If this camera is moving around, if you see the image moving it’s because the wind is blowing it all over the top of my jeep it’s sitting on my jeep right now, well, today, i’m out here with the wizard, the eachine wizard. This is the x220 version. 2. there’s been a lot of discussion about this drone on the internet. Some people love it. Some people don’t love it, and i really don’t know why, because i haven’t flown it yet but i’m about to and i’ll tell you which category i jump into. So when i first received this, i was like huh. This is very different: it’s, like old school and new school, stuck together old school, in that the esc’s are on the arms like right here you see them so in newer drones. Manufacturers stop doing that because you know if you’re flying through trees or something you can actually catch your esc and pull it right off your drone in the olden days that’s the way we flew all our drones. It was never a problem for me, but it was for some people, so manufacturers started taking them off the arms next thing is the motors are freaking huge next thing after that is the carbon fiber on here is massive it’s, like it’s built like a tank and Not only that is it built like a tank it’s also built to disassemble to replace parts quite easily, so from a build standpoint.

It’S built really well from what i can see uh. I really don’t know much about the flight controller. I’Ll have to tell you about that during the unboxing, the camera seems to be pretty good, it’s all analog. It weighs it weighs like a a ton of bricks. It’S got a lot of weight to it, so that’s. Why i’m out here today on this super windy day, because in a windy environment, if you’re flying fpv the heavier the drone the better? So this is big it’s heavy, it carries a gopro. It comes with the mount for the gopro, so it’s designed for that and banggood sent me the kit, the ready to fly kit. So mine comes with the controller, the included controller. So, a long time ago, when i first began into the fpv hobby, the very first drone i had was a falcon 250 it’s kind of reminiscent of this, and it came with a controller like this and that’s exactly how i learned how to fly. Fpv drones way back, then we didn’t have little drones and all the other cool stuff back. Then we had to fly the big massive drones like a 250 size, or this is a 220 size but yeah. I learned how to fly on this thing now. I do not know what the range is on this controller or a lot of other stuff on this controller anymore, uh, so i’m kind of leery about flying the drone far so i’m just going to take it out and keep it close to me and not fly Too far, but i’ll buzz it around here in the wind and we’ll, see how it does here we go all right.

So first thing we do on this controller is make sure all the switches are pushed away from us. They all are that’s all good, and then we just power it on it’s that simple. You have a little display down here and you’re all set to go and if you’re wondering the controller is bound to the drone there’s, nothing you have to do as soon as you turn it on. You can fly right away. The wizard does come with a battery. It comes with a 4 cell battery 1500 milliamps, so it’s a massive size, battery uh, so that’s all good, and just now that i have the controller and i’ll plug this in and yeah we’re ready to fly it’s that simple now for goggles, you need your own. So you can buy some really inexpensive, 50 goggles or anything you want from eachine. But i have my fat tracks here, which are super expensive and i’m going to fly with those because it’s just it’s an analog drone. So all the goggles on the market that are analog work with this now i have the gopro hero 7 up front that’s, going to record video, and if the gps works in here, hopefully it will also give us some speed. All right, it’s super windy out here, but the glasses are coming off. The fpv goggles are going on now the switch is on here. Let me see i can’t remember. I think this is whoa.

Okay, that was our okay. I know which ones are. I don’t know which one is acro motor angle. I think it’s an angle mode right now. So what i’m going to record is with the gopro hero 7 on the front and also record with my fat sharks, which is really low resolution. But at least you’ll see what’s displayed on the interface. Oh, my god. This controller is so weird in the hand all right, it’s in angle, mode let’s see how it flow. Oh, my god, the wind is just a blowing let’s see if it will even fly in angle mode. Okay, this is angle mode i’m, not gon na go too far cause. I don’t know what this radio is like. This is in the wind in angle, mode it’s, fast holy crap, i’m clearing the field, no matter where i go. This is fast. They advertise this for beginners. You could learn on it. Like i learned i’m flying in angle mode angle mode is like a stability mode and it’s doing really well in the wind. The wind is just a howling here, so yeah i’m going to keep a close by. I don’t mind if i smash this into anything, but there we go so let’s see there we go so as a beginner. This is what you would fly in angle mode for stability just to keep it uh, nice and stable flying around a field here, i’ll bring it this way over.

Behind my jeep there we go now watch this i’m just going to gun it down. Here. Look at this i’m just touching the throttle, look at how fast it’s going holy freaking crap that’s, like oh, my god. This thing is a way too fast and that’s in angle mode and after i did that little burst of power. I got a low battery warning. So the included battery um it’s a 75c, but for some reason uh, it just said: whoa you’re, sucking up too much power it’s like the esc’s, are drawing all the amps suddenly like uh. This is like a race drone. I think they packaged the race drone in a uh beginner drone i’m, not sure i’ll, see if i can find the switch for angle hang on. Is that it, i think, i’m, an angle. Now, oh, you know what i was flying an acro. This is angle. I don’t: i have no idea how these switches work: okay, so, i’m in angle mode. Now this is the stability mode. There we go, i can’t flip it. It stays perfectly flat. This is what a beginner would use. I was flying an acro before and that was stable all right. That means the flight controller on here is pretty darn good in the wind okay, i’m impressed with that now. I’Ve got four x’s flashing in front of me and a low battery that’s happening every now and then so i guess i sucked out all the juice out of this battery, so let’s bring it on back over here.

So this is angle mode and once again, just to tell you you cannot flip it. If i go all the way to the right that’s, all that happens all the way to the left. That’S. All that happens all the way forward. I can’t flip can’t flip can’t. Do anything so that’s why they call it a beginner drone, so you could learn on this and then, when you get good, you put it in acro mode and oh i’ve got the low battery going more and more i’m getting a low battery warning. So i don’t know if i’ve configured this correctly in beta flight. Actually i didn’t configure anything. To be quite honest. I just checked it out. Let me go back here and switch batteries. I don’t know where the arm switches on this thing – the wind is just blowing me sideways here. Let me just land it over here coming down on the ground. Applause. Well, that was in the arm, switch. What the heck would i hit that’s? What happens when you don’t know the controller that well, i went to hit the arm switch and i hit the whole throttle on full throttle straight up holy crap, so here’s. My drone down here that thundered way up in the air away into the ground. Let’S see what i destroyed well i’m missing a prop on here. Uh, it looks like i have to change props all right. Everything else looks like it’s. Okay looks like it survived.

That was kind of wicked. That was like a loser. Beginner mode on my part here, let’s go fix this up and fly it again. First things: first, the battery has got me confused i’m gon na check the voltage on this battery sure i got a battery checker in here somewhere all right. So is this lying to me how much voltage is left in this battery i’m at zero? I totally suck this battery dry holy crap, so that’s the prop i killed. I killed a blade on it. You can see there’s. Only two blades should be three sure you could fly with two yeah. Why not see if i have any purple props in my kit here, i usually don’t. Carry too many props with me, but we’ll see what i have. Aha, some purple prop all right. The end result is uh two purple props and i left two white ones on, because i can’t get the white ones off. I don’t know they are ratcheted on there too tight and i don’t have the tool to like pry them off. Let’S just make sure it flies uh. Sometimes drones don’t like when you have two different types of props on they vibrate too much so we’ll just see apply it line of sight all right. It hovers nice, so it seems like i didn’t kill it. I’Ll bring it over this way and i’ll put it over there. The arm switch on here is not where it should be here’s.

My problem, the arm switch on here i’m used to having arm switch on this side. The arm switch is this switch, so i’d have to reset it over here. But if you learn that way, it’s okay i’ve just learned this way so it’s very hard for me to get my thumb over here and hit that switch all right new battery let’s. Take it out, i still can’t, remember which switch is the friggin angle and acro. Oh here we go okay, so i’m in stability mode let’s find that switch for acro there we go that’s acro all right here. We go now that i know i’m in acro and not stability. Let’S miss the trees. There just try some little things: little flips, yep, so perfect, acro mode. I can honestly say i don’t know who this drone is for, because i wouldn’t quite call it a beginner drone, it’s too big and too dangerous for that, and i wouldn’t call it a professional drone, although it is really fast but it’s too heavy and too bulky For that, so i don’t know here: i’ll just bring it back to me now coming this way, let’s go buy these trees. There we go all right, so this guy flies really well in the wind i’m impressed with that. So the next thing i want to show you is: what comes in the box check it out and then come back to me and i’ll. Give you my final thoughts on this here.

Wizard check this out, alrighty captain drone unboxing. So this would be the box and inside the box, you’ll find your wizard it’s, pretty much all assembled there’s, not much to add to it other than the intent on the rear. You’Ll see that it’s a very nice looking drone, especially with the colors first thing. I noticed was how solid this drone is made. I do not have any drones in my collection that are built as solid as this. As noted in my review, the 30 amp esc’s are right on the arms. Now the brushless motors are rather large in size and extremely well protected. So in a crash, well there’s, not much that’s going to damage your motor. A fly sky receiver is included in the drone. The flight controller is an f4. It was very smooth in my test. Like the drone, flew really smooth a lot of people like an f7 flight controller, but this one’s an f4 and it has been updated because we have a usb c connector on it. The analog fox here camera seemed to be okay. You saw the video i showed. What it looked like the only problem with this camera is that it points upwards and you cannot have it point straight forward, which means, when you fly this drone as a pro or a beginner, then the drone has to tilt like that to go forward. So that means you’re going to be flying pretty darn quickly.

If you want to buy extra batteries, just make sure you get 4s batteries that have an xt60 connector. The video on the drone shoots out at 600 milliwatts, and they did include a quality antenna included in the kit, would be two sets of race. Star tornado, props. Four prop nuts are included. You also get a prop installation tool, some zip ties and extra screws. A mount is included for a gopro hero 7. If you have a gopro hero 6, it probably would fit as well battery grip and landing leg. Foot pads are also included. A four cell 1500 milliamp hour lipo battery is included along with a very basic charging system and it is an fpv drone, so stickers are included now, since this is a ready to fly kit, the radio is also included and it is already bound to the drone. So you just put batteries in the radio and power on the drone and you’re ready to fly. Everything is set up. Mine is a mode two radio that means the throttle’s on the left. You can get it in mode one if you wish not a lot of switches on it. It is configurable, so you can use this radio with other drones. If you wish, if you can connect it to the receiver, it does have to bind its full function. Radio out of the box, the radio is configured so that the switch at the far top left is the mode switch to go from angle mode to air mode and the arm switch is the next switch in you see how i have to reach for it, so That was my dilemma in the video now just in case we have beginners watching this video i’m going to show you how to put the props on so get the props out and the bag with the nuts.

And here we go so there’s a prop and you’ll notice. It has an arrow on it. Not all props come with arrows. This is designed for beginners, so that prop goes on that motor there’s, the other one make sure you put them on the right motor. So your drone is going to do some funky stuff, and it goes on that motor now take a look at the nuts you notice, there’s, two black ones and two silver ones. Look where the black ones go and look where the silver ones go. They do screw on differently, so one of them will turn clockwise. The other one will turn counterclockwise when all four are on. It looks like this also for beginners you’re going to want to make sure the motors are on tight a lot of times. The screws are loose so just tighten them they’re on the bottom of the motor. If you ever put a crossfire receiver in the drone, the back is designed for the crossfire antenna next we’re going to put on the landing foot pads. So you get a total of four and you just stick them onto the bottom of all four legs and when they’re all on it looks like that. Finally, if you own a gopro hero 7 attach the gopro hero 7 mount now. Let’S weigh the drone. It is 416 grams, if you add that massive included battery, it comes up to 574 grams and, if you add the gopro and the mount it’s 702 grams, so the first thing to say about this wizard is this: it killed my gopro check this out.

Let me just pull the gopro out look at this when i crash land at that time check out the back of my gopro here. Oh my god, the screen is smashed to pieces, it’s exploded, so uh yeah. It still works, but i can’t see squat on the back, so that’s, not a good thing. Next thing i want to say about this: is i really don’t know who this is? For you know on the box? It says the choice for beginners or something along that lines, but if you’re a beginner, i don’t think you would pick this like i’ve joked about many times before you could poke your eye out. This thing is too big, too heavy yeah. You could really hurt yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing and if this thing goes out of control, like you saw me searching for the switches on the included remote uh, it went out of control and i’m, like i’m experienced i’ve, been doing this for a Long time so all i say is uh: if you buy this as a beginner, be very, very careful on uh, you know flying it. Don’T fly it around other people because yeah you might things, might not go well and wear a helmet so other than that um. It flew well, it survived the crashes and the smashes and everything else my gopro didn’t, but this did so. I have to give it points for that, but is it? Is it a drone i would buy from myself as a pro you know, i’m, not i’m, not a pro.

I don’t make money off of flying fpv drones, but i fly every single one on the planet pretty much. I probably wouldn’t fly this one very much because it’s, like i say, it’s like old school and new schools stuck together and due to the fact that it’s heavy um, yeah it’s it’s, just it’s just very strange, but man does it move. It could really haul some butt, it goes and i wasn’t even giving it full power. Oh and that’s, another thing too: it really sucks the juice out of the battery. So i don’t know what the flight time is because every battery i stuck on here, it was just like it was like drawing all the power raid out of them like i’ve, never seen anything draw so many amps out of the battery so quickly that it was Depleting the battery, so this is definitely not a long flyer of a drone anyways. I probably sound like i’m, a little bit negative but that’s just because i’ve flown every friggin drone on the planet. So when i compare this to every freaking drone on the planet, it, in my opinion, uh it’s – probably okay – for somebody. If this is the only drone you have but there’s – probably some better drones out there. I don’t know what the price is on this, but if the price is really good, yeah maybe pick it up. But if the price is not good and it’s comparable to something else, then you might want to get the something else, but anyways what i’m going to do is uh since banggood sent me this, i didn’t buy.

This banggood sent this to me to review i’m going to put the links below and i’m sure they gave a discount code so check out the discount code. If it’s, a really good price, then certainly pick it up if it’s better than anything else, and you get the controller and all the other goodies that you saw in the unboxing. If that is an awesome deal for you then pick it up, have fun, be careful. That’S, all i could say all right guys hope you enjoyed this video.