This is the eachine long range 3 lr3 its got to fly for over 20 minutes, but not for me, stay tuned ill. Tell you all about it. So this is your classic long range flyer. This one actually will fly onto 18 650 batteries since its an eachine drone. I thought id try their 18 650s to go along with it now. I cannot verify that this thing will fly for over 20 minutes, but ive seen videos of it doing so. Why cant? I do that well, obviously, because i killed it right and i killed it because i tried to push it a little bit too hard. I was trying to do a little bit of freestyle with it and it just isnt built for that, especially with these lithium ion batteries. They just dont have the oomph that you need to really kind of push through one of those maneuvers ive flown drones on batteries like this before, and i know that they just dont give you the power that you need when you need it, but that isnt, what This thing was meant to do. This thing was meant for long range cruising and yes, yes, it absolutely can do that. So lets talk about what you have here from motor to motor to 144 millimeters. You do have a built in gps unit. I dont because it came out in the crash. The camera is an ant light, a thousand tvl camera, its actually not bad for an analog camera.

This one has a built in all in one uh flight controller, its an f4. These motors are 1303 and a half 4500 kv and theyre tuned again, not for freestyle, but for long range cruising. These are three inch propellers now this frame, i do have issue with it. Obviously i crashed and broke it, but i think just for something that is this heavy. When you put the batteries on, you need a stronger, more durable frame or really any decent crash. Youre going to end up like i did again youre not supposed to be doing freestyle with this quad, but you should be able to crash it a little bit harder, uh, just the way that this frame is put together, isnt the best. This is a dead cat style frame um and i would actually now call it a dead drone frame. You do have to kind of understand the limitations of this drone and i obviously pushed it past those limitations. So if youre looking for a long range cruiser yeah, this thing is fun. Now mine came with an rxsr receiver id probably opt for something with an elrs thats kind of my new favorite long range, but this thing did reasonably well also. You know with something this small, i dont suggest you fly it miles miles away anyway. It does have a little built in mount here for a camera like a naked gopro, or maybe an insta 360 go. So we dont have a whole lot of footage of this thing flying, but this is what we do have a couple of things: youre going to have to keep the throttle really high in order to really even take off 75 or or higher uh.

You know it does have a gps uh, but you can see chris takes off here with only seven satellites. You can set it up in betaflight, but you need at least eight for the rescue uh to come into effect. Thats kind of like your return to home, not super reliable, but a nice feature um. If, if youre, you know flying long range for sure um you can see chris crash is here because he just didnt have enough throttle. So i cant give you a full breakdown of this thing. I actually crashed on like flight number three, so i dont have a whole lot of footage of it, but i can tell you it will fly for nearly ever, but not anymore. For me anyway. I hope this was helpful. It was give us a thumbs up, if not sorry, give us a thumbs down. We deserve it and, if you like our stuff, make sure you check out our website and if you want a free drone, we give one away once a month to a lucky patreon subscriber details for that.