What makes it more beautiful is theres actually a zipper on the outside as well: okay, thats what we got going on there. He even has a little gusset pocket there. Another strap holder and a hand bagging, and it opens up two zippers here, zip on the top zip on the top open up, and this is what youve got lovely this side. We have the controller here there you go, youve got your controller joysticks on off button, return to home button m button up and down button, and this button here, camera or video. So you can take video or you just take regular photographs with this. On the back. Its got two antenna: do they have anything in them? Possibly i dont know, but well have a little charging port there, because this is a battery that doesnt its not like triple air batteries. Its actually stuck in there like that – and this is to hold your phone here and these four down the specific where so that they sit nice and square there. Okay, where else you got in here, john, where youve got the the strap or the bag in here, youve got a little. What is that? Look here? Extra props Applause charging, cable. This here is the charger that you put the battery in well. Where is the drone itself well like its under here? Look at that very nice bag, and this drone looks very nice too. It really does feels solid.

This even comes with a tag with a warm tip or a one tip warning tip its got in both mandarin and using english. Okay lets see where else it does. Okay, weve got these little guys open up like that in the bottom. Here is where you put your your battery. Now you can see here it has two sauna sensors here and also an optical position sensor. So thats great on the front. Youve got a three axis: gimbal i mean come on the three xs gimbal thats, pretty fancy its got. The old fall down leggies here there, one two, three four there we go an odd ship looks very organic. I must admit in the back here theres a little uh taped up area. I suspect now then question. Does this drone take an sd card? We hope so im not seeing the place for it. But if you look just under the camera, theres a small slot – i dont know if you can see that but thats where the sd card goes so thats great. You can record from the camera directly on the sd card as well as download your um android, and you think oh thats, it thats all in the case, but actually down here is a little a secret area lets see, but this also comes with an operation manual Which is handy, which is what you always need for calibration, etc. Well, its a nice time of deer to do drone flying because the suns not in your eyes, then you can see the monitor on your phone much better.

So let me fold much better right. So what ill do is you press the back of the drone? First thing you do weird for the gimbal, the calibrate itself, so lets just see what happens there. It says: wait for your gimbal to calibrate, so there you go starting to do it now, little fella. What weve got on the back here? What is it got? A flash and blue light? Okay, so weve got that part taken care of next part is to turn on the actual. The controller here hold it down. What we see there is two green lights. One of the mains that weve paired to the drone, neither one means weve, got gps. If were just flying in an altitude mode, it would just up be red. Okay and the light down there is green. Now next thing to do is next thing: go to settings. Go to connections and then we go to ground one thats, the one you click on here you ground one. There you go vibrate to let you know that theres internet not available. So once youve connected to that which connects to the controller. I assume – and the next thing is to open your c fly up: okay check, okay, its its connecting start flying all right. Looking good, okay drone is under remote control, thats good. Let me see that there press again and leave the program yeah there we go now. I want to do compass calibration here.

It says, calibrate what you do to calibrate the compass. Is you just turn this like that Music three times, and then you turn it. Then you turn it that way about three times and then lets see it. But your calibration is a success. Okay, calibrate success, thats good thats, good, solid, green light before it was red and green flashing, now its solid green, so thats what you want if you end up at this point, its flashing, green and red turn everything off start again. Okay, weve done that got that done now. We can do the gyro calibration. Okay, lets gyro, calibrate, okay, success very good right now! Applause well come out of that and then were going to press that to start the there we go Music, oh thats. What weve got were suffering from a lag okay, its moving around a little bit – and i think i recall chili – says to get rid of that. You just spin it around on its axis. There we go take a photograph there, you go, take a photograph of that yeah just give it a re, make it revolve on its own axis and see what happens then see that helps. So i think it might help. As far as getting gps positioning there.