The whole discord reaction to all this from all the other two people and how theyve been just laughing in the face of the drone people who have essentially been over by the fact that her two have taken over this game and then obviously weve got an r. U video, which is four minutes and 46 seconds long, so theres a lot of stuff im going to try and get into all of it, but well start with this one, since it allows me to wake up a little bit. Sid meiers, civilization game looks like devs. Are joining earth 2 for their eco sim thats coming up im extremely excited for that, because i said in past videos that okay, is this one dev or is this like the way that you presented that are, you makes it sound like sid, meier, theyre, not gon Na be making um, is it fire axis that makes those games that its not gon na be making anymore, because all the devs have jumped ship? All of them are coming over to us too, and thats coming up. Im extremely excited for that, because i said in past videos that its gon na have this uh type of sim city, uh, civ, 566 type, uh aspect to it. I think theres gon na be three components of uh er2: the buying tiles passive income. You know when you buy into a landing. If you have tier one, you have uh yeah theyve got this one already just buy some tiles passive land income taxes just put into your account every single day and then uh, then theyre gon na have the pvp game, which i believe is gon na be drone.

If you wan na look that up, uh nathaniel will confirm that and then theres gon na have the eco sim, which is gon na, be type of a sim city type civ, 5, 6 or whatever theyre, not even the same genre of game. How can it be one type or this one thats, two completely polar opposite directions: theyre, not even similar games, a game for their for their giant company. So these three aspects its going to be actually very interesting to see that the future of this company im always bullish with uh earth too im gon na be very interested. You know 50 grand into this game than hated lets, actually look at the team page and where i got this from. If you look at the team page theres mustafa summer, which ones he looking at technical advisor so hes, just an advisor hes not joined the team. Unless hes actually um, i mean ive got this open here. I can look at this myself. Is he actually credited as working at earth 2? Or is he just an advisor? I can be an advisor for a game. They dont even have to pay me like you. Can you can you can basically put that on your page? If you just have a conversation with them and just say, oh youre, an advisor, are you yeah uh hes not really joining the team if he is hes still working it for access? No, he hes not working there anymore hes not worked there since 2009.

Maybe hes just not updated hes linkedin yet, and he is actually working there because he to be fair. He doesnt have any active, uh experience on on his page, so maybe hes just not updated his linkedin yet and uh. If you look at him, if you look at moby games, hes an 18 year old veteran of the video game industry with extensive experience, developing hes 18 years old, hes, an old looking 18 year old in game software and engines across multiple platforms, hes currently at the Director of engineering at big huge games and develop that sounds like the perfect game. Studio name for earth 2 fans like ah, is it going to be a big game, its going to be a big huge game or a popular games of dominations? Prior to that, mustafa was the director of engineering at scale form and where he leads, the development and effort of his popular scale form gf, ui solution. This is where it gets. Interesting. Mustafa was with uh fairfax games and fear facts. How do you look at that? Word and get fear facts ive got ta. Listen to that again. Mustafa was with uh fairfax games, big fan, im a big fan of uh of civilization, games, love, love, a good fairfax game and was a lead programmer on the award, winning sid, meiers, civ 4 game and also the civ revolution. Hes also worked for red storm head speed, technologies and cayenne worlds, so if we have actually somebody from the civ dev team actually joining earth too, i see that as a gigantic hes not joining as a dev, though, is hes listed as a technical advisor, which is Advising you on tech like hes, not actually writing code for you.

Is he its like a thing that we have coming up? They said earth 2 and shane said theyre partnering big and he was not lying. We got the polygon studios that was partnering with partnering with them. Now we have a developer from the civilization and development team and then er2 you dont have a developer man, maybe maybe its just me where i read something, and i look at the words that im reading and i interpret those words based on what the words say And not what i think that they say because he says a technical advisor doesnt say hes joined as a developer, like you can look at the other people. There developer developer, developer technical advisor clearly differentiating between two different roles: hes, not there as a developer. Is he otherwise itd say hes a developer? I i think that would be pretty common sense, but actually this is a good thing, because this is what were going to talk about in the rest of this video, these new developers, um and and whats going on here, because this is a whole big mess and Also kind of underlines that shane hes been telling some porcupines so lets just launch three different phases. If you didnt already know, first phase just buy and land buy, selling trades, so youll have made a lot of money off or two, including myself, uh machu, picchu uh sold for like twenty thousand dollars. I sold whoa thats, crazy, bro new york wall street.

For ten grand statue of liberty sold for 65 000 and then phase two is what were in right now: theyre slowly uh, putting in more and more things with phase two uh. It started with jules so jules and oyas looking off into the distance there, because shane stood there with a kalashnikov, say the words or you say the words phase two yeah. You can see the fear in his eyes there uh it started with jewels, so jewels and increased different aspects of the property and this this new ecosystem thats going to be coming out, so maybe thats why they have a civilization, uh developer. So you get these drills every single day for completely free and then you can buy. You can either buy yourself. You dont get them for free, though youve bought land sell them on the on the bazaar. If you look it up its called the bizarre and then phase three is gon na switch from this 2d map to a completely immersive, like 3d environment, its going to have graphics similar to uh unreal engine nanite. If you know what that is graphics with uh unreal, engine 5 nanite are pretty insane. They said. Theyre gon na have graphics better than red dead redemption 2. So you can just off see the detail with nanite and see what they can do in the future. I think that will be uh far off in the future, maybe five ten years from now, im, not sure, but imagine just going anywhere.

You want its not virtually so thatd, be pretty awesome. Go to south korea, mexico, cancun, uh, japan, where okay yeah, wherever you want to go, so i think thats going to be pretty awesome. So, if everybodys wondering what this this eco sim is going to be, i say its going to go in the direction of this. The sid meier civilization away because uh we have a developer over there. I dont know its going to be turn based or whatnot, but its not worked on civ since 2009. You could easily look at any of these other games on his credit. That youve just shown is like a mobile game that ive never heard of you could just as easily and even have more of a point to say that oh its gon na be like this mobile game that this guy made because thats what he most recently did. He hasnt worked on a sieve gaming over a decade, and you say you know its gon na be like civ, because this guy worked on a civ game a decade ago. What the type of logic is that? What? Because uh the civilization games are turn based? You do your thing and then the opponent does their thing i havent played in a while, but it was always a pretty fun game when i was playing it, the marketplace was frozen for two weeks, so make sure that you actually looking at the marketplace after this Video because theyre gon na be did i just miss something.

There was clearly something else coming there, a lot of good deals on there, the people sleeping on their properties, they freak out theyre up for sale, so make sure to take advantage of the the snoozers, because tier one land make sure you look for tier one tier One is the only land that gets a land income tax and that passive income, if somebody buys in your country and then you get a sliver of the the purchase amount or whatever they bought, is its pretty awesome. I make between like fifty and a hundred dollars a day just from land income tax, not even including anything else, including jewels. You know, buy and sell jewels. Everything else thats coming out in the future, so definitely strike up some of those tier 1 uh deals. If you can find any that being said, what do you guys think about this? This new uh civilization developer joining the team because i think its going to be truly exciting in the future ahead put in the car. Why is it keep saying civilization, developer, im so drained on this comments? What you think is gon na happen, hes gon na bring more of his his team over to her too hes not been at that team for over a decade. Are you? What are you talking about its over a decade, its not his team, its not been his team for a very long time. This is a good thing. A bad thing definitely know what to hear uh your responses.

I do try to respond to a lot of the comments if you want to follow me elsewhere outside of youtube, you can follow me on twitter, instagram and discord. Thank you guys. So much for watching and ill see you next time me bro me. Oh look! My name is human: has earth to turn the corner, jesus christ, so one of the moderators for the drone discord as soon as this information came out, put the discord into a locked state, so people couldnt communicate anymore, and then he posted this message. Heres, a little bit longer explanation of why many drone users are angry at this whole deal at the moment. Drone has first been first announced in 2016. Many that are active now still remember that time and have followed rome for over five years now it was pitched as a community driven game that would listen to what the players were saying and adapt to that. There was a whole crowdfunding campaign with people spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so the game could become the thing. It was pitched as stop me when youve heard this one before uh typical crowdfunding uh. You can never trust these, even if you think that theyre, you know theyre for you the minute that they can theyll just sell you down the river with absolutely no remorse whatsoever. So we had some ups and downs for a while, but progress was steady and we had a rough version of the arena.

Editor then multiplayer and then the drone editor, the devs were in the server chatting with the community almost daily listening feedback, talking, etc. Suddenly about a year ago, the update stopped coming the devs werent active anymore. They didnt give an update anywhere. This silence went on for months, even though everyone in the community wondered what was happening and was begging the devs to say what was going on now ill. Give you a little bit of insight into this one nathaniel the person who worked at earth 2 and has since left earth 2 was obviously one of the head honchos at drone and about a year ago, is, as you will remember, the earth two anniversaries. When nathaniel went to work at drone, uh went to work from drone earth too, but he quite clearly still had contact and uh some form of influence or say a drone because he was still constantly talking about it. He came in my discord many times and talked about drone and how drone was looking for funding and how drone was gon na improve in the future when it got more uh, more money behind it, and things like that and dont worry john was making a comeback And then it has been intimated to me that the drone developers have actually been working at earth 2. Now, for months, like months and months, i cant tell you how long but ive been told from people behind the scenes. The drone developers have been working at earth.

2, while just not telling anybody, while not telling their community a drone, which means that theyve hired liars by the way, um that essentially would well lie by a mission. I guess that was supposed to be working on drone, this game, that people paid them for and then instead of coming out and telling their community, they just start working at earth too and did nothing towards their drone community. And then they came out like good news. Guys were now acquired 100, all our tech, our game. Everything uh were now acquired by us too, which is basically like spitting in somebodys, open mouth after theyve. Just you know, given you the last sip of water or whatever, every now and then one or two devs will join in general chat and say: hi were still working on the game according to what ive heard they absolutely was not and pretty much nothing more. No other updates beside that. So, if you were following drone on any channel besides disco, twitter, facebook, steam, etc, the game would look essentially abandoned to you, and you can tell that that was the case. If you look at their player base, which, as you can see, was absolutely abysmal, the game was ostensibly dead and then, if you look at like when the games been acquired by a two all these earth, two people say no drone. This is an amazing thing. This is so good theyve joined in and and they cant even push the game above 10 concurrent players, so very supportive, active community youve got there that you know this.

Entire games been acquired, and this just goes to show that most the people in the earth – 2 community dont give a about the game. They dont care about the tech behind the game. They literally care about making money, because this is good news. This is great news. Lets not go check out the technology weve just acquired lets. You know, weve weve still not managed to push this game over 10 concurrent players uh its its just really pathetic. To be honest, but slowly things about nathaniel and ferran being on the e2 team came out a few months ago yeah. So this confirms what i was talking about. This sparked some arguments like what will happen to drone now over time. Nathan, ferran came back to the drone server and appeared with the dev roll, weird weird that leaving many wondering what happened. One thing that the devs did tell us is that they were working with another company but couldnt say anything due to an nda being in place. So there you go again confirming they were working for multiple months with earth 2 with an nda. This nda then became the main focus of the communitys anger, as it was seen as the reason that the devs cant tell anyone what what has been going on yet its. What non disclosure agreements for for some time now. Many already suspected that its likely the drone will be bored by e2 and the e2 were the ones telling the drone devs to keep quiet, which is actually what happened.

The drone devs were forbidden from writing in the drone discord, as per the nda today, the acquisition. Finally, was announced id like to see this nda if that was stipulated, because thats kind of up and many didnt want anything like this to happen, they pledged their own hard earned money in time to support the development of a community driven game. Not wanting to have anything to do with crypto, nfts, blockchain or anything along those lines. I know e2 doesnt have anything of that. Yet a nice little subtle dig there, but its closely associated with them its different in the e2 server. But you have to understand that in here you dont have the same support for anything regarding crypto. Why would you its not a crypto game? Never was intended to be a crypto game and now its just been shoved down their throw, even though they literally gave these people a job, they funded these people to have their dream, be realized and then theyve turned around and just sold them down the river. There are a lot of people that dont want to support it and are now rightfully angry that this was forced on them. If anyone, by the way from the e2 community wants to say that theyre overreacting and they dont have a right to be angry, this would literally be like a company bigger than earth 2 coming in buying earth 2, removing the tiles from the game and then saying.

Oh were turning this game into a simcity copy now and there will be no crypto and you cant. You know you cant have a play to wear model anymore thats, just what were doing with it. They literally have come in and just removed what the game was for the people the game was for, despite those people funding it. To that point, like its not unreasonable to say you have a right to be to feel aggrieved. Uh based on whats happened here. It doesnt help either that many members of the ufc community came in saying things like congratulations. Youre saved now the narcissism on display by this community just astounds me daily. You guys are honestly pathetic. This change is not something that was was wanted by many and a whole year of radio silence and pentapanga towards the dev slash. The nda has now been redirected at the closest thing to them: e2 members coming over to baroque drone users and further stoke this fire. Pathetic im not saying all of them did, but enough e2 users made condescending comments that every new e2 user coming over is immediately seen as hostile picture. That picture that, for now this channel will remain closed for a few hours mainly so this message can be easily seen by newcomers. Mods dont have permission to write in announcements. The other channels uh, will stay open, so you can still chat, but please try to not engage and provoke each other too much.

The channel will be open again, tomorrow, etc, etc, and then this is their press release where they officially announced on december 16. So yesterday, when they had been acquired by drone, we would like to start by saying thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding over the past year. I i do love when people you and then they they tell you thanks for you know receiving it. Uh weve not talked to you for a year, weve not done anything towards the game. You literally funded us for and weve, been working on another game without telling you, but now its official thanks for the support guys. Your ongoing support is not going to notice or unappreciated by our team uh. We know we have been quiet for a long time and were eager to finally tell you why, while our project appeared to have a promising future to truly ensure its success, there were many factors we had to take into consideration. We generally, we genuinely have not been without our struggles, but were so proud of the awesome community weve gathered and assure you weve, never faulted in our commitment to deliver the best outcomes for drone. You werent working on the game, youre working for earth too. So your actions are completely betraying your words here, uh, so more more liars working at earth too, i guess uh. That is why we are happy to announce that drone has been acquired by earth 2.

with exciting developments already in the pipeline. Now that the future of drone is in good good hands, we are energized and focused on moving forward and with continued game development initiatives. We also want to reassure everyone who has backed our team in our project that we have not forgotten about you. Earth 2 is planning for seamless continuation of the project, and our ideas for drone have been given a new life with this amazing support. This is such a spin, thanks again to all of you, and our community, with the full support of her2, were working very hard to realize all the aspirations we have for drone sincerely five studios interactive. If you are a programmer with unity skills, you can apply and thats. Basically it now talking about developers and and being liars and working for earth too lets talk about. Tana tana was the developer, who was hired months ago, who has multiple videos about him circulating on youtube from projects? He was known to scam. He he was a scammer, hes proven to be a liar and he basically had like a redemption arc where big fry is the one thats probably covered in the most. So you can go check out the videos about tanner on big frys channel and he started working at her too, and it came out that tana was caught in an audio recording talking about how shane isaacs gon na sue and spend millions of dollars to sue.

All the content creators that were talking about her too uh so basically threatening legal action against all of us. Uh shane eyes that came out and defended tana saying hed, never said that, but hes not gon na. You know throw tanner under the bus and he doesnt know the circumstances of et cetera, et cetera, pathetic handling by the way a trial probation, employee is caught lying about you and your business on on tape, uh doing actual damage to your reputation as a company. In a business in a entity, and then you come out and defend him, even though hes just a probational employee that you could easily replace with pretty much anybody else who doesnt have this baggage and reputation of being a known, scammer, well, hes been working at earth Too and apparently in the last eight months, hes managed to accrue 500 000 from quote freelance work and working at earth 2 and investing that in cryptocurrency and with that 500 000. This guy has started another company where hes using his uh mothers name and multiple fake identities to run another business on the side of presumably still working for her too. At this point, guys, if you need any more evidence that these people will literally hire anybody that they can uh to to just try and get something out there. I dont really know what to tell you, but but lets move on to something that that should be very transparent for you.

If youve been in the year 2 discord for a while, like i have, and you read things like, i try to do in there despite people wanting to say that im, you know uninformed or whatever about the project. Even though rarely will anyone bring up anything that ive said that can be proven to be false uh because i do actually keep up with it. Ive read every every word that shane said: ive watched every video read all the news articles, all the press releases and everything id say im pretty up on what the projects doing plus i have access to behind the scenes, information that you people, dont ive, seen things About the game that you havent uh, even the most most trustworthy and you know receiving of shanes blessings, i probably know more about this project than you do so when you go on their website, youre going to go to the about us page and youre, going to See that they have some new developers here and all of the new developers are, of course, the developers that theyve acquired from drone now riddle me. This shane has been saying in the earth to discord and – and the zealots have been repeating this sentiment – that they have over 30 developers working on this project for the last year now. So what were supposed to believe is that youve just got. You know, like another 25 game developers working on earth 2 behind the scenes that youve not put on your website, but the only ones that youre going to put on your website are ones that youve just announced that youve publicly acquired their entire business.

It just doesnt make a lot of sense, especially considering again obviously, information that im privy to that other people are not ive been told that the only people working on uh the earth 2 game. The phase 3 aspect are these drone people. So, where are the other developers? What are they doing um? Why can nobody speak about those so yeah? I think thats going to be it for this 3 video, its its over 20 minutes long weve got a lot of other stuff to go through, but itll just have to be in another video um yeah leave a like leave a comment.