This is uh basically well very similar to the radiomaster tx 16s, which i already reviewed as well as the 16 tx16s max the custom version so it’s. My theory i don’t have any actual proof but i’m pretty sure this is made by radiomaster under the direction of eachine under their sort of their specifications, because they eugene has made a lot of custom modifications to this and i’m just going to point out the differences. I will link in the video description the original review to the radiomaster tx16s that’ll cover this radio in more detail. I am just going to cover the differences here now, if you disagree that this is not made by radiomaster and you have some sort of proof about that. Um do. Let me know in the comments, because i’m pretty sure this is made by radio master enough. Eachine has somehow cloned the tx16s and even stolen the tx16s name blatantly like this, and you have proof for that. Do let me know in the comments below that’d be an interesting story. I’M sure people will just leave comments saying that they did with absolutely no explanation whatsoever. Yeah. Those aren’t very helpful comments. Of course, anyway, um again i’ll link the the original review down in the description you get the same sort of foam box that the radium master comes in, but of course, it’s branded eachine and you have a spare set of springs for the gimbals. Get a screen protector for the same size, 4.

3 inch screen a usb c cable for data and charging get the 18 650 battery tray. I think it takes also the 21 700 batteries as well. They did include this eachine branded receiver, so i think this is the r81. Yes, the dual antennas. This is the radiomaster r81 receiver, just rebranded under the eachine name, again that’s my theory, no proof but that’s i’m, pretty sure that’s the case and uh. That looks exactly the same now: the first 300 customers that buy this radio uh link down in the description, um we’ll get this for free and then, after, if your customer number 301. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting this, so i think what they did is they made a certain number of this in the first batch i’m thinking, probably like 500, and they stuck 300 of these in the first batch and i’m thinking. Maybe some of these ones should reviewers are possibly less than 300. Um are actually hidden inside here as a special little gift. But this you know this receiver is like nine bucks or whatever not a huge deal, but if you’re really price conscious, you know that could be a big deal for you all right. So let’s look at the radio right after that. The biggest difference here is the this six position switch. Basically, this button, these buttons are down below where the lanyard hook is instead of up here and on the original version. Now that may be easier to reach, not sure exactly um.

The button layout is the same, but the buttons are different, so you have these nice brown buttons here, so the metal buttons, and then these are a little bit raised over here, so sort of flush and the screen is the same same touch screen now. I know that um. When the original tx16s came out, there was like a regular version with a non touch screen and then a plus version or an upgraded version with the touchscreen i’m, pretty sure that they only sell the one with the touchscreen now and the or the uh. The lower version isn’t available anymore, so the touchscreen is just kind of available everywhere. Now the price difference here between the radiomaster and the eachine is like 10 bucks, so you’re saving like 10 bucks, going with the eachine version. The plastic here is okay. I think it pretty much is identical to the radiomaster version, not as nice as the max. Of course, you know with the custom, colors and everything and you have the same grips in the back same door in the back here for the battery uh. Of course, the same cover for the module bay comes with the same four in one internal multi protocol module uh, so it’s got the four chips. It does have upgraded uh firmware for the the module itself. I think is 1.3.1. Something i’ll show you that here in a second all of the other switches here at the top are exactly the same.

The dials are the same. The detents on or the stiffness on on these front dials are pretty good and the details center, pretty nice, the ones on the sliders on the side here are the same as the radio master they don’t really center. The detent is there, but doesn’t really hold it’ll. Get pushed out of the way pretty easily on both sides on the top. You have the same antenna, it’s, not removable. So, basically, back and forth, like that, you have a little cover here as before. You got your trainer port and your usbc uh connector for the computer, so you can use it as a joystick or usb storage. If you have a micro sd card in the bottom, and it does come with a micro sd card in the bottom it’s a 256 megabyte card, this usbc port on the bottom here is for charging and i just actually charge the battery inside. And then you have your other additional auxiliary pins there for like um other functions, i think it’s a yard or i’ve it’s the same as before. I’Ve never actually used those in the old radio so i’m, not really sure what those are for yet and then the other difference here on the top is these little screw holes here, which i think are think are m3 holes little metal screw holes here, um, possibly For some sort of 3d printed mount for like a monitor or something like that as i’m thinking.

This is what this is for. I don’t believe the original tx16s has that and um is that something also that’s new. Now, when you go into the radio settings here, you can see that it has like all these little scripts here, including the tbs agent lights, by the way, there’s. No modifications needed for this radio just like the radio master for full speed, crossfire that comes built in on the box, no mods needed for that. But they do include these extra lewis grips, including the tbs agent light already pre built into the radio, and then the most important and the biggest difference in hardware is the gimbals. So the gimbals themselves are the same in terms of the feel the sticks are the same in the same term same in terms of the adjustment, the same aluminum cnc, aluminum fascia there hall sensor, gimbals very nice, but all the adjustments in terms of the travel and The tension are adjustable on the front instead of in the back, so they have these. I think these are one point 1.5 millimeter hex drivers, and you just need one of those to either loosen them or tighten them. I’Ll put up here on the screen, what they are in terms of clockwise or versus counterclockwise and yeah there’s, basically, adjustments for the vertical and then for the horizontal it’s going to be these holes here. So this is on the yaw axis and over here on the roll axis.

It is right there, so you have to move the gimbal down to access that adjustment. If you want to adjust the tension now, the ratcheting that’s in the left throttle here and i’m, not sure if you can hear that or not, but that you still have to get into the back. Just take off this back cover here and then there’s a hole in the back where you can loosen that up and uh get rid of that tension. If you don’t want to have that now one of the things that they were advertising and uh, you know they did put some extra stuff into this radio. Is they have these built in models? So this is like the eachine t28. So, as you know, each team they make a bunch of stuff, they make all these little airplane models: the t28, the f4u, the corsair and the p51d. For example. They have all of these models, pre programmed in the radio, so let’s go here and model select here and you can see these are the ones that are all the models different htmls, that they have come out recently and they have these all pre programmed with, like Um, let me just go back into the model itself, and so, if you actually go into the model itself, they have actually have all the settings in there, including like switches, um all the channels in terms of like uh in terms of the positioning and also the Direction should be correct, yeah, even like things like curves and special functions, with uh with voices and then like throttle cut.

For example, all that stuff has been programmed in here, which is great, and i have um. I have been able to bind it so go in here and they actually do have the correct protocol selected. The v761 so i’ll go ahead and turn this on, and then you do as you hit the bind, then we go to bound and then none of the channels seem to be working. I can’t change any of the uh control surfaces or the throttle. Nothing works here. It’S disarmed changing the flight modes or armed none of those seem to work. Well, though, it does seem like it’s bound, and you can hear the flight controller is active, so it’s bound, but for whatever reason none of the channels are active. So i think i’m missing something here and there is nothing in the instruction manual explaining some special switch i’ve. Actually i’ve gone through all the switches here. Can i get this to actually do anything i mean it seems like they went through all this trouble to set up this model in such a way, so it’ll be like good to fly and it’ll work with this particular setup, but they didn’t include instructions on how To get it to actually work past the binding stage, so i i must be either missing something really obvious, or they just screwed up something in the programming i’m, not sure. If somebody out there knows, let me know down in the comments, because i’m really kind of i kind of actually just want to steal the model and put it into another radio, because this setup is actually really nice for this.

For these little toy planes – and i actually i actually like the setup – but i can’t seem to get it to work so it’s kind of funny. They went through all this trouble to put this nice model in here with all these fancy settings, but they didn’t bother to include instructions in the box on how to actually properly get it to work. So, typically, your sheen kind of frustrating but yeah it’s in there i’m sure i’m, just probably missing something pretty obvious that they just didn’t include the instructions for. So if you, if you know what it is, let me know down in the comments below and i’ll. Maybe i’ll make a future video and pass it on to people, because i just want to steal the model itself and put it into another radio and practice. I want to put into my tea light, so you can use it on that one instead of this one, because i actually prefer these smaller radios over these big ones anyway. That’S going to do it for this one um yeah bottom line it’s pretty much identical to the radiomaster version, with some minor changes i just said, and then the gimbal adjustments being on the front. Um is nice uh? If you want to make those quick adjustments without having to get the covers off the back yeah that’s, a that’s, a plus otherwise not a whole lot of difference, uh the scroll wheels pretty much the same.

All the buttons feel pretty much. The same operates pretty much. The same, they have updated the firmware and they have, of course, the fancy eachine models in here, but other than that it’s not a whole like really no difference whatsoever. Okay, that’s gon na do for this video.