Not this specific battery, but lipos in general. Charging them is a pain in the butt you plug them into the charger. You got to press all the buttons on the charger. Select the program set, the c rate set the charge rate, the amp rate and then when youre charging them, if theyre damaged or maybe sometimes for no reason at all. They just light on fire and burn your house down. Lipos are a pain in the butt and thats driven some people to design quadcopters like this, the eachine lr3 see it runs off of 18 650 cells, theyre still lithium batteries, but theyre in this tubular form factor, and that means that when you want to go fly You just pop it in just like a double a battery and you go fly and when you want to charge it, you just pop it into a cradle charger: theres, no programming, theres, no c rates or anything like that. It just slowly and safely charges. What could be more convenient so why hasnt everybody just switched to this style of quadcopter? Might there be some hidden drawbacks to this quad that im going to tell you about in this video im joshua bardwell youre, going to learn something today: Music, Applause, Music, the each nano lr3 in this video was sent to me by the manufacturer for the purpose of This review, i have not received any cash or any other form of compensation in exchange for this video and no one has had any approval or preconditions on the contents of this video before it was released.

The big reason why we are not using these 18650 style cells on all of our quadcopters and instead we use lipo batteries that youre probably used to is performance. These lithium cells simply do not have the ability to deliver the amount of current that our quadcopters typically require. Now, when we talk about running quadcopters off of 18650 cells, weve got to stipulate that were not talking about battery packs. Like this, you can obviously take a bunch of 18650 cells. This is a 4s package and you wire them together in series or parallel, and if you get enough of them, then you could fly any quadcopter, but they tend to get much heavier than using a lipo of equivalent performance. The original version of this quadcopter was the hglrc reckon 3 and it was designed by a guy named dave c who specializes in lightweight long range builds, and it ran off of just one 18650 cell. I actually reviewed it ill put a link to the review down in the video description if you want to check it out, but it had some problems like dont. Get me wrong. It is an astounding achievement to run a quadcopter off a single 18650 cell, but the performance left a little bit to be desired, especially because these batteries go all the way down to 2.5 volts, not 3.0 volts like a lipo and most of the electronics that our Quadcopters work off of dont do well below about 3.

0 volts. So literally, if you ran that thing low enough, like your video transmitter, would just cut off or your quadcopter would reboot and fall out of the sky. Ishii have done something different with the lr3, and that is that theyve designed it to run off of two cells, one on the bottom and one on the top, and that means youre getting 8.2 all the way down to about 5.0 volts. And that is more than enough to run all your electronics. In addition, that higher voltage is going to give you well, you got two batteries, so youre going to get better current, better amp, delivering capacity for performance and youre going to get longer longer life because you have more battery, but you also have more weight. The eachine lr3 comes in at 191 grams as flown good news, its under 250 grams for those who care about that and thats, actually, not that heavy for a three inch quadcopter. But how does it actually feel when youre flying it with these 18650 cells? Instead of flying a typical three inch with a lipo, all right folks lets take this guy out for a spin uh, and i do want to say that i have had the good batteries. These are high discharge, sony cells, uh, not the sort of low discharge cells that i use for my goggles. So we should get the best performance possible out of these guys, and i immediately noticed that im flying at a much lower throttle position than with these crappy cells.

Uh were at about 60 percent throttle, whereas we were closer to 70 75 throttle before um. Even if i try and push a little bit of speed uh were were definitely getting better performance out of these cells uh its still not like thats full throttle its still, not a beast by any means, it is a cruiser for sure. As far as video performance goes uh, this 400 milliwatt video transmitter its gon na be okay, like i may as well just try and go out a little bit while im at high throttle. It does have gps rescue. I took off before i got gps lock, so i dont really trust betaflight gps rescue anyway, its better than losing your whole quad. But it is not uh trustworthy. I would never intentionally trigger gps rescue and i would never intentionally take a risk that could result in me losing my quad just because i had a gps rescue to back me up. Nevertheless, we can see were getting plenty out here. If i turn around im going to get worse, video im sure because of where the video antenna is but were getting plenty of range out here on 400 milliwatts just keep flying these batteries down and see how our flight time goes with uh 3.5 volts remaining on The battery you would start if this was a lipo, you would start thinking. Oh well were nearly done, but this is not a lipo. These are 18650 cells and they can go down to at least 3.

0 volts at least certainly 3.2 or 3.3 volts before they start getting to getting so saggy that you would want to land, but they can technically go down as low as 2.5 volts without like being Permanently damaged, unlike lipos, which below 3.0 volts, they are taking damage, so we can keep at 3.4 or 3.5 volts. We absolutely can just keep flying and not even worry about it like theres, no way. I would freestyle this. If i was very careful, i could start to do some kind of cruising fast cruising with some turns. If i absolutely was confident, i knew where i was going to need to go and i was not going to get any surprise responses, because there just is not enough power in this guy, see like there theres, just not enough power to be able to make corrections. Aggressively, so you absolutely just need to get your lines 100 right. If you do that, you can see that it, it can sort of squeeze out a little bit of performance, youre just going to have no margin for correction. Look where my throttle is right now, im at 75 80 percent. There is no margin for corrections here: theres no margin for mistakes, youre going to need to stay well away of any obstacles, just to give yourself any margin at all, but it can get some fun shots. I i theres no way theres no world in which i would be doing any sort of freestyle, punch outs or anything theres, just no throttle left for that were down to 3.

2 volts after about five minutes of flying. This is not super aggressive flying, but you know im cooking a little bit like as long as i dont punch too hard im gon na be okay. Im gon na keep flying for a really long time, 3.1, still in it still hanging in there, oh dear, that was that was almost problematic. Now the batterys complaining now see now its dropping out rapidly see it just went im going to bring it in very carefully. It just went from like 3.0 and then it went 2.9 2.8 2.7 when you start seeing it drop like that. That means that youre at the end of the batterys uh voltage curve and its time to bring it home. So that brings us to the end of the video and as always the question should you buy it, and i got to respect what ishin is trying to do with this quadcopter. They looked at quads like the hdlrc reckon 3 that run on one of these batteries and they said. Could we solve some of those problems by making it run on? Two of those batteries makes sense right, higher voltage, larger battery more flight time more performance, but i think overall i dont feel like they necessarily improved the package. It depends on what your priorities are. The flight time of the eachine lr3 is going to be longer on 2s than other quads on 1s, more battery equals longer flight time, but not youre not going to double it by doubling the battery, because you have additional weight.

The lr3 advertises a 20 minute flight time. The hdlrc reckon 3 advertises a 15 minute flight time and of course, i didnt hit either of those flight times in my testing but im sure somewhere. Somebody did on a perfect battery, so you get maybe 25 percent more flight im 33 more flight time, uh fair enough, but the trade offs im not sure are going to be worth it depending on whether youre just doing light cruising long range stuff or whether you Actually want to fly the damn thing, because the additional weight of the 2s batteries on the eachine lr3 youre flying this thing at 65 or 70 percent in the throttle down to 90 percent as the battery empties. Whereas the hdrc reckon three with only a single battery, was flying at 45 or 50 percent, it had a much much better thrust to weight ratio and no, neither of these is going to be an acro superstar, but you just have a little bit more reserve to Fly the quad with a 1s battery compared to 2s. The other effect of the weight is on durability, and i have to acknowledge that i did not break my eachine lr3, despite the fact that i crashed it several times. Uh and i did break my hdrc reckon 3, the very first time i crashed it, but i have seen other reviews, because i do my research of the issue in lr3 and they commented that they broke it.

So i think i might have just gotten lucky. It stands to reason that those those two frames are designed very very similarly, and you have more weight on the eachine lr3 its going to be less durable because its going to hit harder in a crash. So it flies worse, its presumably less durable. But it gets slightly longer flight time, but its only got a 400 milliwatt video transmitter, so its not like youre going to be going 10 miles out anyway. Cue, the guys in the comments linking me to someone flying 10 miles on that video transmitter. Fine there you go if youve decided that the eachine lr3 is a good quadcopter for you. Then there are links down in the video description. If you decide to pick it up, those are affiliate links, and that means that when you make any purchase at the affiliated store after you click the link, i get a small commission on everything you buy. You decide to pick this up. You decide to pick the reckon three up. You decide to pick a new battery or anything up. Click. The affiliate link go. Do your shopping and check out its an easy way for you to support the channel and it doesnt cost you anything. What do you think did they make it better, or did they just make it different? Maybe dave c had the perfect formula when he designed the 1s version of the quad and for 2s.

You need to be. I dont know all going up to four inch, probably like whats the. What do you do? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments im, not sure im the guy to answer that question. Thank you so much for watching happy flying. Do you see this baby? Isnt he cute hit the subscribe button, join my patreon use my affiliate links or just keep watching videos thats better than nothing subscribe to.