In this episode. I am going to show you the new radio by eachine, so this is the eachine tx16s and it’s designed for the rc hobby. Now the rc hobby, if you’re a newbie is basically rc stands for remote control. So just think anything remote control in the hobbies like planes, helicopters, fpv drones, which i love, and then you have boats and you have cars and whatever else you want that you want to control remotely with some sort of radio. Now, of course, a lot of you out, there probably have dji products, autel hopsin, femi or drones, with cameras on them, that is the rc hobby, but it’s the beginner rc hobby. So in other words, when you bought all that stuff, everything came in a box. So you don’t need anything else, but if you get into the true rc hobby, you have to buy everything yourself. So if you buy a plane well, then you need a radio and you better own one so that you can connect to that plane and configure in any way you wish. So this radio by eachine is new on the market and it’s a multi protocol radio. In my opinion, multi protocol radios are the best radios for the rc hobby out there. Now they call this the eachine tx16s and if that name sounds familiar to you, that is because radiomaster, a very popular company that makes radios that they can’t keep in stock because everybody buys them is the maker of this radio.

So they have the radio master tx16s right here and the eoshin tx16s and you’re, probably going well that’s kind of silly. You just change the name on them and that’s pretty much it well in many ways. Yes that’s true, because the internals are all the same. Both have the hall gimbals, which are super popular they’re, both multi protocol same number of channels same battery power. They both have the ability to charge the batteries you stick in them. Whatever type of batteries you decide to put in to power these things, they can charge them up. They both have a 4.3 inch. Touchscreen ips display that’s uh, pretty cool to have, and they both have voice. Oh, and i should mention they also work with simulators. So if you have a flight simulator on your computer, these work with flight simulator. So let me just show you the voice. If i turn this on uh, i might complain that my gimbals are, or my switches are wrong – welcome to tx pretty loud isn’t it and it’s still talking there. We go all right, so those are sounds. I stuck in the radio and that’s the great thing in the rc hobby because you can configure anything the way you wish and i’ve got lots of videos on how i configured this radio and other radios like it. So then, now you’re probably wondering well then steve um. Why don’t? I just buy the name brand radio master instead of the eachine brand, well there’s, a few differences, and if the differences between the two get you to buy one over the other, then that’s.

How you pick so, let me tell you right now: there’s not much for differences, so the first difference between the two is: you can see up here. I’Ve got these buttons on the top that i can select. They’Ve just moved them lower. The next difference is one. I really like, and that is these buttons on the side which are very square. You know you press them in on this here: radio they’re very round and uh yeah. So to me, i like the round ones better, so this one i like the buttons better. I don’t really care about where these other buttons have been moved, that’s more for people into the plane, hobby, rc planes or other things. What else well on my radio here, it’s a pro version, so i have a metal uh handle that goes up and down and on this one it’s fixed this one. Here you can adjust the gimbals there’s little screws around the gimbals. I can’t see if my finger’s, pointing at the right spot, i don’t know i’ll hold it over to this camera. You can see little holes here so on this one. You can adjust the tension of your gimbals and some people like them to be a certain way. I like it right out of the box it’s fine on this one here, you’ll notice, i have no screw holes or anything i’m looking over at my camera over here, no screw holes. So, in order to adjust this one, i have to take the back off and do some adjustments, whereas this one i can go for through the front.

Also, i find the sliders on the side. I don’t use the sliders, but if i did uh on this ishin one they’re tighter they’re very loose on the previous model. Oh and i should mention – i have a little antenna sticking up here. You probably notice that’s, because i put a crossfire unit in the back, and i can just take that out. Stick it in this one. If i want they both use crossfire, so there’s no difference there, but other than that they’re pretty much the same. This one might look different in color because i configured it that way when i ordered it with all the colors and you pay a little bit of a premium for that. But if i just bought a black one, it’s less now the biggest difference that’s going to make you probably buy the eachine one over the radio master is the price. For some reason, this is cheaper than this. They are both sold on the same store banggood. So you can buy the radio master and pay – i don’t know 20 or 30 dollars more than you can buy the yushin so right now the eachine is your best bet, that’s the one to get, and i believe this video probably has a discount code below so It’S, even cheaper, so what i’m going to do next is i’m going to show you really quickly. What comes in the box? Uh where’s, my box here’s, the box i’m, going to show you what comes in this box when you get this here.

Radio check this out here we have the box for the tx16s and on the box. You do have the features of the radio shown here. As soon as you open the box, you have the manual and all the specifications for the radio are shown here. The radio does come in a storage box, and if we open that storage box, we see the radio and it is well designed – and it does feel solid in the hands and it does have the hall effect gimbals, which is really good. You can put a crossfire module on the back if you want super long range plug in a usbc cable here and the other end into your computer. If you want to fly flight sims, it does have a metal scroll wheel, and i do like the button layout and design on this radio. It also has a touch screen display if you wish to charge up the batteries in the radio. The usbc charging port is at the bottom. You also have a micro sd card that comes with the radio it’s, not a very good one, so you’ll want to copy the files off it onto a good one. The color screen is very bright and viewable outdoor in sunlight, comparing the two radios side by side. You can see there’s very few differences even on the radios themselves. There’S, a sticker on each saying that they’re made by radio master other items included in the box would be a receiver iashin receiver that you can put in a plane, drone car truck boat and control it.

You also get a screen protector, a usbc, cable and some extra springs alright. So with all that said, there’s not much more to say other than but it’s a really good radio and you’re, probably saying hey, but you haven’t used it. You haven’t flown anything with it. Well, i did. I flew a drone around my house here. I’Ll fly one now so here we go. I have an iashin sini fun right here, and this is the drone and i just have to attach a battery, and i can fly it it’s that freaking simple so with the hull gimbals on here uh. It makes it so easy to maneuver and do stuff and it’s beeping away. Let’S, see it’s already connected it’s that good angle. There we go so i’ve got an angle mode, and if i move this out of the way, i can fly it right here. Let me see, can you see it in there there we are take it up. This here. Drone actually has a 4k camera on it, built into it. So here i’m, keeping it low it’s getting the the ground effect happening, but there we go i’ll just put it down. So all i can say is yeah. If you need a radio for the rc hobby, then this is probably the best one on the market. Right now, at the best price, oh – and the other thing i forgot to mention – is these little dials up here.

These two potentiometers are super nice on this one on the other one they feel really plasticky. I don’t know why all right guys, if you have questions on this radio post them below, and i will get back to you and the links to where you can find this radio with the discount codes, are below check it out. And if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and i’ll catch you in the next one.