I don’t think there’s a thousand people here, so we don’t even get the mail come to our own house. We have to go to the post office. Now the post office is about i’m, not 100, sure i’m thinking a kilometer kilometer and a half away somewhere in that range. So uh i’m gon na i’m gon na try walking walking to the post office that’s that’s. My thought every day, walk to the post office gives me some exercise gets me outside right, but uh. I get a lot of stuff sent to me, which is awesome and i wanted something that i could carry it in. So a backpack and i got lots of backpacks but um i’ve worked with this company before it’s easing, i think, that’s how it’s pronounced easing you guys can see it right here. Easing and i’ve done some of their solar stuff before, and i saw this one because i like their previous gear. This is their solar backpack and i, like i like the color i’m gon na, say it. I wanted something that has that kind of army green um, but this one here i thought, would be perfect because i can wear this. I could have my phone charging because i want to bring my phone with me or maybe my camera or whatever. It is plus this would allow it to charge for my probably hour, ish, walk, which would be awesome so here it is this. Is it in a in a bag right, that’s it right there.

So what we’re gon na do today is take a look at what uh what it comes with. You guys will be able to see the size. Then we’ll look at some of the specs that they talk about and i’m gon na i’m gon na go for a quick walk to the post office i’m gon na plug my phone into it sounds funny right: i’m gon na plug my phone into my backpack and It’S it’s not super sunny today it’s a little overcast but i’m going to get out a little earlier this morning, because it’s supposed to be a hot one today so i’d, rather do this when it’s a little cooler just for my own personal, well being and uh We’Re gon na see in that hour of walking to the post office and back if my phone charges at all all right coming up Music, all right, my friends. So here we go 100 it’s, not inexpensive, backpack it’s, not an expensive, and if you look at backpacks in general, you can pay a lot of money for backpacks, especially if you talk to anybody that uses specialized backpacks, especially for things like camera gear. Now this is the solar backpack, seven seven wall solar panel charge for smart cell phones and tablets, so don’t expect to charge large things. It is solar, but solar, backpack awesome enjoy free, unlimited on the go power which could be really cool, especially if you’re someone that maybe currently just uses battery packs.

Now you should be able to even charge a battery pack from this. If you wanted 7 watts high efficiency, solar cells, very cool charge, a variety of devices uh directly through a five volt, usb port, the removable solar charger with voltage, volt voltage, stability, controller for gps systems, mp3 players, bluetooth speakers and more. I never thought about that. You can bring a bluetooth speaker with you: that’s cool, ultra lightweight, uh notice and package content, this package or this item without battery pack. The package includes eacing solar power backpack, so you need something to plug it in it. Doesn’T have a battery, so don’t think you’re going to charge the battery inside this. This is the charger, so you need, if you want to have a usb battery pack that you carry inside here. That could be really cool as well all right so anyway. Here it is in a bag right pop this open here it is, you guys, can see it and all its green glory that’s it. You know it does have a little funnel through there. My hope is – and i don’t really talk about it here. I don’t know what it’s or, if it is, i would hope, maybe a little bit uh any kind of waterproofing right. It doesn’t really say here it talks about how it charges direct indirect charge, times right i’m, hoping to get some kind of charge. Today’S not going to be, like, i said the sunniest of days because it’s overcast, but this means whatever we get today.

You should get more if it was really sunny sunny out. So this is all the stuff you can pack in it. Three layer zipper pockets, functional compartment, yeah i’m with you for all this goodness. I think this would be great for like hiking or just for me right, and they have a bunch of different ones here, depending on what you’re kind of going for and good ratings, so whoever’s whoever’s buying this before me, six ratings great backpack, very stylish, because that’s Important, i get it stylish great backpack, exactly what i needed. Overall, the backpack is good the battery charges. My phone tablet three stars what’s this it does charge using the solar panel, but only in direct sunlight at a pretty quick rate. The downside is the solar panel won’t fully charge the battery pack, but there is no battery pack so i’m, not really sure what that means great for a motorcycle shape. So all the people that five star five star five star three star, the three third star here – i don’t – really understand because it doesn’t come with a battery pack. So i don’t, i don’t, get it anyways. Here we go. This is it you do get some adjustable. You get a little waist thing there. You know what i’m talking about waist strap decent, padding, uh it’s it’s fairly firm. Take that as you want. Maybe you like that. Maybe you don’t you get a little green thing on here.

Congratulations on your purchase! If you have any questions, questions here’s, an email address all right, that’s cool, good padding looks like on the back right. That’S, nice, usually that’s also going to help separate the backpack a little bit from your back, so it’s not going to get crazy sweaty on the side, you get a little mesh pouch a mesh mesh pouch on the other side as well uh. What is this so? It does have, it seems like it may be like a light rain, because it does have some protection here. I wish they would say what it is for, like weatherproofing. That seems like it would be weatherproof, at least this pouch here, because it’s got that waterproof e type material, which i like uh the bottom here where this is gon na rest, of course, is a little more uh of a firmer or just thicker material, so that It this is where it’s going to wear the most. You do have some straps here to help clamp the sides down. If you need to very cool opening. These up zippers seem okay, nothing, fancy, but okay. This is where you would put. I would think your phone or whatever – and this is the see yeah – see that just punches through you – get your cable through there if you want right. So if you got your headphones or something like that, because you got your phone in here right boom boom. Okay, nice that’s your phone and tablet spot.

I guess next, one down be a little bigger same idea. This is this is a fairly deep one. It comes down to this section right here uh, and this is where you’re gon na have some pouches for your pens and just some more organization and a little spot for your keys. I like that. I like that cool and then my guess is there’s your little cinch strap. If you want to tighten that up, i guess it’s the last one here somewhere last one right: there we’re getting there we’ll undo these. Actually, okay, these ones come come again midway down, so they don’t go all the way midway, good or bad personal preference i’m guessing – and this is where oh there’s, your solar panel – okay, solar panel, so i guess you can just take it off if you didn’t want To that’s a much bigger one, this is it’s got some, maybe you guys can see it. There it’s got some like uh. This is a bit of padding here and there’s a couple different layers, plus a little strap. So if you want to put like your laptop back there, your ipad or whatever a little bit it’s, not crazy, thick but it’s, something like this i’m, not sure if that is all right. Okay, i like what’s, going on here so okay, so the one thing i wasn’t too sure of so this is just just a piece that goes on top, so it’s hard hard to.

I wasn’t sure if it was physically attached all the time but that’s what these two pieces of these two clamps are, for. You guys see that right here, these two clamps these ones are your fastening clamps get those nice and fastened right on both sides. You’Re with me, you’re with me right, get that nice and tight for your stuff, so it’s, not all whatever, and then this i wonder yeah so maybe the cable goes goes in not necessarily out matches. Okay, i’m. With you yeah see, this is this: is your cable, so this is gon na go and you could run my guess is you could run uh? This gives you a micro usb which could go into like a battery or whatever right, there’s that see that there’s, that micro, usb right we’ll put that in there now. What i may do is actually get a spare, lightning, cable and just keep it in here as well, but that’s going to come out of this because that plugs in there and then you’re going to run it through here. Not this way through that way right and then this you just kind of slap it on right here. So now now you’re all waterproof nope, now you’re all solar, ready, all right, okay, yeah! I like that right and then these are fully adjustable of course. So i always make them nice and large, nice and large, because it’s easier to make them small same with this here’s your belt, your belt strap not as much of an adjustment but we’ll, see we’ll, see if it’s adjustable for a for a fella of my size And we’ll, just kind of i think this can just go like this we’ll make it as big as possible.

Okay, does it fit? Does it fit a big big guy, oh yeah, oh yeah. Does the belt fit okay, the belt the belt we’re, having problems just be aware, if you’re, a big, a bigger, fella that’s, why i’m walking i’m walking to try to be less of a bigger fella, but these these work and these ones these ones not so much Work nope: they will, they will one day. So what i’m going to do is these? Are these are going behind yeah? These are going behind. I think they’re going behind yeah going behind and then we’re gon na tighten them back up and go for our walk right panel. All right let’s go for a Music walk Music, oh okay! So we got the bag uh it’s fairly, sunny out not like crazy sunny, but sunny enough. I think, and i’ve got my little. I haven’t worn this in a long time. I think i might get the new one, the insta360 go so Music. Do i yep yep. So i have my phone here and it is currently at i don’t know if you guys can see that it’s 80 80 battery, okay, that’s good, and what we’re going to do now is we’re going to take this and got this all plugged in got my lightning Cable – and the hope is the hope – is this – will be charging so 80 that’s. What we’re, at so we’re, going to walk we’re going to walk down i’m going to be able to tighten that a little bit? Yep anyways we’re, going to walk down to the post office and uh walk back it’s, big hill, yeah, big hill, all right back to the post office and back and uh we’ll, see we’ll, see how we did.

Okay, yeah, the crazy. The crazy part about where we live is we’re up on a hill, so it’s uh gon na work. One group of muscles going down the hill and completely exhausts me coming back. Oh i got ta start. My watch got ta start it i’m. Doing outdoor oops outdoor walk outdoor walk all right here we go all right, so the other thing that i find funny is small town live in nova scotia. I don’t know if they really know too much what like vlogging. That is so, oh they probably know they. Just probably didn’t expect to see it in their town, but it’s happening. Oh yeah it’s happening all right. The hill down not too bad, not too bad, all right. So, as you may or may not be able to see, uh it’s uh it’s pretty overcast today, so i don’t know how well this is gon na do. But if it does okay, then on a sunny day, it should do better right should do better all right. More walking so, oh that hill is the head of steep and i’m out of shape, but every day has to go every day from now on still winter, maybe oh, so steep! Oh 142 beats per minute right now. Oh yeah hold on so hot hot hot. Okay. So stop that 2.9 kilometers that’s, okay, 2.9 kilometers, maybe it’s, maybe it’s the heat, maybe that’s what’s doing it. No that’s not what’s doing it it’s the fact that i’m out of shape all right, let’s see what my phone’s at was that 80 and we are 85 85, so that’s.

Okay, now the phone was off right. So if it was on, i don’t know how much it would be getting, but it was off and because it was just charging over time so a little bit and we were gone for about about an hour ish. So i don’t think that’s too bad. Definitely more than you’d get if you were just having your backpack not plugged into anything right. I’M. Gon na leave this cable connected in here, like all the time and you can see up at the top. Maybe right it’s got that little charging indicator right there. So yeah it’s good, all right guys, i’m going to leave you there i’m going to go in, have something to eat, have uh something to drink and uh that’s. It we’ll see you guys tomorrow, like comment. Share, subscribe, hit the bell tomorrow later. Oh so now that i’m inside, oh the sweat that’s. What have you tried this stuff right here, this stuff it’s like this pc sparkling water but it’s? You can get it in like root beer, flavored and ginger ale, and all that yeah and not bad, not bad.