Welcome to my channel well in this episode were going to take a look at the eachine nano long range. Three. This drone is a bit different than what ive seen in the past. This drone actually flies with two 18650 batteries. These things here, you know what 18650 batteries are right. Let me bring one closer there. You go, they kind of look like a large double a battery, but very large in size. So this little guy flies with two of these. You put one on the top. You just have to get the plus and the minus correct ill snap it in watch this, and then you put one on the bottom now, when i put the one in the bottom, its going to start up so im not going to put the one on the Bottom right away, i just want to tell you a bit more about this, so the props on this guy are three inch. Gem fan props. It does have an f4 flight controller inside on the back. You do have gps rescue and thats. An m80 motors are 4500 kv, which is perfect for 18650 batteries, shoots out the video transmission at 400 milliwatts. I had no issues with video transmission ive already flown it. The camera up front is a cadx nano ant, and the weight of this drone is not that much. So let me show you the weight with the two batteries its not that bad at all. Now, with the 218 650 batteries as soon as you put them in lets, see theres one and let me put the other one in we are going to power up the drone there we go so you hear it, it starts up.

So if you have your radio and youre ready to fly well, then youre good to go and the powered off just pull one of the batteries out theyre kind of hard to get your hands on them, but you can grip them. Let me try the bottom one. There we go. I got it out, theyre pretty hard to get out easy to get in a little difficult to get out now they do say in the instructions that this drone is capable of carrying an insta 360 go to. So in this video youre about to see of me, i flute with an insta360 go to, and i will say the following: this camera weighs down this drone. It can fly with this, but do not do this like reduce the power and come low to the ground, because you wont come low to the ground youll smash into the ground. If you take it up in the air youre fine, but as soon as you come down to the ground, it takes a lot of throttle on your radio. This is the radio i use the radio yoshin tx16s its the same as a radio master tx16s. So on the throttle, instead of going like a little bit of throttle to get it back up like you would do with a lipo battery, i had to like lots of throttle to get it up. If i was coming down at the ground. Youll see that in this video now im curious to see how much this all weighs this whole mountain everything lets see.

37 grams, so 37 grams is pretty much the max. You want to stick on this uh for an external camera, so that means 37 grams. You could put a naked gopro if you wanted to and fly around with it, but once again its good for long range, but it does not handle weight very well when you dive down at the ground because it will just thunder into the ground. The other thing i should mention is there are many people on youtube who have flown this and they swear. They get 20 minutes of flight time with two of these batteries stuck in it, which is pretty decent thats. Why they call it long range now, if you want to go super far with this drone youre going to need like an elrs receiver in it or a crossfire mine. Just has a xm plus receiver in the back. You can put any one you want so mine. Just has an xm plus so thats pretty good for maybe one or two football fields. So i could not fly this very far and also it is always raining here and dull or theres snow happening. So i took it out for a flight when the rain clouds parted. We had some sun and i just took it out on my street, so anyways thats. What im going to show you now check this out? All right lets fire this up and take it up for the first time there we go.

I left the little camera mount up front because i wanted to see uh if it could carry it. I havent put the camera in it yet, but there we go man its pretty stable for something carrying two 18650 batteries, thats pretty stable, wow and im also noticing it. Doesnt fly super fast like if i go forward, so i think this will fly pretty relaxed. Oh, it does go its got some speed, pretty cool little guy blow. Some leaves away with this thing. Music. I didnt mean to chop up the leaves all right lets, bring it over here, Music and plop it all down there. We are all right, it just finished raining here. The sun is well its kind of going down at the moment, so im going to take this for a quick flight up and down my street lets see what we can see all right, im going to turn around the drone is going to fly sync over that Way, acro mode arm it here we go wow didnt, give it enough power come here, its pretty heavy, pretty heavy. Let me try that again there we go this time ill, give it a lot more throttle. It almost hit me in the back of the head. This first time, ive flown it with the go to on it and its so heavy holy cow thats, pretty heavy for this drone. With the go to guys, i thought it would be lighter than this here ill break it down me im in acro mode too.

There we are acro mode there yeah. If i bring it too low to the ground, then it uh it takes a little bit of power to get back up. So this things got momentum. If youre moving forward like you see here, but if you reduce the power and come close to the ground, it takes a little bit to get it back up. So there we go. I dont think itd be very good with for freestyle with the go to on it. You have to put something light on it. I think there we are up and down the street here ill. Take it up higher these little 18650 batteries, not enough power need like a lipo battery or something there. We go so looking into the sun. How does that look? Lets look away from the sun im pretty high. I dont want to come down fast because it will just thunder into the ground. I got ta bring it down. Slow lets go to this side of the street there. We are not bad flies quite well whoa. So i think the weight of the go to camera is too much for this im going to take. That out, like doesnt weigh a lot to me, but i guess for this little guy, it weighs quite a bit. So the go to mount is here, but theres. No camera in it im still using the same batteries, which are probably pretty low on power. Now, since i drained it carrying the go to but thats all ive got so uh lets see how it works.

Okay, ive turned on the record of my fat sharks. Just remember, fat sharks are not great at recording video theyre only for playing back video when you crash, so you can find your drone so its going to look pretty low quality, all right im going to fly it staring right into the camera here here we go. This time, uh im going to put an angle mode. Where are you angle mode? There we are motors, so it should fly a little bit better, less weight there. We are and an angle mode, so i can fly really slow, so ive sort of drained the batteries already, but there we go come back to me looking into the sun here we are yeah much easier to control without that camera on the front uh, not with All that extra weight now it doesnt want to thunder into the ground. I can actually control it and fly along the ground, nice and smooth. So not an issue here. This is pretty good. Go around my jeep and ill come over. My jeep, where i am you, can see im facing this way at the little camera there and without the go to on the front. I think you could probably do freestyle too so ill just pick it up lets try this nope. Oh ive got an angle mode. Thats, why i want to do freestyle in angle mode? Hey god, i got ta switch it out. Let me just come back.

That is hilarious. What a newbie! I am, what a newbie! Okay! So where is my oh? I hit the arm switch! Oh my god! Im such a goof props, all good dropped out of the sky lets. Try this again ill, try not to hit the arm switch there. We go Applause there we go so im in acro. Now a lot more speed down the street and lets bring it back. Lets see if she does flips lets, take it up, yep, no problem there. You can do freestyle in it a lot faster. Now that im in acro mode im surprised these batteries are still pretty darn decent, no issues whatsoever. There we go ive seen some people on youtube, say they get 20 minutes with these batteries, but i dont know i havent tried 20 minutes because im out here smashing into everything all right lets bring it back over to my little jeep lets go over here and Bring it down right by my feet, im standing right, there see me, and here we go all right for a drone. Thats been snapped and smashed all over the place. Thats still pretty good and the batteries still have power for flying, so thats pretty decent. Now i should show you quickly what comes in the box so ill. Show you right here. Let me just move that box out of the way youre gon na get some spare props, plus the ones that are already on it, and youre gon na get a pile of stuff im gon na grab it all at once to show you, so you are going To get the user manual youre going to get something thats going to tell you, which way the props go youre going to get a bolt for the mount.

If you want to hook on an external camera and youre going to get the eachine stickers, all right lets put this battery in, and let me give you my final thoughts im not worried about it, doing anything. Weird, because you know its a pretty decent drone. All right so final thoughts on this. If youre somebody who is like a sunday driver, you know, like we always say, im sure its around the world. Everybody says sunday driver means somebody who drives very slow. Whatever the speed limit is, they leave their blinker on for hours on end, while theyre driving, because theyre just casually enjoying life and having a great old time. This would be the drone that mimics that, because this drone with 18650 batteries does not have a massive amount of power to do crazy things like to do all sorts of like up and down at the last second come towards something go over it. Everything like that. No, if you want to go over something, you better think about it about a minute before you get to it and start giving it throttle and get up over it, but it will fly for a very long time. So all in all, this is exactly what this drone is. If youre in the market, for something relaxing say, you have all those super fast race, drones and freestyle drones, and you want something relaxing and you have some 18650 batteries which are very inexpensive. You want to fly for a long time.

This might be the drone for you all right so below this video will be links to this here, drone its on the banggood website, since it is an easy product, banggood always gives me a discount code for any of their products on their website, so i should Have one for this so check below? You should be able to get it at a discount. I dont think its very expensive for what i saw. I looked at it because its all analog its not that expensive and if i havent mentioned it already, it is pretty durable. I have smashed this thing in the ground many times flying it because im trying to give it throttle and im a little too late and i hit the ground or whatever. There is not a scratch or a dent on this drone in any shape or form. It is really good, so its made quite well. It doesnt weigh very much so as long as you land on grass youre. Okay, if you land on pavement, asphalt or cement, youll probably break an arm or something. But if you land on grass yeah youre not going to damage this thing, it stays in one piece, all right guys. Enough of me talking hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and i will have many more drone video reviews in the future coming up.