Dont look at this video and think i need to go and boost the drone population, but if youre rearing queens this year and youre selecting for queens, you need to do your best to try and boost the natural drone population. And you need to do that by selecting the best of the best and giving them additional drone foundation to draw out to boost the population, but, more importantly, to boost the population from the specific hives that give you the best traits. It is the most simple manipulation in the world to do, though, all were going to do were going to take a frame of drone foundation were going to place it into the middle of a brood box were going to let the beast draw that out. The queen. Will go shell, lay it up, especially this time of year. Doesnt take long at all and then, within a couple of weeks, youll go back and youll be able to see a frame full of completely capped drone brood. I would recommend for each colony, maybe one to two frames depending on your sizes, if youre on 14 by 12, i would suggest just a single frame is sufficient. If youre on a national or national deep system, maybe go up to two frames, if youre only doing it on a few colonies and if youre doing it spread across a number of colonies, you can get away with just adding an additional single frame. What im doing this year bit of a change for me, is that im using my red plastic frames, the ones that clip together and im going to use them for my drone, flooding means that theyre going to be really easy for me to take them out later.

On in the year very easily identifiable – and it means i can take them out before i do any treatments on them, which means that its a lot more flexible in terms of what i use. Those frames for also means, if i want to convert them back to worker foundation, very very simple im just going to clip that frame back open, get rid of all of the wax, and i can just put a new sheet of worker based foundation in. So i get my b suit on and ill show you how to flood your apari with selected drones. This is the colony that were going to add our frame of drone brood into, as i said, were using the red plastic frame. So we know where they are really easy to change it out between drone and worker base as well, and then ive just got a single sheet of drone foundation. Im going to put that in there im going to get it into the hive. Show you how to position it and within a few weeks, were going to have boosted the drone population in this apiary. So if youve not seen these before, these are the red plastic frames that ive got you just pop them open there really nice and easy push. The foundation in and then they can go straight into the hive. I really love how simple these frames. Are you just clip them open with the hive tool pop your foundation in and then youre good to go, lets open up the hive and ill show you where to position it.

So this is a double brood configuration ive got a 14 by 12, underneath it and then the bees are really working hard on these second brood boxes. Now this cluster of bees, you can see here theyve drawn out a lot of that wax and then theres almost certainly going to be brood in the middle of that cluster im aiming to find the absolute epicenter of that cluster upstairs and im gon na put my Frame right in the middle of it, there we go. I found the middle of that little brood nest. Only a small brood nest up there, im gon na pop my new frame of drone foundation right in the middle of it, give it a few weeks. Well, come back and well see that the queen has completely laid that up, and then we boosted the drone population in this hive. So there we go, like i said its really nice to have the red frame there just so easy when it comes to the end of the year. Taking these out doing something different with them. Okay, you could mark them up on the top, but i really like the ability to switch out and switch the different bases, and once you get to the end of the year, you might not want your drone foundation in there. You can take it out change it. For something else, so fast forward a few weeks and ill show you just how quickly theyre going to filled out all of that drone brood its kind of ridiculous, its not even may yet, and the colonies are almost taller than me.

Lets get back inside this. One, though, check the red plastic frame, where we added drone foundation, see what the bees have made of it and see if we boosted the local drone population by adding drone foundation. This is just outrageous. The bees are already up in the second super above a double brood configuration on a 14 by 12 and a national deep, okay, theyre, not doing a huge amount up here, but theyre cleaning and repairing the frames just crazy and then the box below, even more so Theyre, really repairing it getting ready for some good spring flows, so heres the brood nest really easy to see isnt it that red frame sticking out thats. Why i love doing it with the drone brood in the red frames, makes it so easy to pick it to go and find it to manage it throughout the season lets get in. There see what the bees have made of it. So there we go not only have the bees completely drawn it out, the queens been up there and she has laid that up with drone brood every single cell, all the way down lots and lots of drone drilled its as easy. As that, i wont labor. The point: if youve got a good colony, you want to flood it with good drones. Get yourself some drone foundation mark up the frames that you want to do it in stick it in the brood box early in the year, and the bees just cannot resist drawing it out, filling it with drone, brood and flooding the air with good quality.

Local drones. Really happy with that im definitely going to stick with these red plastic frames. Just for my drone brood makes the management so much easier and it means that when youre doing your queen rearing when youre flooding that local area, you can select the colonies to boost that local drone population. To give you a better chance of getting good mating success. But also passing on the genetics that are good if you want to check out my queen room video following michael palmers 10 over 10 method check out this video here.