Now just could we just could um so thats our dinner taken care of well and truly um right. All right, so weve picked up were on our way to the west coast. Now and um were gon na see uh, which, which of the coasts produces the best result um, but what i thought wed do is right now, on our way out there. This is going to be a good length. Video um comment below, if you think east coast has got it sussed, and this is youve, already got a clue um as to how the east coast is gone. If you think the east coast got it got it on lock or if you think west coast is they say, west is best um, so comment below. If you think west is going to hook it up, um conditions are pretty good for the west coast. I will admit that i will say that much uh and weve still got a full drone battery 13 minutes on the other battery um. So we still got quite a bit of uh quite a bit of time. We can put out there so yeah. Let us know comment below. Let us know what you think is going to happen, which coast is going to hold it down for us today. Ah, its going to be pretty hard for me to be really honest, going to be pretty hard to beat theres five gurnard in saying that if we get one kingfish its game over west coast, did it so thats thats it for me, thats thats it for me! So yeah, if we catch five, snapper east coaststill took it.

but yeah. Let me know what you think. Oh few dudes out there Shux its packed out here. Too. these guys have got the same idea now were uh. This is not a four wheel drive, so its a little bit dodgy, but ive seen a few nanny wagons down here. So look how they can get down their. We can. So what were gon na do is um, because coming in here got a little bit sticky. It wasnt too bad, but it was enough for me to be. I might be a bit more wise right now, so were gon na unpack the main gear that we need here then ill drive this out park it up and then well get into some fishing and yeah chill out chill out till the tide comes in cool, so Were here now um and what were gon na do were gon na put a bit of burley up its probably too early in the season, but always worth a shot, so put some burley out and see if we can attract some live bait, some little bait fish And um, once weve attracted some bait fish, we will send im going to be cheeky im going to send my sinker out on the drone. So its uh probably slide baiting 400 meters – something like that anyway, and then um well send that out and then, if we get a livie once weve done that well, um hook him on and slide bait him out there and then, if there are any kings around, We should be able to look into them.

If not, we might get a kahawai or um something a bit more toothy all right. Il just tie that off. So were upping the stakes and weve got two drones going up and down so well, even even give the west because were in shore or not as um. Actually, the east coast were in shore too its a fair kind of comparison. Right now, the only difference is theres, a muscle farm on the other side catching its satellites. Oh cameramans, trying not to laugh camera person actually come on west coast. Show us um, so weve got a little bit of sunlight. Left were gon na boost it as quick as we can to another beach like weve, literally just grabbed all of our gear and hoofed it into the car um, so were gon na boost it back to another beach um thats front facing so to the open ocean. Um and see if we can get into some snapper kahawai uh, maybe even some gernad out there um and im going to put the keep the slide gear slide. Baiting gear in the car and just focus on putting out some straight out here: bro yeah, so im trying to beat the sun going down because youre not allowed to set the kontiki uh. Sorry, the drone um at night. So in a little bit of a rush trying to get these baited up and set up so we can have a fish, We made it buddy, we made it Cameraman woman, We got it, see that its thats still sunlight.

So we got it out there long as it comes back yeah its coming back were right, so its on its way home well um set this down. Sinkers are set. We did it so weve got another six baits out fresh kahawai out here, kariotahi beach round two! Well, this round three round three got ta, give the west coast a fair shot. Still a little bit of daylight left its just getting dark, though, but its starting to get dark, but we got it out before night before it was dark. So we officially, we officially made it um fresh kahawai baits, six hooks out about five six hundred meters and uh chill out for a bit ah update, please oh yeah, so you could feel the bites yup thats. What we like to hear so report has just come that the camera keeps saying cameraman, but its camerawoman could feel the bites um and earlier on, we saw some some good shakes on the road. So im hoping we get a good nighttime bite and something decent comes through and hits our baits to our fresh kahawai. Here we go six hooks out: 500 meters, maybe 550 and uh. Oh yeah. There is something on there.. Dont pick up my sinkers yet.. Unless your gon na run that truck just did burnouts in the background the whole time haha, yes thats, it happens around here., Nice, oh well, cool! This is awesome, so this morning were on the east coast.

Right now were on the west coast and uh. We are fishing so give this a little while see what happens once we wind in itll be time to pack up head home cook up some fish and thatll be the end of our day. So yeah well see well see what comes in on these lines. Real soon um, but what an awesome day so weve been drone fishing um. We had to go a bit of slide meeting at the last posse were at here on the west coast. Whats too tide was coming in too quick. Nothing was hitting the lines the water was still quite cold too. I went into the water its still a bit cold for kingies, so um we made the made the call to come back and on the way in have another shot before it went dark. So weve got our drone set out before the nighttime hit and uh yeah well see how we get on the boys have put their bait out too, as well so um. Hopefully that means were getting into some uh. Oh yeah, its oh, oh, oh thats got a bit of sting to it. Yes, Yes, Wooooo im worried, i might bust it off Gurnard, Oh, that snappers a decent snapper too mean And that gurnards algd, oh, that gurnard, is bigger. Then the snapper I got a kahawai too oh yeah, its alright all right. Look at that, its a fatty thats, a west coast gurnard right there, look at that, so its fin, so hes somethings had to go at his fin at some stage, but um man look at the head on that thing: some good fillets on that bad boy.

So this is the gurnard and ill show you the snap as well. There we go so thats a snapper good sized snap yeah. So this is the biggest snapper of the day. Oh thats, a big kahawai check this out. Well, there you go. What was that? It was only half an hour. Well that concludes our day. East coast, ive got to say, took it out today, but the west coast did come through at the end there. But here you go another little tip, so i talked earlier when were on the east coast, about putting your baits with where there is food, theres a chopper right now really well. As you know, weve come out on the west coast and um. We went to our first spot um down the bench. Didnt do too well and weve come back in uh to a ocean facing beach and um open ocean. I mean and um we pretty much got our baits out just before it got dark. So um 550 meters out dropped out here: uh got a kahawai snapper and a really good, gurnard, yeah and so thats. This is the next lesson and uh. Today we talked about putting your baits where theres food and now the other lesson is change of light fishing. Man, then you can get an incoming tide. Um the suns going down. Predators come in close man, they have a feed in close, so always worthwhile chucking, some baits up before the light goes and then just chilling.

We waited till it got dark, waited. Maybe 20. 20 minutes of that it was pitch black waited got. Some good nods gave it a bit longer bait started getting washed ashore so that the snapper had picked up my sinkers, and then we started to bring it back in so there you go its that simple. Our last spot, which is kariotahi beach once again, looked after us in the end there, so yeah ive got to give the uh overall winning coast for today. Yes, i have to say, although we got a really good snapper here on the west coast, i have to say today it was the east coast, east coast. Uh definitely did us well, so we had five gurnard and three snapper on the east coast and here on the west coast, weve got the snapper kahawai and a gurnard so and all of them were pretty good size. So a difference. Another difference right there, a lot of current on the west coast, so everything gets big, real, quick but um again, hey thank you for watching. If you havent already make sure you hit that thumbs up, um subscribe to our channel were going to be doing some crazy things. This year, um check our website out. Www.Slayers.Nz and uh. Hey continue to join us on adventures with Kz, as we uh we get out and about, and we have a heap of fun um doing what we love, which is fishing hunting diving.

Having a good laugh well, see you again in the next one and uh be safe, be safe, be safe! Sorry about that, it was um because you saw the fire engine earlier on just seen a chopper now and it looks as though hes got his lights shining at the border. So what that means is somebody may actually be in trouble and be safe, be safe out. There, family theres, no fish worth your life, so when you go out make sure youre safe make sure you dont do anything thats, stupid dont, do anything thats, not worth it and um get back home to your families.