Now this is a cool electric scooter. These guys contacted me at iohora and, like hey, do you want to review my our cool like road harley davidson bike, scooter im like heck yeah so anyway, this is gon na be fun its a big scooter. I mean this thing weighs like 200 pounds. This package right here so were gon na open this up, unbox it with you and then set it up im going to do like a full on tutorial like real time setup once its together were going to go out, hit the road see how this thing does. Um probably get some drone video just see how this um iohora m1p scooter works, Music, go ahead and have the links down below down the description. So if you want to check it out check the pricing, you know check the shipping to your place, because this is a pretty large box here. Pretty heavy anyway lets break into it. So right off the bat we have a box with, looks like the charger. Weve got a nice little bag here, zipper bag labeled the m1, and i just want to take everything out and then were going to go in depth in each of these things. But for now lets just get all this stuff out of the box. Uh looks like mirrors: okay, we got mirrors right here and well get that out of the way Music all nicely packaged and covered, so were just gon na pull all this stuff off and ooh yeah.

So i got like the jewel green. It looks. I thought that looked like a dent, but maybe its just like a little dimple for manufacturing. They also have like an apple green. They have candy apple red, they have black, so boy whats the best way to pull this thing out. Im gon na go ahead and flip the box over, and this is how what i should have done there. We go so its upside down right and we have a different view of it. Thats the battery. Look at that theres, a kickstand that kind of dug into the box wow. Look at that tire, dude thats, a massive that rim that almost looks like polished, aluminum man. This thing looks like its going to be nice: okay, so thats the first step, and then, when we flip this thing over well be able to just pull the box all the way off the top. You know what im saying there we go easier way easier. That way, because all the weights on the bottom, where the battery is heres, how it is with one one person – oh yeah, get all this off, you can see it thatd be a good thing to save, for, like even just a temporary bike cover very well packed. Look at that its got like a cloth bag here to protect that fender. Look at this thing guys my my my thats that high power motor encompassed in the rim. There really nice blinkers tail lights, little spot for a license plate.

If you wanted to make this thing street legal, this is technically a scooter, so you know i mean itll only go a certain mile per hour unless you modified it its like christmas, all over again, isnt it. I love doing this stuff with you guys and just unwrapping things like this for the first time who doesnt right but yeah, they left the shower cap on the seat when they packed it up. Look at that look at that seat, man that feels pretty good man. This is going to be a cruiser mock gas tank, its electric right, so we dont need to put gas in this thing. That is awesome. That looks like a little area cargo area right there – and this is where youd put your feet. Nice front fender really well protected. Look at that! No scratches no flaws at all because they wrap it with this foam protectant and then this cloth bag protector, so the tires just kind of jammed under it. So it looks like well need to lift it up. A little roll that tire out the front tire holy smokes, yeah, thats, a disc, brick, aluminium rim, man. This is nice guys. You know thats a hefty um weight too. On that thing, okay, a couple of little bolts falling off, so just be careful when youre unpacking. This you know make sure that youre not losing any of these bolts that are slightly screwed. In there we go theres the keys that kind of fell out.

While i was unpacking it wow its got like an alarm system on it cool. This is the charge port where the charger is going to plug in right. There nicely protected with a rubber cover, see if we can unlock the battery area. Lets see how that pops off. This is kind of my only con right now. This piece of plastic just feels feels like it could be a little more rubberized. Maybe it would be nice if they could put a rubber coating on it. Thatd be cool because it just seems like kind of brittle and theres the big old battery, oh its, not even plugged in okay, so youre gon na have to take it out anyway, to plug it in so another connector right there, which has its own sealable port And check it out a handle, thats great, buy an extra battery and or if the battery eventually goes bad. You can just swap it out with a new one if you do hit something on the bottom, at least this is metal. Dont really need to do anything in here, except plug this thing in im glad they did leave it unplugged for shipping and stuff, so thats all the length youre going to get. I like how even the plug has a little pull handle so lets plug this in set it down. Like this, i heard a little pop that was a little arc pop. Then you can kind of see how these things tuck in and away.

So it looks like that battery batterys gon na kind of be like moving around in there. You see that, but i mean its a cruiser, its, not an off road bike, so its not like youre gon na be bouncing all over. So hopefully that doesnt really matter. Heres, how you put the cover on front first and then back second and then turn that key. You see how thats just flexing like crazy, because its such a big area and it has that middle empty area. So maybe if they could put some foam in underneath to kind of brace everything together because it seems like that battery is going to shaken around in there a bit, so you know note to these guys little improvement. You could do there compressed air spring. It does look like theres some adjustments, theres a collar here that looks like it rotates so weve got some suspension. Adjustments for your weight. The tires are full of air, so youve got the air inlets, you know just like a regular bike would have and then, if you want to arm it, you press the lock and its armed. So lets see what happens if we shake it. If its armed, oh sweet, the headlight turns on oh thats, so cool it just shut off, so it sound. It sounds like it just goes and does that for about what was that 10 seconds 20 seconds and then shuts off lets see if its still armed? If we hit it again, yep theres the rear, thats, so cool disarm it well lets get these handlebars up and for that were going to break into the m1 accessories.

So lets see what we got. So we got our manual right here: range 40 to 60 kilometers. Maximum torque 95 nm maximum climbing 18 guys, so this isnt really a high power for climbing okay. A lot of the boards and other bikes can do at least 20 maximum speed. 20 kilometers per hour were gon na see what the mile per hour is design top speed, 45, okay load 200 kilograms and the weight of the bike. 100 kilograms thats the all up weight with everything mounted up on it, rated power of the motor, its a 2000 watt in that rear, brushless dc motor. No real pictures on like how to install stuff lets see what else we got. This looks like a little tool: bag, two large wrenches and two allen, wrenches pretty large ones and whats. This oh cool. This is like your phone holder. Neat lets go ahead and check out the charger real fast, so you got your main power plug and then we have the charger a little product manual on the charger as well, and it looks like a couple of fuses just in case oh nice, so its an Aluminum heat sink external case and it looks like you have 220 or 110 volt switch there. Its got a cooling fan looks like a pretty quality charger. We can plug this either into the bike or straight into the battery. So if you had an extra battery its kind of cool, you can charge that extra battery with the same charger if the other batterys in the bike.

Already, if you wanted to see the specs on the charger right, there, 5 amp output, so its going to take a while to charge thats a big battery. Well, thats everything you get guys lets go ahead and put these handlebars on, so the larger allen wrench fits these um handlebar clamps, seeing maybe a little bit of a finish problem here. You know how, usually you have those grooves. It looks like these are either not stamped in very well or theyre partially painted over. So you know you want to have those grooves, so this thing doesnt slide up and down. So that looks like a little bit of a con there, okay and thats, how those suckers go so holding the handlebars like that, and then we just put these clamps on pretty self explanatory good starting point on handlebars is to make this line here. Parallel with the shocks so just get them a little bit snug. So there you go handlebars on lets, see how that thing looks from the front. Sweet man looks like a road bike. I will say this thing was packaged really well, okay, you know its got a little bit of rubbery feel so youre going to be able to feel that wow. Look at that throttle so like a regular motorcycle throttle and check this out fluid reservoirs, front and rear nice. I like how they have them clear with that golden fluid in there this one actually has like a rubber cap.

I didnt see one on the other side. Thats protecting the finish, because this is aluminum actually use only dot three or dot four brake, fluid okay, so left and right mirrors. These can really only go on one way. As you can see, these are gon na be sticking out that way, and then this ones gon na be going out that way. Back this bolt off, you see these bolts, its like bolt collar on both of them looks like we screw the mirror in first just carefully screwing in that mirror there, okay, and then you pull these guys down to lock that that mirror in. Unfortunately, we dont have an open end. These are closed ends here, so we dont have like an open end wrench to put around that. This is an adjustable open, end and ill, give it just a little crank, and then you can adjust just this swivel right. So mirrors are mounted check that out guys, okay, guys so for this cell phone mount im just going to go ahead and put it on, looks like there is a cable here, thats just empty here. I think what this is is its just for um power. If you look at the bottom of this mount here, its actually got just a usb slot, so you can put a usb cable into your phone and have it charging while youre running the bike looks like you are going to need this step to have your own Phillips screwdriver, so i just grabbed one here.

They dont include that in the kit, maybe something they want to think about, including just a little even cheap one. You know to get you going, yolin wording facing correctly up, it looks like, and then, however, really you want to run this thing, this is just like a pressure fit connector and thats. Really it crank that thing down where you want it: cool, okay, so loosen this thing up! Oh nice, nice clamp, look at that how it just like hugs all the edges. That thing is not going anywhere very nice so guys. Why do you want a battery to be removable? Well, i need to put it over to a different area of the garage, and i dont want to move my bike over there theres like no room for it over in that corner, so thats. How quick that was! Take that thing out took me literally like 10 seconds, and i want to charge this battery right over here. Lets see what happens to this green light when i plug it in, i do have it on 120, so lets hope theres no sparks there. We go the light just turned red. I hear the fan going, hear that fan. Let that charge all right guys. My brother made it over hes going to help us put on this um tire, my brother casey, because you really got to have like somebody to hold the bike up. While somebody puts the tire on so lets, give this thing a try, unscrewing the axle first, if you want to take that out ill hold, this thing up, i think, were going to have to use those spacers.

I think they might be different. Lengths too so well keep them oriented how they were that one goes on the right side: yeah. It looks like oh theres, a little plastic um spacer there, okay to keep the brake pads separated got it. So i got ta take out that plastic spacer and then this is always the hard part getting that brake in there. There. You go nice, so spacer in first thats going to be the tricky part. Huh nice, okay, sweet, hmm, its kind of notchy huh. Maybe they had the spacers on the wrong the wrong way, maybe maybe the short one goes on the left side or vice versa. Lets try that i guess okay lets just try this out. I know its an awkward lift angle yeah it like sits into that little knot, theres a little sleeve yeah, a little rubber yeah. There you go got it, got it: okay and youre in the break yeah. That seems better dude, yeah. Okay. Why dont you go ahead and lift that again and ill just try to spin it there. It is okay, the spacers were on the wrong sides, so note to self guys check those spacers, because one of these is longer than the other one, and if you get binding like that, just go ahead and switch them. I think thatll do it. Lets crank this down and see if it has any bind issues: yeah. Okay, you see how guys how this theres a hole here and theres two holes here and were gon na put it on these two and that one in the back so thats the orientation push the fender in a little.

So you dont scrape it too much getting it past those shocks and then it just goes right over cool man. I think we can take this headlight protector off. Oh the front suspense lets see the rear. Try! Well, i guess thats, all you need cool man. Let this battery charge up and take it on the road. Thanks for your help, bro yo appreciate it all right guys lets get this party started. We are in low speed. Lets see how this goes just got to kind of pull out of my driveway here got a drone following me, so we can kind of get a feel for it with the drone as well. Okay, you got ta, remember right, brakes, front, left, brake rear, hear that skidding! Okay, once we get out onto the you know just a little bit of a test, i guess in the gravel which it seems like it can handle my cell phones not falling off the mount or anything which is good, see how that right, blinker works, yeah, actually, Im going to put the left blinker on and go this way surprisingly wow. This is comfortable man, i got ta, say right now, very comfortable. Okay, remember this is speed. One im gon na full throttle it for a second it coasts really. Well, i just let off the throttle and this sucker is coasting, so i could probably do a lot of coasts in here coming downhill. It feels really planted, keep it in speed one for now right.

I accidentally hit that red button got ta. Remember to turn off those blinkers theres that horn again but um, okay! Well, here we are speed. One lets something to full throttle. It lets see how fast we can get going. Looking at the speedometer, there were up to 25, probably going faster than the drone can follow. Me 30. im going downhill now, though, so im going to take it easy. It feels good though man wow lets get a front view Music, all right, suspensions working pretty good. I mean you know, let me do another kind of full throttle and see if this thing can keep up hey its pretty peppy its actually peppier than i thought it would be guys just to tell you the truth. There feels really nice kind of hard to see. My phone screen at this angle with my glasses, yeah im, liking it so far easy to drive with one hand i dont know if youve seen some of my scooter reviews, but with scooters its actually kind of difficult to drive with one hand. But this thing look at this. No problem, just cruising you know, no problem cruising with one hand, lets just kind of get a feel for the agility yeah. The balance feels nice. Its got that kind of square tire in the back right its kind of a its higher than a flat spot, so you can kind of feel once it gets into its flat spot there.

It is kind of like um its a little cruise mode, but then, when you turn its got a little bit of a it, almost keep wants to keep you level like up level. You know what im saying, so it takes a little bit to lean into it. So what well do guys since were you know, were just going downhill but well just kind of cruise uh downhill for a while, you know, and then what well start doing is going doing some hilly situations. Well, my phone cable just fell out and thats just because of the bounce i have. My phone jack is a little weak, so you kind of want to make sure you have a a cord that can clip into your phone good but um so far, so good man, its feeling good, just cruising right now at about 17 miles per hour. You know temperature out right now in the southwest is feels like its about 45 degrees im still in um Music number. One remember i put my blinker on here and lets go ahead and go down the road go ahead and turn off onto this. This road here actually thats a dirt road. I dont want to go over. There go ahead and just go down to the highway here and then turn around going over a cattle guard and well just do a yeah, so easy turning man im, not getting any ground scraping for the way im. Turning you know.

Okay, number one speed lets see how fast you can get going up this hill. All right were going 25 up in incline on number one speed, but that aint too bad turn around right here, not too bad at all. Lets see if i dont have to put my feet down to make this turn yeah doable man. I thought i was gon na – have to put my feet down there. As you know, theres a longer bike feeling really good, though ill make a left here, got my left blinker on nice and easy full throttle. Remember this is number one speed seems like nice. Man seems like 25 is the max on kind of incline. Im gon na switch over to speed two full throttle again lets see. If we can get yep were going 27 28. It seems like the same power. You can just get going faster. 30, 31, 32, 33, 32 or 33. lets try speed 3 full throttle watching my voltage on the left. I got 60 volts there a little bit of an incline bike. Doesnt really want to go too much faster. All right! This is the highest speed three going into this curve: 36. 37. whoo. Oh yeah, oh man! That was a little scary going around that quarter at 30, but its managing im still full throttle on speed three guys and were going 37 36. So it looks like youre going to max out about 40. Maybe even – and this is miles per hour – so im im uh – i was expecting it to go slower.

This is a this. Is a gnarly corner, so im gon na be careful here. All right, couldnt get that drone up in front of me, but at least its still following me right so far, so good man, its just not like its got like low end, a little bit of low end torque. You know, but it just seems like it. Aint going to give you that top end torque, it just comes on really slow. Ive got full throttle now, and it gets up to 30. Pretty quick. You got to say that got ta say its at this point i mean. I know this is my maiden ride, but it honestly is doing better than i thought it would guys. Thats pretty cool man, okay kind of speed running at lets. Do it downhill full throttle hitting 41. whew? Did i lose the drone? I just lost my drone. Its just the range is pretty crappy thats. The thing about the skydio drone guys is its just uh anything over like 30 or so. Oh there. It is okay, its in front of us now come on. I know youre looking you should be able to find it. Its right freaking there geez flying to waypoint. What are you flying to waypoint for im right here, dude abort, geez, sorry about that drone problems again, as usual right looks like the drone battery is getting low. Bike still has 64 volts between, like you know, as i throttle it.

60 to 64., i cant say uh that im disappointed at all with the um the bike. Yet, oh, my god, nope drones gon na land, very irritating irritations of a drone there. It is right there, damn you skydio! Why dont you work better. At least we get some good shots with it right all right now i got to carry the drone in one hand and drive home with the other see how this works. Cant go until we put our kickstand up good little safety feature like i was mentioning all right lets head on home. I do have that big old cargo department area on the bottom lets try to put that drone in there yeah. You see that drone down there. Just sitting down there as long as youre, not going too fast, i guess you could put things in there. You know get a little net cargo net wrap it around, carry things in there. If youve got a box, you can just kind of hold it in with your legs or something you kind of hold the drone in with my legs too, all right back up the gravel driveway no problem in a little bit of gravel, it seems so far um You know bike two thumbs up: drone um gosh, always finding the problems with this skydeal right would have been nice. If you could have just followed me home with this last few percent, it had gosh. I didnt think it was that low anyway, always finding these little things right lets park the bike guys.

I still got a lot of power. It looks like im, almost full power. Still i mean i got my voltage here is all the way high. I got 63 volts. Remember we started at like 67 or something miles ridden four miles so far. That was just fantastic, so were at three theres, really, nothing else. You can see on the screen here. Um, all you can do is change your speeds, one two and three and like i was saying it just feels like the torque doesnt, really change, just your top end changes with those three speeds. So keep that in mind. You know i was getting up to 30 40 and for a scooter i mean this is technically a scooter. You can put a license plate on thats fine. You know, i dont think you oops. I have my blinker on for a long time there. It would have been nice, maybe if they had like a little spring. I dont know spring assist timer thats kind of asking a lot, but you know just like something if its on it just automatically goes boop and goes back off because whos going to leave their blinker on for over a minute. The seat super comfortable, no complaints there. I love the look of the seat. Itll be really nice to get some of those saddle bags, and you can see the connections for the saddle bags right here. These little little guys are holding on the fender, but you back those out.

You can put two cool. Looking saddle bags on the sides of those for extra storage and then like i was saying you know that skydio just the scratio has like a rubber pad on the bottom, so it wasnt sliding around on that plastic. But i would say itd be really easy to get like a bungee tie around here, like some kind of net system and just net all this in, if you needed to go all the way around the bottom and have a cool cargo net area right there. If you needed to man fit – and finish, is probably the best kind of feature on this bike that metallic flake paint – you know this kind of emerald green look is really pretty like. I was saying they have it in all those different colors, uh red, different shades of green. They have a candy apple, green as well, which also has this metallic flake in it. Just really nice looking its a fat little tire there, so youre getting um a pretty quality bike for the price i think its reasonable and for the amount of ride time im getting its barely even took a hit going four miles. You know dual disc brakes all over the place, um front and rear im loving the red anodized brake handles, and they got this really easy. Adjuster right here right in the handle to adjust the spacing as far as they are away from your hand, really cool.

The grips feel really good. Now i can feel like the rubber kind of getting bitey and grippy, since my hands have been on them for a while all the anodized aluminum is really good. Maybe the two cons i have on this thing, guys handlebars pretty low quality. Remember i was talking about the grip slits in them. Didnt seem like it was manufactured very well, and this just this top cover right here: kind of really weak, thin plastic, so id like to see them even use the same plastic, maybe a little thicker and then maybe coat this whole thing with some rubber matting and Also the cover with some rubber matting, so you get that kind of like you know how, like your foot, pegs, have that rubber on them and those are my two major cons. Everything else is better than i expected it to be honestly. The brakes work excellent. So we have pretty good quality front and rear disc brakes. Hydraulic brakes not very advanced on our screens here, but you dont need it to be advanced. You can put your phone on there if you want to do your gps. I had my skydio app up here and it was kind of helping me track that stinkin skydio, even though it wasnt working out too good, but it was kind of hard to see the phone from this angle with the glare with my glasses on but yeah like. I was saying for the screens: nothing special about them, but thats, okay, you got your voltage and your power on the left.

You got your mile per hour, your speed modes, one two and three and your your miles. Traveled total lets see if it resets that four for the trip, if i turn it all the way off and then, if i turn it on again, it still has my four miles so looks like maybe you cant reset your trip. Another bonus that i didnt expect was for it to have an alarm i mean like. I was showing you guys, initially pretty cool. You know you turn your bike off. You get off of it. It locks the steering where it cant turn left very much arm. Your little cool looking scooter going into the store or something i mean – somebody of course could put it in their truck if they wanted to, but they start touching it. You know at least you can run out and say: hey the suspension was fine. It was reasonable for a little scooter like this im, just kind of blown away at uh how fun it was the handling, excellent – and you know that 40 mile per hour, youre thats thats some pretty good speed for for a scooter. So, unless youre on the highway watching cars flying past, you um youre gon na feel, like thats thats enough speed. For this thing, anyway, guys, thanks again for tuning in to my m1 scooter review, super fun, go ahead and check out the links down below in the description. If you want to get your own check out, the website check out the different colors.

I have no doubt if you have the money for this, that you will not be disappointed in this scooter. It is fun. It looks like its good quality in everything that pretty much counts. You know those couple of cons. I talked about, but im having fun im.