Martin timon was first to say first in one of my recent videos and that's when's, the shout out. So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new eachine ex5. What is the ex5 look at this little thing? Well, looking at this little thing, you can see right away what they're going for here, it's a folding drum but uh what about this floating drone? Well, it is another clone of the mavic mini that's the antenna here. Folks say: you're going to get yourself a low cost, mavic mini for around 100 price range. Now, with that 100 price range do not expect the same performance or even similar performance to a mavic mini okay, you're, just not going to get that. What this is folks is, you know, a low cost, beginner's drone to go out and learn to practice to fly with. It is a gps drone, so it has that and also has brushless motors. So there are some good things about this drone, but do not expect mavic mini performance. You know, even though this is being advertised with 4k, do not expect excellent 4k video, because you're not going to get that with this and i'll explain that here shortly. Okay, first of all, um, as with the many this is under 250 grams. Okay, this does not require registration in most countries because of that folks, it's just you know, it's below that 250 gram limit that most countries seem to have where, if you go above that you need to register your drone, this does not require registration in most countries.

Now i mentioned it has gps, it does have gps glonass, which means it both uses. The united states and the russian satellite network for very accurate positioning. Now i've done some uh initial flights with this in my backyard and yes, this thing is very: very steady in hover i'm actually impressed with this little drone for how how well it could actually hover without moving on top of that it has an optical flow sensor. In the belly here, this little optical flow sensor is another camera that looks down at the ground beneath the drone and uses that camera to help maintain uh position and hover, so that you can actually fly this indoors. If you wish, where you you won't, be able to receive gps satellite signals, but you will be able to still use that optical sensor to do automatic covering indoors now i mentioned it has brushless motors that's a big advantage of this little drone in that these brushless Motors should require minimal maintenance. You know that we, i wouldn't, expect these to burn out such as you would see with a brush motor drone. It also comes with these. At least i got the two battery version: uh 7.4 volt uh 2200 milliamp hour batteries that actually look very similar to the dji style batteries um with these batteries, you're uh it's predicted to give this drone approximately 30 minutes of flight time well, we'll find out if That'S, true or not, but since this drone is out relatively lightweight and under 250 grams, it just actually might be accurate, we'll see when we go flying now.

It also uses let's go into this here. It has either an option of getting 2.4 gigahertz wi fi or 802.11 ac 5 gigahertz wi fi what's the difference between the two well, the 2.4 gigahertz wi fi will give you uh. Fpv ranges are saying not to 200 meters. I believe that's, probably more accurately. Control ranges because they're also saying the 802.11 ac wi fi will give you fpv ranges out to 1000 meters, and i have yet to see a drone that uses 802.11 ac wi fi without using a repeater. This does not have a repeater that will get actually 1000 meters so that might be control range. Uh we'll find out when we go fly this also now i did mention the 802.11 ac wi fi, not everybody has 802.11 ac wi fi on their phone, so that might automatically limit you to the 2.4 gigahertz before considering before considering purchase of this drone. First verify that your phone indeed has 802.11 ac wi fi. If you do want to want that 1000 meter version, or else you may very be sorely disappointed, because your phone will not be able to see the wi fi signal from this drone and assets. You will not be able to use the app for the drone for fpv video and for the advanced features of the drone which circle me follow me in waypoints, and let me mention that right now, this uses the eachine pro app available in google play and itunes For that fpv and also gives you the option of uh, follow me and waypoints uh, plus also circle position or orbit position, which is by the way you can also use this controller to uh use the circuit position in case uh.

You don't want to use the app now let's talk about cons of this drone and there are quite a few cons. I mentioned the 802.1 ac wi fi that you need to verify first, but another thing is um, this drone's camera. This is not a stabilized gimbal. Folks on this camera, there is no two axes or even three axis, or even one axis stabilization. Okay, the only thing this gimbal here is: it enables you to remotely point position the camera lens up or down. Okay. There is no stabilization with this gimbal. On top of that, if you look around, there is no sd card on this sd card slot normally there'd be an sd card slot right there, but that's empty. What does that mean folks? That means that your video is recorded directly to your phone via wi fi? Why is that a problem? Well, since it's recording voif, i expect a lot of frame dropping a lot of frozen frames, um there's issues with doing wi, fi transmission of video signals, it's not going to be smooth it's, not going to be crisp. Video – and let me mention another thing about this – this is advertised with a 4k camera. Okay and yes, this indeed does record to your phone. Both 4k video at 20 frames per second and 4k photos frame grabs of the video, but the sensor on this drone is not a 4k sensor. Do not expect a 4k sensor on 100 drone folks, that's just being unrealistic, um in actuality, it's, either 720p or or probably for the 2.

4 gigahertz version and probably maybe 1080p for the uh 802.11 ac version. But since this is being transmitted to your phone um and they advertise 4k, what it does is it transmits that video signal that lowers or lower resolution video signal to your phone, and then it uses your phone's processor to electronically enlarge that image stretch it to your End for recording onto your phone uh recording 4k video onto your phone and 4k photos. Okay, what that does folks is do not expect uh crisp. Looking 4k video it's still going to be 1080p or 720p. Whichever sensor is on this, that has just been electronically stretched. It'S not going to improve the image quality in any way, so do not expect 4k um type of video from this phone or from this drone. Now another thing since it's, using your processor, your phone's processor, to electronically interpolate, enlarge that video. This, the or ishing pro app requires a phone with a a higher end processor. Now this the eachine pro app works great with most androids, okay, uh or not androids with most uh apple phones iphones. However, when you start to use, android phones and a lot of them are lower end phones. They'Re, not you know, mine are mid. End phones expect to have issues with android. Phones is what i'm saying. Unless you have a top of the line, android you're, you may not be able to record video, and i was not able to record video with any of my android phones, and i got quite a few of them um, because the processor was not able to keep Up with the speed of the video in order to interpolate that video enlarge it and then store it on my phone, okay, just wasn't fast enough, and with that in mind, i talked to banggood, and they told me that this, if you want to use an android Phone, you are going to need an android with a processor of a minim of snapdragon 660 or a helio p60, or a curing 710 from hawaii or a samsung samsung, exynos, 8890 processor or above.

If you want to record with android now, most people do not have those type of processors, unless you okay, so uh. If you do have an android, i you might want to see either if you can borrow somebody's apple phone, which i am going to have to do unfortunately or uh, go out and purchase a high end phone to use. This drone and i don't think most people that use androids are going to go out and purchase a better phone just so that they could use a 100 drone that's going to interpolate uh lower resolution video. So you see that the this is not the best idea in the world folks for them to be doing that, but it is a selling point and that's a lot of these cheaper, lower end drones use that selling point they claim 4k video, but it's, not it's. Interpolated, so okay let's skip that now go on to the controller itself. Let'S go over the controller. This is the controller for the drone um, the buttons are all well labeled. You can take a photo by pressing this button here and record it to your phone. You can start and stop video by pressing this button here. This button here is for activating um the compass calibration before your flight and i'll show how to do the compass calibration when we go out in the field. This will raise the gimbal up the gimbal lens up, and this will lower the lens down by pressing this button.

Here you can enter into headless mode for doing those crane shots. That i've shown you in previous videos by pressing this button here, and it also has automatic take off and by pressing that button here. I believe this is automatic landing too we'll find out when we go flying. But before you use that you have to start the motors by bringing both sticks down and holding them out or like so and that will put the motors into idle and then press that on mac take off button for the drone to take off. And finally, or not, finally, we have a return to home button right here. You press that and the drone will return home and land where it took off from um. This button here is for the rates you can adjust the rates of the drone by pressing this button here and what i mean rates is the speed of the drum it has three different speeds: low, medium and high, which you activate by pressing that you'll hear a B b b and a bbb tell you you're in high rate, and also i mentioned as before – that you can put this in orbit mode or circle me circle position by pressing this button here and these antennas are fake. Okay, i do not see any wires going up inside these antennas, so that again makes me doubt that this really does have a thousand meter wealth, even thousand meter, control range or fpv range, we'll see what we go, flying, how all that fpv video is.

And finally, this uh uses three aaa batteries that you put in the back there and um let's see what else. Oh, the phone holder. Where is the phone holder on this? Oh right here and type of phone order? It'S got. I don't like these type of phones, because when i use my android phones, it always no matter. If i put them upside down or the other way around, it always seems to hit the control buttons on my android phone and shuts my phone off but um. This is your phone holder for this particular controller, so i think i've covered most of the points of this drum other than i forgot to mention the instruction manuals. These are the instruction manuals, they're multi language, uh, many many different languages, um i'm. Sure your country's language is in here, but the problem with these little manuals are, they are postage stamp size. I have to actually use a magnifying glass to read it with my old eyes, so keep that in mind, but this also comes with this nice little quick start device or a card that goes over your controller when it comes out of the box, and it goes Over each one of the buttons very well, along with how to get the drone in there especially doing the compass calibration and the gyro calibration, and how the drone looks for satellites so that's about it, let's take the ex 5 out into the field and give it A flight try your flight demonstration to see how it flies so hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101 on a slightly breezy day.

Well, it's. We got to breeze about 7 miles per hour today, uh coming from the lake from lake erie, but uh let's do this review flight of the eachine ex5? Okay to start up the ex5! You got to press this on off, switch right there and hold it down until you hear the trips of the esc's and you put the drone on the ground from your takeoff point and then we're going to turn on the controller and that big beat means. We should be connected let's. Do a quick check here. Okay, right now, i got to do the compass calibration. Now, the back lights are flashing red red with a slow flash red red. If you can see that red red red red okay, we got to put it in compass calibration mode and to do that, you got to press this button here, and the lights now should be blinking rapidly or slowly, even more slowly, blink blink blink! So what we need to do is three rotations horizontally like so until we hear a beep okay, we heard the beat and then nose up do another three rotations until we hear a second beat second beep and now we're back to blink blink and right now it Is looking for satellites that'll go solid once we have sufficient satellites so, while it's looking for satellites folks, i am going to take my iphone put it in here and connect the iphones. What here you hear that beep that has sufficient satellites and it's ready to fly but i'm going to connect my iphone's wi fi to the drone's wi fi signal, okay, so hold on folks and then we'll open the app and start flying okay.

This is the ishii pro app available on google play and itunes and it's right now, as soon as you connect and as soon as you connect to this thing, it's going to ask if you've done the calibration – and you want to do it and say yes once You'Ve done it that's it. Okay, so, and we have gps signal is normal. We are ready to take off okay. With that in mind, i am going to start the motors by down and out, and then i am going to hit uh the automatic takeoff button and i'm just going to stand here. I want to check stability now, keep in mind. I do have wind quite a bit of wind, but it seems to be working, let's, rotate it it's, actually nice and stable, even with this wind, okay. I'M. In the image, let me lower that camera gimbal just a little bit and go up a little bit higher. Maybe bring it up just a tad too okay, a little bit higher i'm in the image now i'm going to start the video camera uh by pressing the uh camera video camera button. So we are recording. Now we should be recording how you, like my shirt today, folks it's, a california shirt here in pennsylvania. Let'S raise the camera back up again now up higher and right now, let's take it for a flight and we are going to go out to the corner of the field wow this thing's fast for beginner rate.

Let me take the camera up a little bit higher, and actually i want to put my glasses on too so i can see the drone out in the distance there. I like to keep sight of the drone and pushing forward going up and up and i'm going to go just above the tree line. As i go outward and away it goes. Okay, we are. How far out are we huh? Okay, i'm? Looking for the range on this thing now, the lettering on this is really tiny, but we are 492 feet out pushing forward and going up even higher. I want to go above those that tree line in the distance there, so i don't bump into those trees, and we are 553 feet out and 600 feet uh so about 200 meters i'm at right now, and the signal was actually pretty good for 200 meters. I'M. Going to rotate rotate rotate rotate point. It back toward my direction here and see how it's tilt folks it's crabbing into the wind because of the wind let's go up a bit higher until we do see lake erie off in the distance. So raising the elevation up going up higher and we're about 200 feet up 226 feet up and there's lake erie. Now from that position there let's do a return to home automatic return to home by pressing return to home. Button turn to home button is activated and it's coming back there. It is way up there pretty darn high.

I shouldn't have gone that high, but because it's going to take a while to get back down here from 200 feet up a little tiny thing way up there let's see how accurate the return to home and landing is there's lake erie again now i put an X on the ground, where it took off from i'm. Looking for that, right now, where is that x, yeah well, we'll, just see how close it comes to an x, but it's descending should be descending right now, alpha 285 282 it's descending number is decreasing, so it is coming down. So when you do these automatic return, homes, uh don't be a too high of an altitude because it could take a while to come back down again so yeah the wi fi video was very good and strong. Even out to that distance. There so yeah the wi fi on this is pretty good. The gps on this is pretty good, so all in all so far, everything seems good. I hope the recording is coming out and there it is coming down for the final port, but it did not land on my x i'm still looking for my x, oh there, it is there's my x so about one meter away from the x. So, okay, let me double check my camera, so we're good to go there. Um next thing i want to do is demonstrate the let's point it this way again. Let'S go back to the x and let me start to stop that video that i'm recording, because i don't want to fill up the memory of this phone too much iphone storage, full you can free up to see that's.

One of the issues here. Folks is this particular drone uses quite a bit of memory to record that 4k video so um. What i'm going to do now is i'm, going to switch back to my um android phone and i'm just going to do screen recording of the video i'm hoping that uh video did record while it was flying there i'm going to double check before that, but i'm Going to switch to the android phone now and put this iphone away so hold on folks. Okay, i just did a flight with an iphone, an iphone 6 and i ran out of storage space recording that 4k video, okay, so i've switched to my android. Unfortunately, with my android i'm only going to be able to record the screenshots as shown here with for this flight, but that that should be sufficient to show you what this can do. Um you'll still be able to see its video but uh. It won't be that interpolated, 4k video and it's not going to look that great anyways interplay of 4k, but again let's start the motors and take to the air by hitting the automatic takeoff button. Okay check the stability again going up a bit higher. Turning toward my position now i got ta say the stability on this little drone is very good. Okay, um. I am surprised that well it's holding its position and it's really kind of gusty wind here today, but you're gon na see a lot of moving around because of that gusty wind, unfortunately i'm, just to see if this is going to record let's see if i can Get a photo by pressing the photo button and let's try the photo button here see just to see if it actually records a 4k photo.

I heard click there, one more. How do you like my shirt by the way today? Folks, okay, that's enough photos and let's? Try this video recording again now on my s, it's, not recording on my screen let's! Try it again, let's press the record button there. Okay, it says phone does not support 4k, video, so i'm going to stop right there again. It does not record if your phone does not have enough processor power to to um interpolate that video, unfortunately, but again, let's just go back out again. Do another distance test just in case the video did not come from the last, come out right from the last flight, this time i'm going to stay low, going up a bit higher, not too high, but i'm going to go to the edge of the field again, Like i did with the uh iphone and i'm just going to keep setting it up higher, so i can see the drone off in the distance and we should be getting close to the baseball diamond over there there's another there's, three baseball diamonds. Here at this sport field, i, like these sport fields, a great place to fly, but right there i lost a signal. Folks let's go up a bit higher, see if i can regain signal, but no so from there we're going to do another return to home. Like we did the last flight setting it up it actually climbs for the return to home.

What altitude does it say, do not operate other functions while we're turning over by 20 feet up for this return home let's see if it regains wi fi on this return flight. So with the android with my android phone um, the return to home was not as or the fpv video was not as smooth or not as uh distant as i got with the little iphone 6 that i was using. Okay, let's see how accurate it's landing is, though, and then i'm going to reconnect the wi fi. If it doesn't automatically reconnect, it doesn't appear to and uh we'll try again, although this time we'll stay a little bit closer and try the advanced features of this drone and again it's it's about a meter meter and a half off from its original takeoff point. But let's put it back on its original takeoff point and reconnect the app so hold on folks, okay, i've reconnected, the app to the the phone. All i did was was rebooted the app and it reconnected so um let's start the boaters again and automatic takeoff, which would be that button there going up and uh let's go right up to about here and from there i'm gon na go over here because i'm Going to try that follow me of this particular drone. Put it toward me: okay, what's, my distance. That should be good enough in the upper left corner. We see that drone picture we're going to select that and then we're going to select, follow and follow is activated.

Let'S, do it let's go up a bit higher too so let's see if it'll follow me around, it appears to be what type of follow me do we got by the way? Is it dji that appears to be dji like i'm pulling it on a string? In effect, um so it's doing it follow these are always interesting people like them. Let me go down, no, no. I want the camera up so follow me is working so that's cool in itself. Let'S come out of that. Selecting follow me turn it off to now. Let'S, go up a bit, bring it over here a bit and we're going to select orbit position. Okay, selecting orbit! Oh you can't! Do it on the with the app apparently. I guess i need to use this controller to select the orbit so let's. Do it pressing orbit and it goes over there, see what it does winds pick it up a bit. Is it going gon na turn and point to my position or what turn yep it's pointing to my position, and then you got ta tell which way to go. Let'S go to the right and there it goes appears to go. Counterclockwise i'm just checking to see if there's anything in the way, but doing a nice orbit around my position, nice slow orbit now, i'm. Pretty sure you can adjust these in the upper right corner there. Uh that gear settings icon, if you want to go uh, do a faster orbit or let's actually let's see let's see.

If we can do that, and it doesn't appears to do one orbit and then it slows down and stops. Why is that? Can i pick up speed with that by holding the oh yeah, you can pick up speed of the orbit by holding the right, uh yaw stick or roll stick and there we go now it's really moving a real fast orbit. Can we adjust it and pull back? Make it go now push it. Oh yeah there we go pushing an ipod, making a big circle, bigger circle, going up a bit higher and adjusting the speed even more it's, going around real, fast now circle me: okay, let's, press circle b and see. If that stops. It, yes, it does okay, bring you get in and down next thing you want to do is waypoints, but before we do that let's go into the settings icon, like i told you and go to parameters and default height of waypoints 65 feet is a bit high For me, i want to bring it down to about say about 25 feet. That'D be good enough for this field here and maximum height of waypoint 164 speed away. Point 16 we'll leave all that uh other stuff default then come out of the parameters and then go to uh map and uh. Hopefully, it'll find us here i'm in map mode, but it doesn't seem to found us here. Um let's go to waypoint i'm in waypoint mode, but uh i'm, not seeing us on the map.

In fact, i think we're showing lake erie in effect i'm, trying to zoom out okay, so um and as it's not showing. I probably should have downloaded the data before coming out here, because it doesn't seem to be able, with the android version of the app to simultaneously use data network and uh, connect to the wi fi of that drone. At the same time, so unfortunately i will not be able to demonstrate follow me we're, going to come out of that then and uh. We could follow me let's. Try. What can this do in terms of speed? Okay, now we're gon na select the rate a higher rate. Oh wait. We haven't done this mode, yet i like to do headless mode. Okay, select the headless mode, so that should be back, and this should be forward toward me and the reason i like to do headless mode and what i'm going to do at the same time is um i'm, going to lower the gimbal a little bit pointing it At the ground, because what i'm going to do folks is push forward now and climb and do an up and away i like to do crane shots like that boy. This thing goes up fast. I mean it goes up real fast, so let's come out of headless mode now and bring it back down. Let'S see. If does it come down as fast as it goes up not apparent, apparently, no really not as fast as it goes up, and what do we got here low battery here so much for the 30 minutes, so that was a fully charged battery folks, but it brings Itself in um i'm trying to bring it back down again.

Is it going to come down on its own altitude? Is 20 meters up i'm trying to return to home button there? It comes it's coming down now, that's unusual, okay uh! I thought we'd have more flight time than that in the flight. We did two. I did two flights out to about 200 feet or 300 200 meters about 600 feet, um one with the apple iphone and one with the android. I got a feeling i did not was not able to record either one of them, mainly because i ran out of storage space on the iphone on a little i6 iphone and because i don't have a fast enough uh processor. On my android, even though this is a helo, 70 pentium or p70, a penny on my armor phone, it should have really should have recorded because it's one of the ones that supposedly is usable with this drone, but unfortunately, here let's get the sunlight in my face. Unfortunately, i doubt that i got any video if i did we'll include it, but uh that's how this little ex 5 flies overall it's a drone meant for beginner flyers um. It is a reasonable good, beginner drone. However, you know why would you need a high end phone to record from a low end drone? Okay, people that would have a high end phone, would normally buy a high end. Drone like a dji style drone and have the money to do such so.

It doesn't really make sense to me that they did not include the ability to uh record with lower end androids because that's, where the market is so eachine. If you're listening highly recommend that you tweak that eachine pro app so that it enables you to record without the interpolation to 4k, you know it's. You know the original 1080p video that's streaming from this drone. If you can record that, i think you'll have less issues with the android version of the app okay, so that's the eachine ex5 4k hope you enjoyed this flight it's quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again, hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.