So ecoflow is a company based around eco friendly products that actually have to do with the portable battery power station movement. So the products that theyve designed are not only cutting edge theyre, also something that are super practical and something that is going to save a lot of time and money for homeowners, for people looking to go outdoors and get off grid or, if youre, just looking for A different type of battery solution, for whatever you have going on all right, so the first product that were going to be looking at today is the eco flow delta pro. So this is the larger of the two portable battery power solutions that were going to be talking about today. As you can see here, its pretty substantial its got a little bit of heft to it, which actually i kind of like, because youre not buying something that feels chintzy or cheap. So, first and foremost, youre looking at the design, pretty sleek, pretty cool, got the blacks and the grays with their logo on the front and then also on top youve got these giant wheels because its not light you want to be lugging it around. So theyve kind of future proofed that theyve thought about everything and they have this handle that comes out that you can extend and subtract and you can literally pull it up and you can just walk it around wherever you go, which is super nice super convenient now On top of that, if you do carry it around, you do have some nice handles with some nice grips on it that allow you to take it places or to lift it somewhere.

On top of that, youve got a pretty cool interface that you get to kind of interact with youve got four ac: plug ins; 20 amp max plug ins, 30 amp max for like your dryer or whatever. That might be so another cool little feature about the interface here in the front of the delta. Pro is actually they have these little buttons that you can press that literally turn on or off specific sections of your delta pro. So with these ac inputs, i can turn them on or off with the touch of a button. Now moving upward on the interface here, so youve got two fast charge: uh usb ports, two usb a ports and then two usbc 100 watt ports as well. If you go up further here, you have the lcd display. That shows you all of your information, so it shows you how long you have until something is charged or, if youre discharging something. This number right here, where it says days or hours, shows you how long you can use that for until the battery will be depleted. It also has this cool little charging display here. That shows you a little circle with different sections of the circle, and then the number inside that circle shows you how much the actual unit is charged or discharged. All right so now lets take a look at the back of the ecoflow delta pro its got. This cool little flap design, where it shows you where to plug in your solar, slash car input.

It has your ac charge, speed button for fast or slower charging the extreme charge input option and then also has an overload protection button as well, and also on the back. Youve got both of your extra battery plug in ports and, as you can see here, there are two of them, which means you can plug in two extra batteries to the ecoflow delta pro to increase the capacity all right, so lets jump into some of the big Time features that the ecoflow delta pro touts all right. So what are we looking at capacity wise, first and foremost, delta pro touts 3600 watt hours of capacity and also the opportunity to bundle with other eco flow, smart generators, smart home products, etc? To have a whopping 25 kilowatt hours, which would essentially power your home for days during a blackout. So practically speaking at your house, when maybe youre in a blackout, you can actually run four lights. A fan uh your router charge, a laptop your phone, the delta pro, can support 15 devices plugged in simultaneously. Now also, you think about your appliances. Right, like your refrigerator or your microwave. You can literally power by itself your refrigerator for a day or if you have a couple extra batteries, you could do it for multiple days without any problem. The delta pro is going to meet 99.9 percent of your power needs, and so something that we wanted to introduce also is flow charge from eco flow flow charge.

Is their charging methods theres six different kinds of charging methods that literally allow you to charge anytime anywhere? So those six charging methods are ac wall outlets, ev charger, so your electric vehicle, solar charging car charging an eco flow, smart generator for emergencies and which is coming soon wind charging, so we made mention to it just a second ago the ev charging solution, the delta Pro is also the first power station that can be charged at an electrical vehicle charger at home or at a charging station out and about but thats, not the only thing that is new and is awesome about this charging option. Its also got ecoflows patented x stream. Charging technology, which makes it possible, with an 1800 watt, fast charge directly through an ac wall outlet. Now another option is to hook up to your solar panels and dual charge through your solar panels and through your electric vehicle outlet or your ac outlet. And if you do a combination, you can get up to 4 200 watts of fast charging, which currently is the fastest charge capability in the world, all right, and so obviously these delta pro units they have a high capacity theyre used for 99.9 of all of your Needs, but i also want to talk about how these things can literally integrate into your entire homes ecosystem, so you can take the full eco flow ecosystem within your home to harness 25 kilowatt hours of power. Now, to do that, you use the smart home panel to manage your power usage.

Not only is that going to save you money on your electricity bills because its going to bring down the peaks, but also, most importantly, you have backup power during those blackout scenarios and probably the best part about all of that, is that once you get that all Set up, you can literally control that from the intuitive eco flow, app right from your smartphone or your tablet. So if youre like us and youre thinking about as a hobbyist, how am i going to use the delta pro in everything that i do on a regular daily basis when we have a crash or if something breaks, we can actually plug in a hot glue gun. So that that is ready to go if we need to do quick repairs. On top of that, you can bring out your charger. You can plug it into the eco flow power solution and you dont have to worry about it because its literally charging your batteries powering all of your stuff so that you dont have to worry about whats going on behind the scenes. You can worry about actually flying your airplane or your quad now in terms of price. If you take a look at the delta pro, the delta pro comes in at a range of anywhere from 1999, all the way up to 3 599. The reason theres a range there is because on the kickstarter, if you go there early youre going to get those early bird prices, if you get there way late, youre going to be paying more for the same unit, all right, so theres a little bit insight into The new ecoflow delta pro model, like i said it – is the larger of the two and so now were gon na jump into the eco flow delta max all right.

So the ecoflow delta max is, like, i said, the smaller of the two versions and also a little bit lighter right in terms of wanting to carry it around being a little bit more portable than the delta pro this guy very similar design. All right so, first and foremost with the ecoflow delta max you want to know what is the capacity it has a high capacity from 2016 watt hours, all the way up to 6048 watt hours with the expandable battery design. So obviously, like we mentioned the delta max, is a smaller alternative to the pro, but its still much larger and powerful than the original delta youll also have enough power for your whole family, because a single delta max can charge an iphone 12 200 times. So, just like, we talked about before with the delta pro the delta max, also touts the dual charging method. So, like we talked about before you can take that eco flow patented xtreme technology through the 1800 watts through the standard ac outlet at your home and with that xboos technology, you can power even 3400 watt devices with 2400 watt inverters such as your electric clothes dryer, Electric kettles, air conditioners, you name it and also just like the delta pro you can even power 15 devices simultaneously. All right so lets take a look at the interface. The interface is very similar to the delta pro, but its a little bit smaller, a little bit more compact and it doesnt have all of these same features.

So on the front of it. Here you have your screen display and then you go down a little further. You still have the four usb ports, the usb a and then the two fast charging ports, as well as the usb c ports, two of them as well – and you also have this cool feature like they have on the delta pro the usb on and off button, Which, like i said, if youve got things plugged in and you dont want them using any power, you click that button and youre good to go. Theyre turned off, and so, if you look at the back side of the unit, this is where you have your ac ports um. But this actually has six ac ports um, and you still can turn that ac on and off with a click of a button, and then youve also got your inputs for your solar panel uh, your charging speed switch your extreme charge, uh entry with your regular ac Outlet and an overload protection button and so on. The side of the ecoflow delta max has the extra battery ports on the side of the unit. One of the reasons for that is because you can actually connect them and they can sit side by side or you can actually stack one of the batteries on top as theyre connected to each other. So the ecoflow delta max unit also is able to be controlled. Using the smartphone app, and so the smart app is literally a one stop shop for all the information youd ever want and need for both your ecoflow delta pro and your ecoflow delta, max all right so with the delta max youre going to have a price range.

As well from 16.99, all the way up to 2099 so now between these two flagship, smart generators, the delta pro – is actually built for more of a home backup, and actually we think that its a household essential for every family to increase their preparedness. In case of blackouts, natural disasters and other emergency scenarios, and then you have the delta max, which is more of a portable option, which is ideal for off grid living, road tripping and some of those hobbyist scenarios that we talked about earlier. So, on top of the delta pro and the delta max, they also have a couple other accessories that we want to talk about, and one of those accessories actually is the solar panels that they provide theres a couple different solar panel sizes that you can access the 160 watt solar panel and the 400 watt solar panel, the 400 watt solar panel, is going to be best for your ecoflow delta pro the 160 watt is going to be best for your ecoflow delta max and then coupled with those solar panels. I want to tell you a little bit about some new tech that theyve kind of come out with to kind of push the issue around solar energy, and that is their eco flow, solar tracker. So if you dont know what a solar tracker is, a solar tracker is actually a device that you can set your solar panel on top of, and it will automatically track the sun and move automatically to where the suns rays are so it gets the best input Of solar energy possible so, depending on what time of the day it is wherever the sun is located, it will rotate and it will move back and forth side to side to be able to track the rays and grab the most power possible.

So some of the key features of the solar tracker and the reason why theyve kind of come out with it and why its such a cool option is because it literally enhances the solar panel efficiency by about 30 percent. So the ecoflow dual axis trackers allow for two degrees of flexibility, offering a much wider range of motion, resulting in obviously a greater percentage of the suns energy being converted into electricity. Like we talked about earlier. Another cool feature of that solar tracker is also the wide compatibility of solar panels, and what that means is that the ecoflow solar trackers are compatible with multiple versions of different solar panels. So whether you purchase the ecoflow solar panel or whether you already have some youre actually going to be able to be integrated into this eco flow solar tracker, so you got ta, be wondering yourself: how big is it? Is it easy to move? Is it easier to install? Is it easy to set up? The answer is yes, one person can take this, get it out of the box easily install it put it up, put the solar panel on and start collecting energy from the sun immediately, and so, if youre, an early adapter who loves new technology and new ways to Harness solar energy, the solar tracker is right for you all right, so these ecoflow products, the delta max the delta pro the solar tractor and a bunch of other fun accessories, are actually currently going on right now on ecoflows kickstarter campaign for the delta pro and the Delta max the crowdfund is for 60 days, started on july 15th, going all the way through september 12th.

I believe so. The kickstarter campaign is live right now we have three days left so make sure you go down the description below check out the crowdfund campaign, um its happening now to make sure youre getting in at the best price possible the reason theres a range there is because On the kickstarter, if you go there early youre going to get those early bird prices, if you get there way late, youre gon na be paying more for the same unit. So our friends over at ecoflow are changing the game when it comes to these portable power stations. Theyre also innovating, through making eco friendly power solutions that everybody can enjoy at their house on the go whatever it might be and so make sure that you go over to the kickstarter right now. Go support them and what theyre doing and at the same time get some pretty amazing gadgets uh for all of your power solution needs weve been using ours for a long time now, and we wouldnt know what to do without them. At this point so make sure you go check them out, give them some love check out the kickstarter campaign, which is live right now, the earlier you get there, the better like we mentioned, and we want to thank ecoflow for partnering with us on the grounds here. At edgewater we have ecoflow runway and ecoflow pavilion back up here, wed love to have you come out and check it out, um and so for me and the rest of the guys here at flight test.