Amazing LED PROPS for the MAVIC AIR

Need to make your Mavic Air stand out at a night celebration? Then you definately want these props. They work the identical as the unique props giving the Mavic Air the identical energy and flight time, besides they arrive with rechargeable LED lights for a pleasant impact. You should buy them from STARTRC. Listed here are the 2 hyperlinks:

Ebay hyperlink: HTTPS:// time-Flying-Blades-DJI-Mavic-Air-Drone-/292547833162?hash=merchandise441d35ad4a

Amazon hyperlink: HTTPS://

Mavic αέρα DJI: HTTPS://
CASE: Mavic Air Waterproof Case: HTTPS://
Touchdown Pad: HTTPS://AMZN.To/2HBqp2w
ΦΩΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΚΉ ΜΗΧΑΝΉ: Βιντεοκάμερα Panasonic 4K: HTTPS://
GoPro καπέλο: HTTPS://
TRIPOD: BIG Gorillapod: HTTPS://
MIC: Rode Video Mic: HTTPS://
Ήχου: TASCAM DR - 10L: HTTPS://AMZN.To/2HCl1wh

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  1. Can’t see the point in replacing the recommended blades for some made from unknown materials. Will they have been stress tested to the same level as the genuine blades? Probably not. Not worth the risk for me. Even if you just had two to identify which is the front that might be useful but even then at a certain distance you wouldn’t be able to tell which way it was facing. You would need green and red ones ideally for left and right.

  2. I would think that the leds being on one side of the props only would imbalance these props. I would be curious to see how these props react on a prop balancer.

  3. Do they not set the props off balance which will effect wear on the motors? Looks good but without balance not going to risk it. 1st time it falls out the sky from worn motor is its last.

  4. Would be nice if you can get to choose what color like plugging it in the pc to set the color leds used

  5. night flight would freak people outUFO

  6. I frequently have trouble finding my MPP when it is up over 200 ft so these would be very helpful, Ευχαριστίες για την αναθεώρηση, but they sounded awfully loud. Are they anywhere near as quiet as the new Mavic Pro Platinum blades?

  7. Φίλε, you need to get some sun and get rid of that vampire pallor.

  8. Did those props light strip came kind of Peeling off the prop and you had to set them back in place by pressing them in?

    I'm asking because I receive a set for my Phantom 4pro and that's how they arrived. I'm afraid that if I use them like that the light strip might come loose in mid air causing a crash

    Any words on that issue!…

  9. Tried them out last night and I noticed my Mavic Air slowly dropped instead of staying a stable hovering position. I'm assuming it's because they are a slight heavier then the DJI's. They're also noticeably a little louder.

  10. I would have like to contact you privately but don`t know how.
    Surely this is not the correct place but Mavic Air Owners who have up graded to the …0400 firmware has been having critical issues with MA`s not responding to commands and crashing with a lot of damage. DJI is not standing up for this.
    Many tried to take it up with DJI but they seem to be deaf.

  11. Φοβερό βίντεο. Was about to buy them but the Amazon reviews say the strips come loose and can cause damage to the motors. Have you used them since?

  12. Did you notice a difference in sound or weight?

  13. I have some not sure same manufacture second flight led strips start to fall off

  14. Did you ask the dji company why the mavic air active track tries to attack you when using this mode, I had a couple scary moments too. I have to walk backwards because I dont trust it.

  15. did you see how much louder they were to the previous blades?

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