This is very gon na, be very similar uh to the the corsair, the trojan and the mustang i’ll link those videos in the description. If you want to check it out it’s using the same controller, i think this is also based off the volantix um models as well. It’S got the gyro for export to beginner mode and the aerobatics button. Uh pretty much looks the same, but this one here doesn’t have a rudder, so just ailerons and elevator and of course, uh throttle uh brushed 1020 motor here in the back for power, no runner at all, but just have the gyro 1s. Of course, let’s see what it looks like here on the bottom, with the control rod, it’s pretty long and we’ll see how it goes. Um uh just going to fly it in beginner mode, it’s um pretty windy today, so it should be interesting. It’S, uh, crazy, windy. Today, again, every day is like crazy, Music, very windy. I go into the wind, it starts climbing let’s bring on the throttle a little bit here. Oh it just wants to climb all right, of course, a loop or something that was really weird. I think i could do that. Let’S see here: whoa, Music, okay, there’s, a roll that’s i’m doing this with the airbags button i’m in beginner mode Music, oh crash. Oh, that was wild there. Is it a roll because of the wind. The gyro does work pretty well. I’M, not even gon na bother trying expert mode.

This crazy, wind, Music Applause, Music, each generation of these planes that comes out seems to fly better and better almost hit myself. Oh it crashed that prop came off. Oh boy, am i going to be able to find it? Oh there it is yeah if you crash on the ground, like that props gon na get knocked off, because it’s gon na hit the ground no problem. We have spares as well. If you lose it Music. Oh, my god, the wind is ridiculous. Come back Music, oh my god, it’s really hard to control Music, almost hovering it here. Let’S see. If i try let’s try to hover in front of me here wow when you go downwind, it took us up a lot of speed all right trying to hover it. Oh boy, it’ll almost do it because there’s almost enough, oh turn around turn around there who goes down when it’ll you lose. Oh, come back, come back, you lose a lot of control authority when you have that downwind you’ve got to keep it in the turn and keep up your airspeed. Oh man. This is nuts it’s, just floating oh, come on when you go down when it doesn’t want to turn really hard to turn. When you go down Music, wind, Music, oh boy, it’s, uh i’m, actually really surprised, it’s, it’s able to stay in the air at all there. We go how well we got some serious wind now coming right from behind me check that out, it’s just hovering there all right come on turn turn turn.

Oh, it doesn’t want to turn i’m going to turn Music all right. This is going to keep it. You have to keep the turn going if you, if you’re, trying to go downwind like this and that and don’t keep turning it’ll it’ll it’ll, just like not want to turn Music yeah. So i don’t recommend you flying this in this kind of wind, if you’re, just starting out, of course, uh kind of have an idea what i’m doing, but this is tough Music. Oh, my goodness, this wind isn’t crazy! Oh, my god, i can tell which way the wind’s going turn oh it’s gon na stall. Oh my god. Oh the battery is already starting to go. It’S uh i’m, not surprised, i’m. Sure the motor is pretty hot it’s struggling in this wind it’s gon na glide. It on in here oh i’m, getting pushed backwards. Now. Oh my god! This is nuts! Oh turn around turn Music i’m going backwards. I think oh i’m going backwards. Now! Oh man, look at this wind foreign Applause all right now: i’m, not having enough power to turn. Now this is going to get here i’m going to land it Music.