They sent these out the tws one pros now for those of you that are looking at picking these up or have been thinking about it. Just so, you know its a its a bonus to be living in canada right now, yep because on fifty dollars on fifty dollars so with the conversion for us right. Unless, unless you want the white ones, then then youre paying 70., so white 170 black ones right now are on sale, thats cool, but really, how do they sound so were going to take a look at their listing were going to take a look at the edifier Tws1 earbuds uh take a take, a listen to them, see whats in the box. Uh well, do a mic test, do a little recording and let you know our thoughts all right, coming up, Music, all right, my friends. So here they are uh edifier, tws ones, 32 hours of battery, very cool charging case and mic bluetooth version 5, aptx, ibx5, splash and sweat proof easy pairing. They do come in black and white its funny because black and white, but if you look at the they definitely look more gray, so im not im, not a hundred percent. This one does say the latest version. Now i dont know if theres version, like version one version two. Oh you see this one here says bluetooth version 5.2, whereas these ones just said bluetooth 5.. So maybe this is why these ones are on sale.

Possibly i dont know so. Look look at. Maybe look at colors because black and white, these ones does say version 5 for bluetooth. But if you on these ones on the same price, still on sale right, but bluetooth, 5.2 so and look 42 hours versus the canadians, the canadians getting 32 hours. So, maybe maybe not as beneficial, i guess, but i think these are the new ones. These are the new ones, so theres theres some of your specs right there. You know these are the supposedly the up, updated version of them, long lasting so theres your 12 hours on a single charge, 42 hours, a total and less than 40 minutes to charge them up completely very nice. All right. Some touch controls right, use, either solo. You can put one in to have two of you, whatever all right, very cool 50 bucks here they are edifiers right, thats them tws1, pros uh and ridiculously small fonts on the back. I dont know. If anybody can read those well find out, i guess lets crack them open lets, crack them up. Okay, so inside the box you get oh there, you go edifier, so it says edifier on that side, thats thats, the top. So, if youre opening it up this way, you could spill everything right edifier on the top and we got our get got our got. Our actual earbuds edifiers now realize ive cracked. This one open just recently already just take a look.

Most of this stuff comes in bags and packages, but i took them out just to take a look at them. Uh throw this over here, usbc cable! Now what i do like about this uh! It is like you see, usb a to usbc, but unlike a lot of the earbuds that are or have been brought out, lately uh this ones a decent length right, decent length, the other ones i get are like this long. So i like that they give you a cable, thats, actually useful, silica, gel yeah sure uh different size tips. So you get a small and a large okay. Just just be aware that thats important not just for sound but for comfort as well. So you want to make sure that they fit well, if you put the mediums in for one and they hurt go to the small. If you put the mediums in and the sound isnt overly bassy then put the large ones in because its probably because theyre not sealing properly right so just be aware, and you also get a little manual, an after sales card, a little a little warning sheet and Thats kind of it now the fonts in them small. So if you, if you are someone that likes to read manuals, just realize uh, you might need a magnifying glass or taking a picture of the manual and trying to uh. Enlarge it later all right. So here they are theres a little usbc connector on the back some extra little stuff on the on the bottom, but thats thats kind of it uh do they have much for lights? I dont think so.

I think the lights might be if theres any lights. I dont even know if theres any lights at all on this case, so just kind of be aware, right, right and left okay im with you lets bring up. My bluetooth here were going to put them down to the bottom, and these you guys will see here. Should start the pairing because its easy pair, it says the pairing as soon as we take them out of the case. So if we pop them like this and well take one out okay pop this one in there they be edifiers. So they do they just they pop up to connect pretty much as soon as you take them out of the casing, yeah at least the right one so and we should be connected now, yeah edifier tws1 pros very cool. Now you can close this. Do it do with it, as you choose so again, just make sure right if you do put these in and youre like theyre, not busy just make sure they fit mine, fit pretty good mine, fit pretty good, so lets go into music here and well. Listen to you, i got telephone up here and were going to crank them right up, okay and well kind of just get here in the middle of it a bit. The mids and highs are quite nice, and the low end is good. I wont say its over. The top good by any means, but its its good, its okay right, uh, and if i play with these a little bit right, just to kind of fit them yeah, i think theyre, its decent ive, definitely heard earbuds with more bass.

But the sound is really clean. Like its a really nice clean, sound, it actually kind of reminds me of the sound that you get from uh standard airpods, not the pros, with the airpods kind of that sound profile. I would say somewhere in that range all right, thats, decent uh lets go in here. Well, do some! I was listening to powerman 5000. Lately my daughter wanted to hear them, so i was like yeah lets. Do it up so lets? Try one of their songs. Okay – and you can like this ones, got more volume for sure, which is nice, well hear what the bass is like here, like theyre, theyre decently, loud for sure decently, loud at least with this song again, uh bass is good uh. I may have wanted to hear a little tiny bit more bass, but but not not bad, nothing that i would complain about um volume wise depending on the song youre listening to like i was listening to telephone before, and the the audio quality were great uh volume. I would like to hear it a little louder, but on this song the volume is good right. So, okay, im okay with that its not bad again, i might have liked to have heard a bit more bass, just a tad bit more bass, but personal preference. The last one that well try here is well actually bring up filmic, so heres filmic here uh we got filmic and we are having you guys.

Youll see this here. If you come into my audio uh, it is using the tws one pros for its recording, very cool. We got our front facing camera and were gon na switch that mic right now. So what you guys are hearing now is audio coming from the edifier two s1 pros, and this should give you at least a bit of an idea as to what the audio quality is going to be like uh, in regards to how the mic, physically picks up. Because its being recorded straight through filmic pro right now through bluetooth, now, if you are or when you are in an actual phone call, i would guess that the uh cnc noise, cancelling uh cbc cbc noise, canceling, sorry uh its well kick in during the call. Its probably not kicking in right now youre just hearing what the mics are capable of hearing, so we should have an idea im going to switch back to the normal camera right now. All right so were back on the normal microphone and uh. The last little thing. Well, do is just make sure that they actually disconnect once you um, put them back in the case. So well come up here. Theres the edifiers right there, edifier tws1 pros well take these out pop them in here they pop in nice boom not connected um 50. You know what theres a lot of theres a lot of earbuds out there in the 50 range these these kind of fit in there theyre, not they dont have any active noise canceling.

So i think, if thats something you want, there are some other brands out there that in and around that 50 mark, maybe a little bit more. You can find ones with some decent active noise, cancelling uh, the passive noise cancelling because of the way they feel and fit in your ears decent and the sound quality is good now the sound quality, if youre, someone that listens to really bass, heavy music or loves To have that bass really amplified, i would, i would say, no right that youre, probably better off looking at a different pair of earbuds, if youre, someone that likes uh listening to podcasts and traditional, like rock and pop music, where the bass isnt like crazy or you Just like more of a neutral bass, tone, um, then id say yeah, theyre, theyre, actually quite good or if youre, someone that likes that mids and highs to be a bit more pronounced id, say theyre good. It definitely has a really clear or clean sound that i found some of the lower priced uh earbuds that really are like over. We have super super good bass. You can tell that the rest of the audio channels or the the mids and the highs get muffled a bit. I didnt hear any kind of muffling in these, so 50 yeah four stars. I get it. That sounds that sounds about right. I thats kind of what i would give them to i think um, but it really depends on your uh how you like audio, to be presented: youll youll, either love them or youll, be like meh uh.

If you are interested in them, i will put links to edifiers page right now, just kind of watch, because if you are looking at, i think the gray ones that come up there and it says here right, bluetooth, 5.2. That means youre getting the new ones. If youre like here on canada, where its it says, bluetooth – 5.0 – that that i guess just means youre getting the older ones, so try to try to find the new ones if you can but ill put links up to both of these, because maybe youre just like. I just want to save myself some money and i get that completely get it all right. My friends, i am going to leave you there like comment. Share, subscribe, hit the little notification bell do all that kind of stuff, because you know what it helps. It helps the channel, it supports us and we try to put out videos every day with all kinds of gizmos and stuff earbuds headphones, computer, stuff, photography, stuff, camera stuff. I guess thats photography, stuff, you get what im saying and uh thats it see. You tomorrow have a great one.