I got this early from england a website over. There called youngsters world accidentally put all of these sets up way early because they dont come out till october 1st, but they put them up and i was able to order them. I shipped them to a friend in england who then turned around and shipped them to me here in the united states, so thats. How i got this early and yeah lets. Take a look at this set its a four plus set, so theres not much going on, but i do think its. The best four plus set ever from lego marvel so lets take a look for our minifigures. We get a nick fury now. This is the same. Nick fury thats been coming in sets since all the way back in far from home a couple years ago now, but it is a really really awesome figure, especially if you dont have one yet up. Next, we have mysterio, which is really good for anybody that may have missed him the first time around, but even if you did have him hes, actually a more accurate figure. I just put the original mysterio from far from home up on the screen and, as you can see, the new one has the gold torso plating, which is more accurate to the film and really just a better figure all around. For that reason, now the new figure does have new leg printing as well, and he does have this kind of blue sparkly dome.

It doesnt show up as well on camera as it does in person, but the sparkle is really really nice. As you can see, the cape only has one hole in it, so it kind of sits out a little bit more on the body than a traditional cape would, but he has a little drone, remote control and a redstone here kind of interesting because in the vulture Set hes got a purple, one wonder if that means anything or if its just something for the villain to be stealing anyways mysterio is awesome and the definite selling point for the set is the spider man in his upgraded suit. Its really unbelievable to me that we didnt get this figure with the actual far from home sets. We had to wait all this time to finally get the red and black suit, but man having it here in person. It just looks fantastic, its really great, that he has dull molded legs. I cant believe we got dull molded legs, which means red on bottom black. On top, i cant believe we got those in a four plus set thats, pretty amazing. Of course, the torso looks great and the head is the same head: thats used on the other spider man set in this wave, the sanctum set, because, of course the homecoming set actually has him in his black and gold armor but anyways. I love this figure and this alone makes the set worth buying now, unfortunately, when it comes to the set, this is a four plus set, so theres really not much to go with here.

Theres, a little police combat car, its very simple, in fact, this whole body on the bottom is one piece you just pop the tires and wheels on put a couple bricks on top theres, some guns on the back, but yeah theres really not much to go with There spider mans accessory is just two webs that go together. I guess so. You could put this on a building or have him swing not much there and mysterios drone is very, very rudimentary. It does have a little printed piece there, which of course is nice, and then you can push this disc through like this and it just kind of fires out like that. So the play features are cool, but i dont think very many adult collectors or even more mature lego collectors are gon na be buying this set for the builds its all about the minifigs. But if you are a kid in that four plus demographic, this is obviously a very nice little starter set for kids and i would recommend it under that. Pretense all right guys well be sure to drop a comment below and let me know what you think of this video and be sure to check out my other videos, because i got the other two no way home sets early as well. So ive got early reviews up of those be sure to hit like and subscribe down below for more videos and ill catch. You guys on the next video well youve made it to the end of the video you should hit like and subscribe down below for more lego content for me, because i post just about every single day, youll be up to date on all the latest in lego.