The battery has just four phillips type screws to open the casing. You will see these connections just arrange the 2s battery and join onto the drone’s battery as showing the left connection is positive and right side is negative to joint the external battery. Please be careful here to take the wires from back side of the drone and do not cover the bottom sensors with wires or battery. I did mistake this time because my battery was actually covering the sensors that’s. Why drone was not sensing the bottom ground distance? So it flown higher than normal and first crashed to roof of my room, then crashed landed on the ground. I lifted it up again, but it was actually not able, as i said before, that because of bottom sensors. I am sure the next attempt will be fine and also the flight will be outdoor to test the battery modification on this mini drone. It is to confirm that it works and fly with modified battery, as i am showing. Fortunately, the drone crashed on sofa and survived without any damage. Please like this video and subscribe to our channel to get further videos. Thank you, oh Music.