Are the new DJI Phantom 4 LOW NOISE PROPS quiet on the Original Phantom 4 Pro?

On this video I attempt the brand new DJI Low Noise Props designed for the brand new Phantom four Professional 2.0. I am attempting them on an authentic Phantom four Professional to see if there actually is any distinction in noise for the older mannequin drones. You be the choose.

PHANTOM four LOW NOISE PROPS (DJI): http://click = υπερ-σύνδεσης&as=0003&ch=PHANTOM%204%20PRO%202.0

MIC: Rode Video Mic: HTTPS://
Ήχου: Rodelink Wi-fi Skilled: HTTPS://
ΦΩΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΚΉ ΜΗΧΑΝΉ: Σωματική διάπλαση 80D Canon: HTTPS://AMZN.To/2Kmggb4
TRIPOD: Manfrotto: HTTPS://
DJI Phantom four Professional: HTTPS://

24 Παρατηρήσεις
  1. A low noise, less high pitch, lower pitch, thanks for the great A/B review!

  2. Definitely sounded like a different pitch but really couldn’t notice a decibel difference. But I have the typical firefighter hearing deficit.

  3. Quite obvious to this deaf guitar player lol. Nice A/B test and editing Cap'n.

  4. I'm noticing on this and other tests of "low noise" στηρίγματα, that the so-called low noise props tend to have an overall lower pitch. Maybe they should be marketed as "low pitch props". I think that whether you think they are lower noise or not will be subject to your ear frequency response curve. It would be good to see what the frequency spectrum looks like as well as what a db meter measures.

  5. The difference is much more noticeable in person. The low noise ones are not so much just quieter they are much less harsh and I hear them less at lower AGL than the originals. Same thing with the MP vs MPP props, the main difference is the pitch, not the dBa levels.

  6. I heard Yanny!!! Χαχαχα. Σπουδαίος άνθρωπος βίντεο. Γεια!!

  7. I did pick "A" for low noise and my ears are old too for I am a drummer in a loud band. Ακόμα, a good and fair comparison of the difference in props. Ευχαριστίες για τη διανομή, from fellow deaf musician. I still like your quitar.✌👊👍

  8. “They’re still going to hear it” 🤣

  9. Drones do not typically fly at a meter off the ground. Στο 100 feet in the air in the vicinity of human ears, that is where the test needs to be done. The lower pitch of the low noise props I would guess is going to draw far less attention. I know it does on the Platinum Mavic.

  10. Hey Captain Drone, I'm a musician too. I say that the "A" propellers are quieter than the "B" propellers. The difference in pitch is half a semitone. Example: Props "A" might be in the key of (Α). Props "B" might be in the key of (Bb).
    Cheers and Ding Dong.

  11. How does this compare to a Mavic Air? I'm often told it sounds like a pissed off hornet when I fly. Lol

  12. Are you getting any type of flight time increase?

  13. Interesting demo Captain Drone! I love experiments like this. On topic: Καλά, the lower pitch is one difference. But there is also a second frequency on the original props. I think the higher sound of the originals is more annoying and thats what counts. For me the loudness is the same.

  14. Perhaps its more about how much noise can be heard from below the drone when at a little more altitude?

  15. Another video does same test then raises the drone up 100, στη συνέχεια 400 πόδια. Significant difference with higher altitudes. Ακόμη και σε 100 feet the new props were barely audible. If you did not know there was a drone in the air, you would not know there was a drone in the air

  16. Believe what you want, but to me they are without a doubt, quieter in the air. I will use them exclusively from now on.

  17. How about testing with 2 low noise props attached and 2 normal props. First with the LN props on opposing corners, then on same side. Change the sync frequencies. Like syncing the props on a four engined prop aircraft.

  18. Nice Video.. I was about to buy the low noise one, I see no significant chanhes on the sound of it, but at least the original props has more solid sound tat might disturb the people who are in the top of it. Αλλά, will it fit on the phantom 4 πρότυπο?

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