He was first to say first in one of my recent videos and thus was just shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101 here and i got a really really neat airplane for you today. This is the east sheen spitfire and follow on to the uh eachine warbird series of uh aircraft ive been a fan of the war birds that uh ishii has been putting out. Actually, volantex, i believe, is the one the companies actually makes this, but ive been a real big fan of these ever since they came out with the p51, the mini mustang. This one blew everybodys minds when they first came out the way this thing could fly its amazing and im, hoping that this is similar to flight performance to the p51. I really like the p51, as you see its a keeper of mine, its one of the quadcopter 101 keepers, but whats special about the uh youve seen spitfire. It comes ready to fly folks um. You dont have to set up a transmitter with it, although you can and ill discuss that here shortly, you can, if you wish, but you can, it comes with its own transmitter. All you need to do is charge up. The batteries put put some double a batteries. Four of them in this transmitter and youre ready to go to go, fly thats the big advantage, this very particular aircraft um its 400 millimeter wingspan. So you know its its a mini aircraft, but its still respectable, respectable little plane, um its true four channels.

So what what do i mean by true four channel? Well, we have rudder control, we have elevator control, theres, the elevator control and we even have aileron control along with throttle control. So two four channel aircraft with lr included in those channels, um things about it – lets see its crash resistant epp. I think i mentioned that already its powered by a 1020 brushed motor. This is not a brushless aircraft, it does have a brush motor. However, its a 1020 brushed motor – these are pretty powerful motors for brush class and the p51 also has im still on the original motor on my p51. So they do. You know, brush motors, do fail with time with age. However, you know it should give it respectable amount of time before you do need to change that particular motor and, i think um in the um instruction manual. They go over how to do repair on the aircraft. So this stuff, the instruction manual comes with this – is pretty well written, so it goes into good details on everything you need to know so before flying this, i highly recommend you guys read that whole instruction manual before going out to attempt to fly the super liquor Aircraft – okay, i mentioned 1020 brush motor. The propellers are quick, disconnect they pop off. In a crash i mean i aint gon na pull it off already crashed just in the house folks playing around with it, and it did a quick disconnect so um.

The idea of the quick disconnect propeller is uh. You want to minimize potential for damaging your propeller along with the motor and the motor shaft. The propeller will come off in a crash, so when you, if you do crash, make sure you look around after you pick up that aircraft make sure you got your propeller because its probably laying in the ground next to the aircraft when you find it. But again, all you need to do if it pops off is just push it back on again it pops right back on just push it on, so it is powered by a 3.7 volt 400 milliamp per hour battery, and this is one of them you get two Or three, depending on you know what you order, i recommend getting the three version, because it only adds two dollars to the total cost of the aircraft and you get three batteries in that case because you are going to want to want to continue flying this aircraft. Its a lot of fun, however, its a brushed motor so always remember folks, with brush motor aircraft. You want to give about 15 minutes of rest time between flights to allow that motor to cool down, and that will improve your motor longevity. Okay, dont do back to back flights. Okay, i just landed pop another battery and set it back up in here. You will wear out that motor prematurely, if you do that so dont – do that folks, um the controller on this thats provided its a reasonable controller um.

It has 200 meter range on the controller, so you should be able to fly this as far as you can see that aircraft this aircrafts going to get real, tiny, even at about 100 meters. So, keep that in mind yeah, i doubt youll – be able to manually fly it at 200 meters, because yeah youre gon na have a hard time seeing this at 200 meters. But lets go over the controls on this um. It is four channel as as expected. So this is your throttle. This is your rudder. This is your elevator, and this is your ailerons right and left on your ailerons its available only in mode 2. Unfortunately, folks so for the you mode, 1 flyers out there youre going to have to go with an external multi protocol transfer. Well, go over that again, as i mentioned here shortly – how to do that, but the buttons on this we do have trim control for the uh ru or the air elevator, and also for the ailerons. We have trim control for that, along with trim control for the rudder. Now, the throttle trim is not really throttle trim. This is for setting one key return now this has one key return ability now. What is one key return? It is not return to home. Okay, one key return. Let me say that again is not return to home. Instead, what this does is, if you set the aircrafts direction, to take off and stay in that direction there and you.

You connect the controller to the aircraft and then push this button, while its on the ground upward that sets the base flying direction forward. Okay and if you press this button downward, while its flying the aircraft will automatically turn around and fly in the exact opposite direction that it was pointed when you set that direction on the ground. So you know its, you said its take off direction by pushing up on this button, and then you activate the one key return turn around and all it does is turn around again and fly back in the exact opposite direction was pointed at takeoff. So again, that is not true once or a true return home if this is off to the right or off to the left of your flying position, and you turn this on. This actually can fly away from you, so do not depend on that as a return to home feature. It is not other buttons on this. It has a stunt button. You press this button here and then you tell it to roll right or left and it will do a roll right or left by pressing that button okay button and then tell which direction to roll. Now this button here it has three modes: flight, three flight modes, beginner intermediate and expert in beginner mode. This is fully stabilized folks, um. You know it has a maximum roll angle and a maximum pitch angle that it will not exceed, and that is to let beginner flyers or new flyers um be able to control this aircraft without rolling it over or flipping it over and crashing it.

Okay. If, if youre flying this thing in beginner mode, all you need to do is, if you get into trouble, is just let go of the sticks, and this aircraft will automatically write itself and level itself now in intermediate mode, which is the center position here. Um that turns off – or at least it did in the p 51. I dont know if its the same on this one well find out, but that turns off the pitch angle restrictions. So if you pull back on the stick now we can roll upside down. If we wish and actually do loops thats the idea youre able to do loops and some barrel rolls too, if you put in throw in some uh aileron with those those loops, you could actually do some complex stunts. However, i dont think that at least the p51 did not allow you to do a pure roll when you put it into intermediate mode. To do that, you need to go to expert mode which turns off all of the angle restrictions. You know the right, left and up down angle restrictions, so you can go full acrobatic or aerobatic with this aircraft in expert mode and if you get into problems just flip it back forward again and itll automatically write itself. Okay, i mentioned that this aircraft has automatic stabilization, but what does that mean in terms of the control surfaces? And i just want to show you that real quick um to turn on the aircraft it does not have an on off switch.

I wish they would put on our switches on this, but you plug in the battery like so and im just going to slightly close the door here, because i want to turn off that battery here shortly, but put it on a flat level surface and then turn On the transmitter like so and it should bind to the aircraft and it does okay, so now before you fly, you always should check your control. Surfaces make sure theyre all centered when theyre connected to the transmitter. If not, one thing that you can do is calibrate the gyros on the aircraft for level position like this by bringing both sticks while its connected down, and outward like this until you hear a beep and then the control center themselves, if theyre still not centered. After doing that, then you may need to do some adjustments on the control surfaces by pinching or extending these little. U hooks here in in the uh control rod uh, you pinch them, bring them down and extend them to give it a little more room. But again you want to have centered surfaces before takeoff and and this does now right now the gyros are activated and you can hear them watch what happens to like the ailerons when i turn it to the left, see how they put point upward thats going to Push it back down until it levels, and now this ones extended. So you know go right and left, and this will automatically try to level itself in beginner mode again, with up and down on the controls notice, the elevator going up and down Music as we move.

The aircraft up and down so thats how the gyros stabilize that again, if we turn it off by moving forward like so they no longer work. Okay, that stabilization system no longer work works its only looking for inputs from the controls, okay, thats, how the stabilization system works. Now i mentioned that you can also connect this to the um to an external multi protocol transmitter like this little tea light. Here again, you need to use v761 protocol. I dont know if i mentioned that yet or not, but this uses v761 protocol, at least with my tea light and to bind it. You got to turn the tea light on first and then unplug and replug in the battery so and it should be connected now. I think i might need to go up and down on the throttle or maybe i need to go in the menu and bind it. Okay um again i mentioned this uses v761 protocol, but with this particular aircraft i think you have to manually bind it each time. If i remember correctly so im going into my, i already have it set up for spitfire with the v761 protocol. Then we enter and then we scroll up until we get to the bind menu, which is on page two and i got ta go down here and go to the right and then select enter and there we go it spawned. Now i heard it move. Okay, yeah now i got control of it.

So again you might need to actually bind this use. The bind control um to connect this each and every time this one automatically connects, but this one i i found that i need to provide some input. Let me check these surfaces because im when we go flying im going to demonstrate this also im going to fly with this one here, um on a side note this button here, at least with mine. My setup here is for setting the uh headless mode direction. You go like that or the one key return direction by moving that up and down, and i think you activate it by going the opposite direction like that. I dont remember well see when we go fly and additionally, this button here, i believe, is for beginner all the way forward. Let me make sure yeah we still got control, gyro control and then intermediate. We still got gyro control, but now i can exceed the full limits and the fall forward is expert, but i got some problems with mine watch ill show. You see it gives weird rudder or weird aileron deflections in expert mode, so i dont know about using that. For expert boy, i got a high x expo set on this. I just noticed that now this is going to be interesting. Flying with this one well see, okay, so that is the spitfire from eachine another. In the warbird series, i really like their warbird series again. Folks, i cant say enough about them: theyre, so cool, so lets, take it out in the flight or out to the field and see how it flies.

So i hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101 here and welcome to a beautiful day here in erie pennsylvania. This is about as beautiful as its going to get for this time of year. Folks, i i dont expect to see the sun until april, so were going to fly the mini uh spitfire today, okay to fire, this up, we need to plug in the battery. Let me put the controller between my legs. There hold it. There wish they had three arms, but i dont and we plug in the battery. Now i do wish this did come with an on off switch. Unfortunately, it does not, and the on off switch is plugging in the battery like so and were going to put it on the ground here. Im going to point it in this way, because i want to set this as the headless mode direction. Its gon na fly back when i activate headless mode. Its gon na fly the opposite direction, but were gon na turn on the transmitter and wait until we see a beep, which means we are bound to the uh airplane. Now, before i arm the motors with an up and down on the throttle, were going to set that headless mode direction or one key return direction lets point it that way, so we hold this up until it until we notice the rudder twitching back and forth, like That so, when i activate headless mode by pushing down the airplane, should fly the opposite direction, so were good there.

The next thing to do is arm the motors by up and down on the left, throttle. Okay, that motor should be armed, and it definitely is so. We are ready to go now. I do want to make sure im in beginner mode, beginner mode, okay and double check that our stabilization system is operating and it seems to be so. We should be good to go now. The wind is coming from that direction. Light breeze so were going to toss it that way after doing throttle wow. This is somewhat fast. Okay lets lower the throttle down thats better. Now we can fly it slow im flying at about one fifth throttle, and it flies nicely lets activate that one key return pushing down here. It comes look at it. It flies s turns on its way back, so lets go. Take control again cutting throttle going back in that direction. I want to do it one more time. One key return, its turning back and it does s turns lets reduce throttle to bring it back down now, so that actually works. Okay, taking control cutting the throttle were gliding. Now i want to see this glide from way up there coming back toward us, its gliding gliding gliding, nice glider. I kind of knew this would fly nice. The spitfire is one of my favorite planes, folks that in the mustang and thats, why i got these to review. I asked for the mustang and i asked for the spitfire.

I knew the spitfire was going to come out eventually and sure enough. It did okay. So we demonstrated one key return: lets go into that intermediate mode. The reason i want to do that is lets see if this can do loops. Yep. Okay lets do the automatic thats a barrel roll see if i can come down in here closer, so you can see it its way up. There lets do a high speed pass blast and have it do a a roll? If i can get it down, come down here, reducing throttle, reducing throttle. Okay lets come around this way, press that button. Oh it does nice roll doesnt it see. If you can see that closer it does a nice roll and again im in intermediate mode. Now it does real hard turns too lets bring it close now, real close if i can and lower lowering that throttle its just whats the climb its a beautiful flyer. Folks, it really is see how fast it could turn lets. Do that again again, i am in intermediate mode intermediate awesome mode folks by the way lets do this barrel roll. I love this plane. You fly this thing. You are going to be making motor noises. I guarantee lets come down again. Reducing throttle loosen throttle stalled. It there stalled it. I cut off the throttle entirely as were going into the wind here, so lets bring it closer boy. It just wants to climb come down here.

If this thing only takes this much throttle, look at that and its climbing this could probably fly a long time. I cant get it down the only way youre going to get it done, folks, its probably giving it downward elevator lets. Try that there we go wonderful plane, i mean wonderful plane, volantex eachine did it again, isnt that awesome and its with a 1s battery thats. When the p51 came out, everybody was amazed that a 1s aircraft could fly like that, and this ones no exception too. Oh its awesome, i love it. Lets see. What have we done? Lets go to expert nope come on expert intermediate were going to keep it intermediate. Folks again, this is my maiden flight with this thing, so im not comfortable. Yet we are going to try, though, flying this with the um jumper, though the tea light im gon na have to give it downward elevator again to come close to me wonderful plane, this spitfire battle, britain Laughter, so you folks, are probably gon na want the the Or two to go with this, so you can have yourself your own aerial battles in the air um. I think you can fly two together. You just bind them separately, find one first and then bind the second one and you should be able to fly them together. Oh, look at that thing turn coming around yeah. This is another keeper i knew it would be just like the p51.

I love the p51 and i like this one now its awesome yeah. I remember when the p 51 came out. I said i betcha volantex is going to come out with a whole series of these. That would be neat if they did and they sure enough did now. All thats missing, i think, is the zero. We havent seen the zero yet from volantex. So i bet you thats next, i bet you thats next, oh, i bet you the zeros next and that would complete it. Then, with the zero i get the warhawk too. I love this plane. This is a neat one p54. This spitfire, i knew this – would be neat. Okay were going to run this until the battery runs out, then were going to switch to the t, light im going to see how it flies with the t. Light transmitter im flying with a stock transmitter now awesome plane again you get in trouble just like other sticks, im in intermediate mode get in trouble like on the sticks, turn it turn it turn it put it back toward me and okay lets bring it down again Again to get it down here, though, you got to give it downward elevator because it wants to climb even at the lowest throttle position. Nida, wonderful, plane, wonderful, wonderful! I used to say that it shows my age saying that wonderful, wonderful, wonderful id give it some lets. Give it some rudder here, ive been doing just aileron turns cool plane, reducing throttles its just still climbing still climbing climbing coming down here.

Maybe if i go downwind itll come down, give him a downward pitch downward pitch coming around this way now got ta. Give it a little more throttle boom were at half throttle now. So i guess that battery is wearing down a bit coming around coming around lets. Try the tricks barrel, roll or thats aileron roll aileron roll expert mode. I got to practice with the expert mode im not going to come on im not going to expert mode today, folks, not until i get a good feel for this plane so coming down trying to bring it down. You want to run the other way. Again. I got the wind where the direction im facing right now. All i want to do is go zoom, zoom, zoom, so uh, beginners mode lets go back to beginners for beginners yeah. If you cut the throttle down, this would be a good beginners plane with the throttle low, careful its going to want to climb um its even nimble one beginner mode um, you give it too much throttle itll go fast and again to bring it down im having To give it downward elevator yeah downward elevator right now, okay, beginners, im gon na keep it in beginners mode reason. Being i can do these uh close passes with it close passes, cool planet isnt. It yeah im curious what the flight time is with that 1s battery uh. I think the p51 was about seven minutes. If i remember correctly well see if we can get seven minutes out of this, maybe longer because this one seems to be very efficient zuma spitfire and my favorite world war, two planes spitfire uh mustang and the warhawk, i like the warhawk too reason why i, like The warhawk is, i had a cox, airplane warhawk and i loved how that one would fly control line.

Of course back then, i had to do a series on control line planes because i got the motors a little nitro motors, but that would require me to do some balsa wood building again i havent done that in years, since all these ready to flies came on It the cheap ready to fly us like this one, its flying for a good long time, aint it. You still got power for yeah. I still got power for a roll. That was an auto roll lets. Do that again, coming by coming by its that hard to do its all harder just to do our roll bugs you just press the button and say which direction to roll it. Does it real? Well, it doesnt seem to lose any altitude while doing it lets get it down low and do it. Well that time i lost some altitude. I cut back on the throttle to try to bring it down here: cool, plane, cool plane. I hear another plane. I dont see him, i think, hes above the clouds, but we are outside of five miles of erie international, so this is a good spot to fly yeah. This certainly is seems to be a long flyer going back to intermediate see if we got more power to do any more loops yeah. We still do, although it is getting a little bit more, requiring more and more throttle. So even an intermediate, let go of the sticks, it levels itself.

Like other sticks, it levels itself. Let let go the sticks, it levels itself lets see. Lets lets get real weird, let go the sticks. Oh, that was weird. I put it in a weird position, but it did level itself eventually that was a strange thing to do. Lets try that again throttle i can go the sticks there. You go level itself so yeah again for beginner, pilots stay in intermediate or beginner mode. Well, let go the sticks, itll straighten itself. You will need to remember to turn it toward you. You know how to control uh the direction its going, so it dont fly out of well lets. Do that one key return, one more time lets go over there because it seems to forget one key return: yeah, i forgot about it. Doesnt know which way it is right now you remembered it in the beginning, but now not so much cutting back the throttle trying to bring it back here motors starting to get weak again im going to fly until it dont fly that little 400 milliamp per hour. 1S battery is flying this thing. Oh there we go thats it the motor stops when the batterys done. Okay, i have a second battery so hold on folks. While i go get it and well try it with the uh tea light so hold on folks. Okay, i had the tea light powered on and i just plugged in the battery lets see if we do have bind or if im going to have to manually, bind it.

I guess im going to have to manually, bind it so going into the menus hold on folks. Well, i do such model and then model and then up to bind there. It is and right and then enter to select, bind and do we have bind yes, we do now we get bind so checking left, checking right up down, left right or right rudder, so we should be good to go and the throttle is armed. So we are good, so lets get it in the air im gon na put my glasses back on first, i took my glasses off folks, so i could see the menus there up close okay. We got a little bit breeze coming from that direction. Now so lets try the tea light with this. Okay, tea light is flying it again. I am using v761 protocol um. Some of these volantex birds require uh mt9, or is that right, mt99 protocol um, but some of them do not. Some of them are weird like this. One require v761 protocol. Okay um, its very docile right now ill. Tell you that, with the controller lets go to intermediate, can i do a oh im, not intermediate. I thought it was okay, cutting back so maybe uh. I dont have the switches set up for intermediate its just beginners road mode. Only so im gon na have to research that a bit but yeah you can fly it with the mt 99 as im showing here and with that you can adjust the expos.

You know to get harder turns harder banks if you want right now this ones doing. Okay, i guess with the mt99, so im not going to do a full flight in this one. We know what the battery time is, but i just wanted to demonstrate really that you can fly it with a multi protocol transmitter and again its v761 protocol, not v 761, for this one flies nicely. Oh, i like i like the spitfire. I think most people do its one of the better planes. I thought it came out of world war ii that in the mustang give it a little more throttle. So yeah were gon na call quits here folks. I just want to demonstrate again really just that you can fly it yeah, i dont know coming around lets activate that one key return, one key return, turn it off one key return off that did something weird im, not sure that was one key return, but lets Bring it in were gon na call quits. I just wanted to again show you that you can fly it with this thing, bring it in for our landing, see how close i can get it. Not very. It wins. Winds messing up my yep there we go close enough, so so the eachine velontex spitfire, awesome, plane. Folks, hope you enjoyed this flight quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again, hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel its real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right.

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