Drone jewel set, so stay tuned ill find out more so guys, i hope youre having a great day and if you do want to enjoy the video. Why not subscribe as well as turn notifications and like the video but lets get into it. So this is lego set number seven, six, one, nine five, the spider man drone jewel. This one is gon na be retailing for twenty dollars or eighteen pound when it officially releases on october. First, twenty twenty one includes two builds two minifigures and 198 pieces, so lets delve straight into the minifigures. So, first up we have the brand new spider man figure, who is currently exclusive to this set. You can see this one looks really good with the gold yellowy markings all across the body see it goes all the way from the legs all the way up. The torso and on to the head also include some great arm printing, which ill just show. Now that looks amazing, so it continues fully around the figure. So you have it on that side. This side there is a little bit in the gap where the head turns, but if you turn the head to the back, you can see the printing is all continued onto the back, then all the way down the torso as well. So some really great printed on this figure some golden hands, which arent usually that common with figures, which is really nice but the printing, is that detailed.

You can just see theres so many layers of printing on this figure which, if it makes it just such a good figure, definitely one of my favorite spider man so far and then second off we have vulture and first we have to detach this from the back. Simply it just easily clips off, which is really good for this figure see. It also has a still shooter with a purple stud and easy to take that off as well. Then it also has a visor helmet with some breathing operators, as you can see on there. So this burst connects off. You have the little wind thing and then you take off like that really simple: you can see some of the torso printing and a little bit better detail also using some, i think, olive green legs, which is really nice. So, as you can see, if i just take this off, then youll be able to see some of the first print and theres. Also this clear piece on the back, where you can basically clip this one too. But let me give you a little bit better. Look at the back face printing, so here you can see vulture in a bit of a better detail. You can see that smiley face expression coming through. Basically, i think hes, basically some cloth over his head, which is really good. You can see theres also the torso printing, then theres no printing on the legs, but this phase print looks really good and then we turn the finger to the back.

You can see theres the robotic face on the back with the green robot eyes and then also the printing is continued. It looks like basically a parachute design on the back, obviously because you normally attach the big flyer on to the back. So i think this figure is great. Definitely my favorite version of vulture. So far, so here you can see fortress wings. You can see theyre, obviously a lot bigger than the minifigure. You can see theres two rotor brakes. I think they usually use them in lego, city airplanes, and then you can basically spin them. If you want to the wings also move in and out, you can see on the side. You can move these. If you want, you can move all three and then both wings move at the center, like that, as well, like, i said before its really easy to attach them or attach them from vulture youre supposed to clip them on from the piece on the back. But they do feel quite light, obviously theyre not going to be really heavy for the minifigure, but when youre actually standing on the ground. If i show you now, you basically cant because theyre basically deeper than the minifigure, the minifigure is floating, so isnt theyre really best for display unless you try and balance them, but they usually fall over on the back theres, not too much to see really either its Just kind of the back of the plates and just some things, if you want to rest it down like that, you have these bits to connect it all together, but overall, not a really impressive thing.

Obviously, a lot of stickers as well on the side which are annoying but its a nice little build to go with the main build of the set which well get on to now. So for the main middle of the set. We get this buildable drone, which is a lot sizable, more sizable. Really then. Obviously the bit the boat uses this one thats really good. You can see theres some shiny cool pieces on the side. Then you also have four of these rotors, which can spin around the drone can also come up, and then you have this gold piece. So basically how that works? Is you get spider man? You can clip his hand onto this just like so its not the easiest to get onto, but then you can see spider man kind of fly with the drone like that. Basically, if i play it, which is a really good function, uh, you cant really do too much in terms of movement with this one. You can pull this one down to put a seat where you can set a minifigure and then close that up theres. Also some shooters on either side and then at the back you can see you can open that then theres also a little bit where you can store things in there. Obviously, it is quite hard to kind of really display this one as well with it being more of a play model, but, as you can see, it does fly around pretty well its easy to hold to and the rotors are nice then, like i said before, you Can also store some things in the back here.

You basically clip it open and then clip it shut. So its really easy to store things, and then you put that back down and it makes for a nice build in terms of stickers. Youve got one here a little bit of a stick of detail, then theres also some on each part of the wing. You got four of the same stickers, but not too many stickers on this one. But when you look at this model and then also add it to the secondary model with the vulture, it does add up to a lot of stickers and theres, something like 19 stickers in this set, which can get a lot when youre building. Obviously, this set is only 198 pieces, but yeah lets go on to my overall fault. So, to be honest, i dont think this set is too much of a good set. To be honest, i think there is some really good aspects of it, including the minifigures. Obviously, the brand new version of spider man and vulture, the drone is pretty nice and the solid build, but the amount of stickers makes to build a bit annoying. When you got 19 stickers for such a small set, it can seem quite a drag and also like. I said with vulture you cant even stand up properly with the wings which is annoying and then with the drone there isnt too many player features other than spinning like that. I get its a small set.

Just not for me. I think, if youre buying this youre, probably getting it for the minifigures rather than any aspect of displayability but its a good set, and if you can get this one on sale, id probably recommend picking it up. But yeah comment down below what you think of this. One like video subscribe and send notifications for more lego.