That seems to be okay with the cairns lets go outside now. Lets test out the eachine eat14, with a little bit of drone chase footage were going to get a friend to chase it with an fpv drone. So a little different twist on this review of the ait14. Here we go this things moving you guys, uh. I see why this ones pretty popular such a short wheelbase, its crazy, oh, almost flipped it over. It will flip it over itself over sideways too, like wow, ah rip and dip. You guys come on lets, go get a quad going were gon na, get somebody to chase it with a drone. I think its freaking moving. I wan na get a drone chasing it for this battery runs out. Oh nice powerslide get some doughnut action, Music man. I got ta wear sunglasses while im driving this thing, like it really kicks, rocks. Look at that thing wound up. You guys lets go 150 bucks come on come on, eachine e.a.t, badass little car. It runs good on this, like a little bit of gravel man. This thing is a blast: oh nice, up on two wheels recovered reminds me like a little low seat or something dude. They are always attracted to your feet, whats up with that Music. All right, so we got a drone on the field. Gon na have a drone chase it now maybe get you got some footage. Some chase footage. I think i can outrun this drone Music, all right, im gon na.

Do it a straight a straight away: gon na go down the straightaway. Here we go full throttle. Music got a chase going Music, oh no theres, a freaking, uh theres, a disc golf post over there come on come on, come on dude that cars out running the drone lets go come on pretty good range. I think, like uh its definitely like a couple hundred meters going for it, this things eating it. I think its freaking eating it wow all right see if i still got steering way down there. I might be out of range. Oh there we go coming back coming back coming back, come on, oh yeah, full throttle chased by the drone trying not to hit that yeah. Oh coming back, coming back, wow its so fast through the grass dude. Oh my god, wow! Okay! If i had this, when i was 10 or 12 – oh, my god, it jumped it jumped the sidewalk holy crap wow, that was cool. That was freaking cool. This thing, isnt eating it. Okay, i need more batteries for this thing, Music, so it was. It was, you know, it was hard to control on the racetrack, but you know where this car is really a lot of fun, its just in a big open field, so much speed Music. That thing is a terror im having to like go loose on the controls. Like trying to just go a little bit at a time, the controls are a little bit sensitive.

I think so. You can really oversteer pretty easy, like thats what i thats, what i was noticing on the racetrack like this front drive servo is not really a race. Servo im pretty sure its an analog servo, its not digital Music, but i dont really know enough about indoor racing to say anything so im not going to say too much there. Let you guys make some comments in the comments down below on the review. Kick in it, oh no, all right. We got some fpv spectators over here. Those are not cairns, you guys arent cairns. Are you just checking just checking no cairns are we? Are we all good? Are we okay, okay, cool, all right, all right, awesome, uh, im not ready to fight by the way i come in peace, Music, no cairns, theyre, not karens! You guys anti karen machine right here. Nobody cares about this little guy or the drone. Today we are having a good day good day when youre not harassed by the cairns. All right, oh chase me bruh, all right lets, go uh down the sidewalk and down the runway, ready go for it. Three two one, her name is karen Music. Oh my god. Yes, ladies with a sense of humor thats, what its all about thats, what its all about you know as long as youre, not being a jerk, you know thats, all you got to do be a nice guy. You know what i mean all right lets get it Music all right, coming back through another speed run dude.

I wish i had dps on this thing i feel like it does like. Maybe like 45 miles an hour, oh batterys, slowing down now im losing my heat. Oh almost flipped over. I believe this battery is just about done. You guys, i think, were all done with that battery. That was freaking fun dudes, that was fun e, a t im a fan of this one im a fan. I like it. If you ran this on 3s, it would be a freaking beast. It would be a beast on three at some again. That was fun guys.