Um, you might not be able to see it. My camera is pretty bad, so i accidentally detached the lens and now its not going to focus over there theres a bridge uh next up bridge is a little pill box. It means i started filming there with my little one of those little canon ones, canon cameras that sort of pop out um – and that was that was pretty shocking footage. It was like three frames per second and when we saw that we saw people up here, walking dogs and we decided to go down to the pump track which is down there. And then all this jumps wasnt here before and if i quickly hop down here. This was where our original sort of jump line came and the council came and destroyed it all because they said they were building these, and i guess they didnt know how big their jumps here were going to be. So, where are we im going to put a little flashlight on screen now its in edenbrook next to the heartless center, hopefully um its a bit of a walk away from the heart leisure center? On like folks? Maybe a 15 minute walk, however um at the bottom. Here we do have a car park and allotments im, just gon na wait for the train to go past because its very loud okey doke. So there is a train line here, however, yeah its just a bit noise, doesnt really matter.

So, as i said, there was a car park here, um im after school here on thursday, so its no one here theres a couple kids at the pump track. But you know: if you come here at the weekend, especially in the afternoon, there will be 50 people here. It gets pretty busy. So that leads me on to the next bit when, where to come, so this pump track. Youve got two areas here: youve got the jumps here and then youve got the pump track at the bottom. If pump track is sort of its hilly track, ill show you in a minute you sort of have to pump um its good for kids. Kids, like it um adults, all skill ranges really theres. Some jumps theres some small bits. If you can bring in your kids here, you might want to like watch out because some of them are pretty steep. So youve got to just make sure theyre. Okay with that and here on the jump line, as you can see today, its completely clear because sometimes the kids from after school come here um, but not many and ill just bring you over here, because there are two lines now its sort of sunset. So its a bit harder and then the line that goes down the side. This line here is the double dot. You can see just there um theres the actual definitions, the single dot is the riders who are developing their pumping and jumping skills.

Double dot is riders, who are competent at pumping and jumping and wanting to take those skills further. So this single dart, its literally a couple table, tops, i think, its four tabletops down there. However, this one couple burns that ones got a couple worms as well, but thats got a pretty big tail top and then youve got a hip sort of thing, another hip and then the table top and a big hip at the bottom and two more jumps. So its a lot its a lot bigger um in terms of if you want to come here, for filming videos for people or say really not a tripod. If you want to come into sort of film videos for people its perfect as well. At the moment it is looking at the time i mean 25th of uh november and its quarter four and the sun, its not gon na show. Is it the suns there so its nice silhouettes up here, if youre down at the pump track, you can get really nice sort of silhouette pictures of people standing at the top and as well according to pretty much every drone app? I have its drone friendly theres. Barely any wind here, it can get windy, sometimes, but its its nothing thats gon na happen to you, apart from really windy days when its you just, however, ive got a mavic mini and its never been too windy for the mavic mini to fly. Um only thing you might want to watch out for is theres a lot of kids on the pump track and in the world we are today um.

You dont really want to be flying youre driving too much near the pump track. You should know the drone regulations anyway, dont bring a drone here. If you dont have a license um, i have a flyer id. My dad is the operator operator id so im allowed to fly this here so make sure youve checked. You know wind and all that and just dont fly too nearly kids, because you just dont spend your afternoon arguing with some mum or dad. You never know so, as i said, its pretty family friendly here for all rangers, really but um id say if youre an experienced, rider or youre trying to come with your children on a not so busy time after school is a great time if you can fit It in um also at the weekends early in the morning, its pretty good. You can also um, however, solve sunday afternoon and saturday afternoon, from about 12 oclock onwards. It tends to be really busy with at least 50 people here this it can. You can cope theres plenty of space. However, it is, you know a bit youve got to wait. Your turn, which brings me onto the next part, is the rules for the first timers who come into a bike track flash bike park, slash whatever you want to call this for the first time. As you can see here, weve got two um lets readjust the camera. Here weve got the starting line for single dot there, starting line for that here, people tend to wait around in this area that were in now ill show you on the drone footage um, so youre going to be waiting here in your turn, its really cold.

Today. Stop shivering a bit um, so youre going to be waiting here now you want to look around such a check. No one else is going to be going going first, so youre gon na wan na you know check no ones not about to go or they look like theyre getting on their pedals to go once you think its clear push off, and once people see that youre About to push off, they wont go either. You also um bring the camera over here, so lets say im waiting at the top here to go, but someone else has just gone im, not so im not gon na go straight after them because thats just you know its, not good. If they fall off, then youre gon na definitely fall off too. You want to give yourself quite a bit of space to sort of stop just in case they do fall off um if youre riding with your friends obviously pick that for yourself, but you just want to be invading someones face so im gon na be waiting here. You should see theres a burn there and a berm there, youre gon na, want to wait till. Maybe they get off that second berm, maybe in midway through the third berm. Until you go so youve got a good like 50 meters just to stop just in case theyre um yeah. In the way, not many people tend to run the big line, its usually pros so id say warm up on the little line.

First and dont sort of go because some people might be wanting to you know practice tricks and they dont want someone getting in the way, maybe falling off so yeah just take time with the big one step up to it, when its not so busy and youll. Be okay now im gon na roll, some b roll of me flying the drone around here, just to get some good shots of what and you give you a good perspective of whats here, im also going to add some clips in from previous times. Ive done a couple of montage sort of things with my friends here, so youll be able to see that as well and see how it goes so. Lets go Music, so Music, so Music, Music, just foreign Music, Music, lately ive been ghosts and getting my bread up. I need you forgot to rap its 4am right now. I aint had no sleep on my weight, trying to wrap my track. Come bro. You should have kicked bull like folding, but hes. All tea serving crack never had pee, sweat, no cat, but just trying to move far from the council flats ive been living to you last at hanno bro stuck in a dusty track, couldnt care about the glitz and glamour Music. I got ta watch out when i step in a manner i nearly forgot im a rapper laughing sweet when a raisin hell broken heart broke on numerous occasions. He fell in love with the dots and shows.

Let me tell you: i flipped on eternity has ever been crafted with sitting in souls. You can never put faith in girls youd rather get thrown in joe youd, rather get thrown in jail laughing sweet with a raisin hell, broken heart broke on numerous occasions. He fell in love with the dots and shows. Let me tell you a flipped only time that hes ever been crafted with hitting themselves. You can never put faith in yours, youd, rather get thrown in joe youd, rather get thrown in jail. Im an abuser to clear my mind, pushing out all of my penis of rams. Ive allowed myself to get hurt. Bro said that im way too kind and lately ive been battling myself, its peace that i pray. I find my rule of crowd. If i ever went also, i never been on no county land. I was broken. Breast never had rap sign trying to go back to the old knee. I put my laugh and i laughed my slammer was here when i needed a homie and theres so much pain. In my heart i never seen love come. Show me ive been hiding my face cause i hate being bait im like a ninja, you shinobi taking risks to make some bends. I was not searching to stack my paper somewhere. They were bashing to only friends and that werent really Music hi. All this is kermit.