Hey guys, welcome to ryans daddys magic show today were going to do a friendly competition to see whos the better magician. Oh, i have a great magic trick. All right, i better get ready all right, see you soon. Oh no daddys already getting ready for the magic competition. I really want to learn some cool tricks so who better to call than my friend the great british magician marvin from marvins magic, hey, marvin! Are you there, hey, ryan, how you doing i want to learn some cool magic. What can i do to become a magician? Well, first, youre gon na need a magic wand and then youre gon na need some tricks. Applause wow. This is a very special magic box that ive created just for you and your friends, so heres a magic gift from me to you, Music wow. This looks awesome thanks, marvin now, being a magician is a lot of fun, but if you want to be a great magician, you need to practice your tricks and then you can perform your show with confidence. Confidence. Yep confidence is the most magical thing in the world. Its really powerful stuff. Now you only need a tiny bit, but when you have it, you can rise up and achieve anything Music thanks. So much marvin and one last thing one at marvins magic, we always say magicians, agree, never to reveal their secrets so have fun, see you later goodbye goodbye, marvin, great im off to practice for the show.

Okay, guys me and daddy practice for the magic show. Now, right, daddy, thats, right, ryan, im super ready lets, go okay, ill, go! First, hey everyone! Welcome to ryans magic, show, starring ryan, okay, guys heres! My first trick. Okay, so i have this box that is completely empty. Yeah. Youre right, i dont see anything yeah okay, but with one tap of my magic wand. We get no way some ribbon. What i didnt see that inside the box earlier, what and remember its completely empty and now with two taps of the magic wand we get. You know it was pretty good, but do you have anything else yeah? I have ryans magic, coloring book. So first look. There is no pictures its completely blank, then how come its a coloring book? Theres! No pictures see you again. No pictures, yeah and now im gon na need your help for this. One use the magic wand on this. Then: okay, Music, okay, now theres all a bunch of pictures to color in how it wasnt there before okay use it one more time. Okay, Applause and all the pictures. What wait did i do that? Maybe this is my trick. His dad is feeling a little hungry for a snack yeah. Oh, like some snacks introducing my mini magic box whats in it hey its empty wheres, my snack, its about to be non empty Music Applause, Music, some gummy, gummies Music, its good can i have some more yeah there.

You go hey its gone again. I can fix that Music whoa whoa thats amazing for my next trick. Heres some random cards on the table, daddy pick one through six; okay number, one through six, okay, i choose three okay, so its one, two, three, okay, daddy! This is your card pick it up and dont show it to me. Only show it to yourself in the audience. Okay, all right, daddy! You ready, yeah! Okay! Now i want you to shuffle up all the cards. Okay, all right! I shuffled really good for this trick. I have my bunny assistant friend, say: hi hi Music, so daddy spread out the cards Music lets shuffle this so well. I dont even know where the color that i chose, but my magic assistant bunny, actually knows where your card is. You know right really yeah. I know where it is: okay, so look hes gon na put his hand in every single card, and he already knows what card it is really its this one. Is this your card? Yes, how im smart? How does he know? Okay, guys here comes my final trick. Inside this magic box, i have a handkerchief that is red and green right with a little bit of magic. It is now yellow and blue whoa. The color changed yeah how its magic, a magician, never reveals their secrets and that ends ryans magic show time to take a bow Music bye. Where did he go? What hes gone again bye now on to your turn? Daddy, oh im on it all right.

This is gon na, be my magic trick. Just stay tuned, okay, guys, this is gon na, be epic magic trick. Here i have orange very ordinary orange right mandarin orange, nothing special here, all right with my magic hand, i can levitate it really see hold on. Let me focus my chi in my hand: Music, okay, its all in here Music, Music, thumb in there. That was a fail daddy. You got any other magic tricks that are good. That was it thats only my trick. That was the only tricks you had. This is the ryans world magic phone pants. The ryans world magic box is only available at the official ryans world online store join the ryans world. Surprise description to receive an exclusive item like the ryans world magic box. Every three months the subscription can be cancelled at any time, go to ryansworldshop.com for more details, hat and cape, not included alright guys. Thank you for watching my ryans world magic show, remember or stay happy and rise up this video featured ryans world toys.