So congratulations good morning, quadcopter one and one here with a neat review of a neat new drone. 'It'S just come out. This is the e Xin novice 3 ready to fly fpv kit. It comes with everything you need to fly fpv out of the box. This transmitter is already bound to that drone ready to go. These goggles are already set to the frequency that the drones transmitters on, even though it also has auto scan just in case it is you'll, be able to find it, but let's go over what you get here. This is actually a nice kit. Now, as I mentioned before, this is intended for well, I wouldn't say this one's for a beginner fliers folks. This is a little bit much too much for a beginner flyer, but I would say for intermediate fliers that have one want to enter into fpv. This would be a really good kit for you, folks, it's ready to go out of the box. We get a very nice drone. The novice 3 drone again it's a little bit too much punchy for a beginner to be flying, but an intermediate flyer should have no problem with this particular drum and again everything else. You need to go. Let'S go over real, quick. What you get you get! The AV 800 d goggles – these are very nice goggles. No, you know they're not top of the line goggles, but they are good Goethals for intermediate intermediate pilots wishing to enter into fpv.

Also you get this a sheen er a transmitter. I'Ll, go over this a little detail to here shortly, let's start off with the goggles first off again i mentioned you get the ER for evey 800 goggles. These have been around for a while. They are reasonably good. Goggles believe these pop off this yeah. This does pop off if you want to just use the screen only, but if you want actual goggles, where you put it up against your head, you can do such so for those countries that don't allow you to use goggles that you have to use a screen. Well, they are screen is also fpv, monitor, screen or goggles. You know just snap them on and off. Let me try to snap it back on again and slide it back on there we go and it becomes goggles. Now I mentioned it has Auto scanning capability. It'S 40 channels receives 40 different channels, including including race band and yeah. You receive them by. You can search for them by first turning on the goggles, which would be that switch there, holding it done and then clicking the search button and it will scan through the frequencies to find the frequency of the fpv transmitter from your drum now I mentioned. This is all should be already set up ready to go, connect it to your drone, but in case it isn't just hit that search button, and it will find the frequency of the transmitter.

It also comes with a, I believe, it's right hand, circular polarized antenna, although this drone is not using a polarized antenna, you're ready, this will work with it, but you know you have it in case. You do want to switch to a different drone with polarized antennas. This will work with them too. It has a five inch diagonal screen. Very, let me actually pop it off again to show you that screen five inch diagonal screen, so this is actually a pretty big screen for for goggles it's 800 by 480 pixel resolution, which is reasonable resolution for this size goggles. It does have a built. In three point: seven volt 2000 milliamp per hour battery, so you don't have to use an external battery pack to power this one. The battery is already built in ready to go and other things you get with these goggles let's go over what comes in the box. With this, you get an AV, cable, there's, an AV out or video output. So if you want to connect this to a DVR or an external on earth to view the video you can do, such it comes with this little power cable for powering the goggles from an external power source. If you don't want to use that internal battery or that worth that internal battery wears down, you can just plug another battery in there via this little red jst connector, to keep powering it and it comes with its charger, and this is the charger it's, a micro Usb or it's a USB charger, with this little micro pin that plugs in to the charging side, which is here right there plugs in there and there's the AV, but there's the video output port right there AV.

Actually, I think it has sound to outwit, but let's see what else do you get? You get a little micro, fiber cleaning cloth for the goggles and finally, this little bag for carrying the dog goggles carrying bag? Okay. The other thing you get in this box is the itching er a transmitter. Okay, this is actually pretty capable transmitter. It has four three position: switches, two of them already set up for the drone. This will be your arming switch. I believe you come down like this. Another alarm – and this switch here is set up for toggling between a crow all the way forward and stabilized mode for a beginner pilots in the center position and air mode for doing stunts all the way back position. It also has two analog dials on the top. Here, if you want to use this to fly something else that requires a hug the house, you got it. The big thing about these issue are eight transfer. You re transmitter is it's open, TX protocol here, so it's very highly configurable. If you want to adjust the the different paths which is on here and the the picture, all stick or the throttle or sensitivity, you could do such through the menus of there now open TX is not the easiest thing to learn folks. So before you go monkeying around with this changing the settings, since this is already set up to your drone ready to go before you do that, I strongly recommend you go on YouTube and look at two tutorials for open TX protocol, okay, so or open TX software.

For this, for these type of configurable controllers, otherwise you're gon na mess it up, and I don't recommend message with the open TX settings for out of the box until you're ready, you feel you're ready. Then you want to adjust some of these settings because you don't, like stick feels you want to adjust a little bit, make it a little more sensitive, then consider going in there to adjust those parameters after you again view the tutorials on YouTube. One thing about my particular transmitter – I'm gon na have, except sadly say, is that mine was damaged in transit. The pitch roll stick is inoperative, it's it's broken folks. It got broken and transid, so I will not be able to fly my drum with the open. With this issue, er a gobbler transmitter. Now these each in ER a transmitter is frsky 8 channel d8. So I could use a different channel that you that uses frsky d8, since this drone has a free sky receiver in there and I'm gon na be using my TN SG goggle or TN SG transmitter to fly the drone today but I'm. You know I kind of bums me out folks, but I have no recourse sure, since it was this was damaged in transit, so I will not be flying with the ECG or a tracer for those who were wondering, though I know I was wondering, does this have Multi protocol capability, since it has open TX.

Sadly no it does not. Okay, there is no. There is no multi protocol capability with this particular transmitter, it's strictly a a channel free sky transmitter with open TX to allow you to configure it, but you know make it highly configurable, so that is the ECE r8 transmitter for those over wondering. Okay, let's go over the drone itself. Now. This drone is actually pretty nice drone folks, it's it's, one thirty, five millimeter twig class drone. So you know this is a little bit too big for beginner pilots, in my opinion, to be flying and it a little too powerful a little too zippy for beginner pilots to be flying, especially and it's, 2s and 3's capability. Okay, I'm actually comes with 3s batteries. You get to one of them is for actually powering. This thing I forgot to mention this is powered through a 3s balance port right there, so you're gon na have to use a 3s battery. So one of these batteries that comes with this you're going to need to use the power your transmitter. So keep that in mind. I forgot to mention that, but the drone itself it's 62 grams, weighs 62 grams without the battery it's a one hundred thirty five millimeter class, which means from diagonally from motor to motor it's 135 millimeters in length. It can use 2's or 3s batteries the camera on. It is actually a nice camera it's, a CA, DDX Kanaks us to 1200 TVLine camera on here.

The video transmitter that's with that comes with this is a 25 to 400 millivolt transmitter with smart audio capability. So you'll be able to adjust parameters of the drone, such as the pidz, along with the different channel settings of the in power settings of the video transmitter using your goggles and the transmitter itself and to get into those menus by the way. Is you wear the goggles connected to the drone move the throttle, stick to the center position and to the left and the pitch roll strip pull up and that will enter into the menus? So you can do those changes, those things about it. It has a built in digital video recorder right there: okay, where you can put your micro SD card in there and record 720p video 1280 by 720 pixel resolution, and it automatically starts recording as soon as you plug in the battery. But you're going to need to remember to stop the recording. Unfortunately, before I plug in that battery, I thought that it would also have automatic stop capability, but it is it doesn't know what you know: it'll be recording, because it'll be a little red light will start flashing there. Let me show you that little red light I'll plug in the battery momentarily to show it there and that little it's right under the blue light there there under the blue, like that, I don't, know if it's coming in but it's flashing. Now I don't know if that's, showing up or not, I hope, it's showing it's kind of hard to see with my camera here, but there's, a little red light by the blue light that flashes to let you know, you're, recording and when you're done, recording after flight Press this back button here and that will stop the recording to make sure that you have it finalizes the recording onto the micro SD card: okay, that's, the DVR.

Now the flight controller board here is a f4 flight control board loaded up with beta flights. More points 0.5 dated August 1st 2019. The flight controller also has a built in 1010 a.m. 4 and 1 e SCS for the motors to Peyer the motors to control the motors. It also has a built in free sky receiver. F. Our sky receiver is a d 8 receiver, so it's a chain you're gon na have to select D 8. If you want to make any adjustments in beta flight, I think this one can also fly with d16 if you wish, but they recommend using d8. You know a channel to control connect to the transmitter and also has on screen display, so you'll be able to to see important flight parameters and you'll see that today, when we go flying without be recording that I'm gon na switch, probably between Michael I'm gon na, Be using different goggles on these ev8 hundreds, because I want to also record the fpv video that I'm, seeing through the goggles to show you the on screen display so I'm gon na switch back and forth between the the 720p video that's recording here, which I don't Think does record the on screen display, along with what I'm seeing through the goggles. So when you see on screen display information, that's, the goggles recording and when you don't that's the 720p video off the card. Now the motors on this or e.x 1203 kv have 50 500 kV motors brushless motors, and they should provide plenty power for this little twig.

So with this, this does have very bright, LED bars, there's, those again plug in the battery LEDs that you can. This will help you find this drone. There there's the LED bars under the belly under the top. Now this would have been nice if they put these on top so that you could see them better, but it it's it's enough. I think outdoors if this gets lost in the grass or you know the bushes you'll, be able to see these LEDs bright LEDs to help you find it out in the sunlight, we'll see, but it also in case you go. It also has that beeper, you controllable beeper setup that you can turn on. You heard it there when I plug it in here, that's the SC's but yard beep beep the little trip there. That was the beeper there, so you can set that off that's also to help you find this drone in case it gets lost in the grass or bushes after a crash, and also you get in the Box. I forgot to mention, since this is powered. This can be powered by 2 s or a 3 s battery. I don't recommend going for us, even though the flight control board says it can go up the 4s. I don't know about the other components on this particular trophic withstand for us power, so they may only recommend 2's or 3s, so don't. Try 4s is what I'm saying folks with this particular drone, and you get these two, these for 150 ml per hour batteries their tattoo.

You can also select a six battery version. Get six batteries. If you want to keep flying that costs more, you get more. You know four more batteries, but again they are tattoo. 450 million per hour 11 point one volt lipo batteries. They are not Li HV. If you in case you're wondering so don't worry about that. So other things you getting, there is a battery charger for these batteries and that this is a nice battery charger. This is what I have been using for years. It came with an old wltoys, but I forgot the original name of this battery, but char soon also makes a version of this. But these are nice chargers I like them, they tell you the battery voltage, they do. What do you call it balance charging and it can balance charge between 2s 3s and up the 4s batteries with us? I don't know I don't recommend you doing. You know super large batteries with this. This will do it, but it'll take a long time, because this is the I power output from this is only about one to one and a half amps. I put charging power to the battery so it's perfect for these style batteries. You know the for the microf pv racers, but when you get into the big ones, you might want to consider a better charger than this, because this this will take forever to charge those huge larger batteries. But you get the power supply, for it also comes with it.

Other things you get in the box spare set of propellers a screwdriver and extra screws, a prop puller and an allen wrench tools for adjusting your drone. You get an instruction manual, it's, really well written instruction mail for the drone, the goggles and the controller. But again this controller open TX takes a while to learn again. So I strongly recommend if you want to mess with those settings and open TX, go on youtube and brush up on tutorials for using open, TX, so that's about it. Folks, let's take this out into the field and see how it flies so hope you enjoyed this flight that's, not it folks. I forgot we're gon na do this. This also comes with a really nice carrying case for all of these components. They all fit inside here, believe it or not. You know here's the goggles, you put the drone down here and you put the controller on top of the drone right there. Unfortunately, this is how it was shipped to me. They wrapped this in a little plastic bag and somehow this got crunched in transit and that's. How my transmitter get that. I hope that bad wood will package this inside a box before shipment. You know just don't package it in a bag and send your side, because I don't think this is sufficient to protect the drone and its components in international shipping. So, okay that's it now let's go out and fly this Morgan quite a couple of water one.

Here we are ready for our flight of the novice three out here at one of my favorite flying fields. For these little micro fpv Flyers I got but it'd be used by TSG. I got turned on already let's plug it in we're, gon na do line of sight flying first let's start off with line of sight and then we'll switch to fpv let's just see what we got here, plugging it in and putting it on the pad like pad And right now, we're gon na start off in angle mode, arming the motors and making sure this is turned on it's on arming motors and let's. Take the air let's see what it looks like up. Close, try punch whoa a lot of punch, a lot of punch folks with that 3s we're gon na round again and show you that we're getting up close and what you don't think. I don't see punchy punchy, we're gon na ride and just flat around and see you out, it's a zippy thing. It'S gon na be fun. Fpv n. Does this thing is zippy low machine zippy, zippy zippy, not too loud? I was wondering if this is gon na. Be a super larger or a drone, but it's not bring it over here. Let'S. Try, try and go into horizon mode. Does flips quite nicely bring it back over again going up. Three flips see this flips it's thinking really about fourth floor flips. It flips quite nicely.

Now this thing's supposed to have a lot of flight time. Folks, I'm gon na try flying fpv. Now let's switch back to angle, let's put it on the pad let's just put it down in the ground, I'll put it on the pad and then we'll fly fpv. So hold on folks, okay, let's do my first battery. I was a flight with my TSG here. Three points per cell that's good, so we still have some more flight time, let's put it in to air mode and let's take to the air. I want to get a feel for it first. This is a fast machine. My boys gon na get it hold on folks. Well, yeah keep on that tree a little bit fast. This looks faster. You got to stay ahead of it: okay, go into air mode or me, but yeah you got to stay out of this thing. It'S a fast machine motor, clean let's. Try some slaloming! Well, not real small mink with this. I just want to get a feel. First, oh just think you go: how far can we go? Awesome. 57. 56. I'M. Halfway, you got the field really good range, really good range on this, so 400 meters let's go up. I run around still getting a feel for this, but it's a mean machine. Okay, let's go fast, Ranas we're, nothing over a machine, this isn't again I'm, not for beginners, and my Pig intermediate flies all they cannot fly.

A few should fly this thing because it is such a mean monster. This is a good drone, impressive drone who's doing that. First battery it's a long flyer that's. What impresses me about it's, a real long fly out of folks for what I'm doing? With this thing at the speed I'm flying flying overhead on a dead tree it's, it goes so fast. You really don't have much time to react with this thing. That'S another reason now figures for beginners, but they called a novice in name only Music. This is an officer don't name, only folks, a machine. I wonder if or soundest wrote separately for those that already have controller and goggles, because this is going to be a popular drone. Okay now get low battery warning air ride or punch there, but I still got voltage still got plenty volt when I slow down a bit let's load out a bit, actually, no it's good bye as fast okay now say low voltage again. Some of those think about landing it here shortly, but I don't know it's still going. I get a little bit of voltage sag there, but now yeah yeah. We better think about landing. Surely I'm just gon na slow down? Okay, no! I got a slow. I got ta, lay it's, beeping or covered in okay. Let me pop one more battery. That thing is so awesome. I want to fly it again, so hold on folks one more battery coming up the microSD card out on the landing, so I don't think I got the 720p for that second flight there, but I got it started again so and we got a full battery and Go into air mode and way we go it's our mistake to the earth a little rocket folks time on it.

It'S a rocket let's just play it with it. Let'S get some speed on it again: that's that's, where this thing shines, this could be a racer people. Can race this would yeah going up above there's trees. I don't want to hit those trees again cuz. This thing goes so fast I'm worried about breaking it. Zipping around go all the way down the field of your folks way down the field. I don't know really slide on here, but this one you can go around this way now then fly by us a little rocket on little bean machine. I, like this machine, yeah me whoa novice. Three again, please come up when you so fast with this. You got to stay ahead of it, stay ahead of this machine, but the range on it is excellent. Our society over there about a meters, excellent range, but then again I don't know about the ER a transmitter. I haven't tried to be just with the our age, but the AIRAID suppose they've got super range also I'm. Just I mean sorry about that folks pedal to the metal, okay, yep I'd trade that battery quite a bit they're going like that. I like it, I like it a lot this little machine, okay, cool cool with that a bit bored of just going back up again it's over sag, then we're sad there. So we can go over here now. Let'S! Do a left turn around this hard left good flight time with this, especially for the type of flight I'm doing here high speed, oh man, it goes up in the air just in a moment's notice.

It sits up there so much power. In this thing. Lots of power in this thing, I think this is gon na – be a very popular drone. They'Re novice three drone, it the drone itself. I don't know about the ready to fly package. You know a lot of people that are gon na want. This drone already have goggles. I already have them. Fpv, transmitters, they're gon na want the drone. This thing is pretty awesome: okay battery! Well, I still got battery power slow and die, but yeah it's, starting to get a little bit low a little bit lower voltage. So I better bring it in here shortly. I don't want to damage this battery, like I think I did damage the other one all right. Let me stop the recording folks make sure I get this recording before I kind of okay yeah, because I'm flying so fast folks. I had that and it came that way. The camera is tilted up real fast, and that makes it there real high, and that makes it somewhat difficult and did my card come out again? No did not so let's stop the recording. So we got recording that time, but you're going so fast with this camera up like this, that you really can't see the deck or the ground as you're coming in. So you have to guess how close you are to drown in that time. I guess too high let's put this back in again the novice three, the package it's.

You know, if you're an intermediate flyer and you want something – and you want to enter into the world of fpv this – this one's a good one but it's. You really should know how to fly before you fly this thing, because it it is a little rocket, I got ta, say it's a rocket and again, I think that most people that are going to be interested in this will be intermediate and above fliers and they're. Those type of people already have their own goggles and they'll have their own transmitter. So I wonder if you seeing is going to send this a man unplug this machine or that good will be able to sell this drone separately because I think it'll be a popular drum, so hope you enjoyed this flight, this quadcopter 101 setting up high quadcopter 101. Here again, hey, if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click the build button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.