn it to the right and it drips to the right so that’s odd, Εγώ είμαι., not sure why that does that, can i counter it by using both sticks? I have to use uh yaw and you have to fly this with you, both yaw and uh rudder or i mean pitch. I mean roll and yaw control, hey again that thing really drifts when you give it any yaw at all. So let me get back behind my hot tub here check. Our props props are still good we’re going to have to recalibrate the gyros again because of the the thing there. You know the gyros seem to be quite sensitive to impacts, but let’s. Δοκιμάστε το ξανά. Driver is recalibrated, sticks down or not taken to the air, Εντάξει, γι' αυτό είμαι., not sure about the um.

This probably is best flown outdoors folks because of the drift when you give it any yaw, so actually let’s. Take it outdoors and try that we’ll go outdoors and see this should be able to fly outdoors so hold on folks. Why take it outdoors and see what it does outdoors okay, we’re gon na fly it outdoors, so we get some more room. This is not really an indoor flyer, so both sticks down or not. Ας. Try it this time. Second right: Εντάξει, when a higher rate too yeah, you do not fly this indoors. Λαοί, Ναι. The drift on this in a turn is somewhat severe, but it outdoors it’s. Okay Laughter, one to second rate: second rate’s, probably appropriate, Ας, bring it back over here, let’s go down into the street and bring it back and it’s crashing into the neighbor’s tree. It drips quite a bit. Έχω ta, admit i’m, not sure what that. Why that it has that uh slide to it um it’s kind of like a four, an old uh. It used to be called uh. 3G, not 3g. I can’t remember what it’s called like the old wltoys v949. I believe it was like that see if we could do a no, we can’t do a hand toss, because i got to start the motors, but let’s put it back on the ground again taking to the air so we’re going to keep it close i’m. Not going to fly too far, but it slides quite a bit, Αν και, and i’m not sure why it’s sliding so much in turns when you give it yaw it slides.

But that is the do it yourself drone. It does fly it’s, just it slides quite a bit and i’m, not sure why now, when you talk about 6g stabilization there as accelerometers, it should be detecting that slide. I think it needs to be tuned a bit the accelerometers in this to prevent it from sliding around like so such but again best flown outdoors don’t fly this indoors. You will smack into your walls with it, as you seen there so and it’s getting low on battery now, because its lights are flashing. Do yourself drone, i did it myself. I built it myself. Όχι, this spring is here we’re, almost here Music enough of that snow. We had so much snow here, folks in erie, but i’m glad to see the snow gone. Τέλος, we’ll get the flight time on this here shortly when it either drops or lands itself and i’m, not sure what it’s going to do, it’s going to be a drop or a landing and it’s a landing, so that’s the total flight time so that’s a do. It yourself drone, you build it yourself. I guess it’s it’s supposed to be an educational toy to see how to put together a drone, um it’s flight control board could use some tuning of its flight control software and that it’s not really detecting slot drift. You have to counter that with some uh roll to counter that so hope you enjoyed this fight, this quadcopter 101 έξοδος από το quadcopter hi 101.

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