So, as you guys have probably seen by now, earth 2 just announced their acquisition of the underlying tech from the game drone, and i wanted to take the time to do this. Video breaking down the announcement talking about my personal feelings on it talking about why. I think this is a really good move for the earth 2 platform in general, and while i think this will help push them to a level of success that they might not have been able to achieve previously. So what does this mean? It means that the five studios interactive development team is now going to be a part of the official earth 2 development team. It also means that drone all the technology thats encompassed within the game itself also becomes part of earth 2 property and resides under the earth too. So not only does this mean that the earth 2 dev team now has additional members all from an established game development studio, but that also means that this underlying technology is now owned by earth 2.. This means that they have, in theory a proprietary arena editor a proprietary terrain editor that they can now take tweak, alter and make to a point that it fits within the earth2 ecosystem. It looks like the team is already getting to work on implementing what they can into the earth 2 platform itself now, as was mentioned in the announcement, this isnt going to be an overnight change. This probably isnt going to be a change that happens this year or possibly even next year.

This is something thats going to take a little bit of time, because a lot of these changes are going to be seen at the phase 3 level. So in the past portions of the application, it felt a little disjointed, a little out of whack and what this move does. Is it not only allows them to sort of address that, but it also allows them to position themselves in a way that makes sense moving forward. A lot of what theyre going to need to do here is ensure that the changes they make to phase 2 and the features that they implement in phase 2 seamlessly carry over to phase 3 and thats not really possible. If everythings kind of in this disjointed mess. Where there isnt a lot of consistency or continuity throughout the experience, so by bringing this team in theyre, bringing in proven technology that they know can help them reach that next level. People might ask things like: why would they bring in this team specifically or what about the fact that drone wasnt a successful game, and i think that you really have to look at this from a bigger picture. Now sure drone might not have been the most successful game on the planet, but what they did technologically was an achievement. There now theres plenty of games that are developed, that dont ever see the light of day theres plenty of games that are developed, that roll out and then dont really see much development update after that thats pretty standard with small studios rolling out games.

Now, what theyve shown with drone shows that they have a lot of skill in this particular instance, the tools and technology that they developed within drone, fit uniquely well within the earth2 ecosystem. So, rather than reinventing the wheel and trying to create a brand new terrain, rendering system from scratch, they did the next logical step, which was to find an existing one to find an existing team and onboard that technology and that team directly into the platform. Now this is something you see. A lot of larger companies do theyll, go in and theyll scoop up some technology that they think they want to bring in house theyll bring in the entire company. All the employees and theyll just bring that technology under one roof and it becomes part of their brand thats very much. What earth 2 is doing here now in terms of why, i think, specifically, this is a great idea. Well, for starters, you might have seen me release a video about five six months ago. Talking about the drone arena editor and the drone terrain editor and how i felt this was a perfect style. Terrain editor for the air 2 experience and what earth 2 was describing and i went in and i actually did a breakdown of some of the tools and features that that editor had now. I didnt really know at the time by any means that this was actually what was going to happen. But i had a hunch based off of nathaniels involvement prior with the drone team and how similar it looked to some of the things that were being developed within earth 2.

. So its encouraging to see that they made the logical move here, which was to bring the entire team on board and kind of take all those skills in house take all that technology in house and utilize it to the max potential here. In terms of when we can expect to see these changes again, i dont think were going to see these anytime soon. I do think its possible that they could take some of this technology and incorporate it into parts of phase two. A lot of this is just speculation on my part, but i think its a healthy speculation, and i think that seeing them make this move is the first move. Thats been made and a significant length of time that can establish some confidence in the future of the platform. I think thats very important for the user base right now. People are probably going to overlook it, its probably going to be thrown on the back burner. At some point, people are going to demand something else, but i think taking a step back and seeing the quality of the technology that theyve brought on board here and the clear quality of that development team is really going to help earth to reach that end goal. In a much more efficient manner and probably faster than they would have gotten there via their old methods now, obviously, earth 2 has a lot of work to do, and i will definitely continue to analyze what they do and in some instances be critical.

If i think what theyre doing is in the best interest of the organization, but in this instance, i think this is a really awesome. Move and im really excited to see what comes of this specific acquisition in terms of developments within the earth 2 platform itself. So guys, i really just wanted to talk about this move because i do think its a very large move and it cant quite be overstated. How big of a move! This is for earth 2 and just how much legitimacy. This brings to the platform by bringing in an established group of game developers like this so im curious to hear your thoughts on this im sure that the opinions are all over the place, im sure theres, a lot of people that are excited im, sure theres people That have a lot more questions feel free to comment down below post your questions down below ill do my best to answer them based off of what i know feel free to throw those down below. Let me know your thoughts and feelings on this. Do you like this move? Do you think its a good move id definitely love to hear that other than that guys. I want to thank you for checking out this video for the support on this video and all the support you guys have shown in previous videos, and you can expect some more earth to focus content from me here in the coming days.