Καλύτερες κριτικές για κηφήνες 2018

PGB critiques the very best drones on the market out there from high drones producers together with DJI, Yuneec, Παπαγάλος, and 3DR for beautiful aerial pictures for all

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  1. Καλή αναθεώρηση. Subbed ya. Συν subs πίσω και ελέγξτε έξω vids μου κηφήνας! Γεια.

  2. DJI has released a new drone, Mavic αέρα. It is cheaper than Mavic pro, supports 4k and other improvements. Waiting for a review.

  3. The best video about drones i've ever seen.. good luck with your channel❤🔥

  4. Why do all these have such shitty LOUD techno Muzak?

  5. DJI Mavic pro is without any doubt the best portable and 4k drone for all budget users.

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