Eachine E59 Cheap Folding Mini RTF quad drone review compare JJRC H345

Eachine E59: https://goo.gl/T7XZpX JJRC H345 related however 2 quads: https://goo.gl/x7AQcD Nice finances strategy to study to fly or simply have enjoyable in case you are skilled …


  1. Hey man I want to buy this drone but is banggood a good site (delivery).
    And can you buy a extra battery??

  2. I will buy this bro
    Any problems r there in this drone

  3. Hello Sir I am planning to start a beginners drone club at work and know absolutely nothing at all about drones. The model reviewed in the video seems like a good start but other models such as the Furibee F36 have also got good reviews. One of my major concerns would be the short flying times, is there any way of extending flight times? Is there a good cheap model that specialises in longer flight times? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Great channel by the way. Have a good day.

  4. How long it take to charge fully for the first time?

  5. Can I use mobile charger for charging the jjrc h345 drone

  6. Which is good?? Jjrc or eachine

  7. Well, as it turns out mine is a dud. It keeps pulling to the left and front even after proper calibrating and it is way more then I can trim out. I tried it with the spare props as well but that doesn't seem to change its behavior. So what do you think I should replace it with for mostly indoor fun? I'm trying to decide between the E011 and E012, both get great reviews.

  8. They look like the Visuo drone

  9. Thanks for listening to my request! Much appreciated. Still waiting for my drones to be delivered :(. Ordered it Nov. 19th.

  10. I gotta stop watching these videos. I haven't even received the first one yet but you just sold me another drone, thanks a lot 😛

  11. they were probably from the same factory😂

  12. Great review and comparison. They are all harmless, indoor-friendly no-nonsense fun for kids of all ages.
    With the 6-pack of 650mah lipos and charger, eternal fun. And maybe 6 AA batteries+charger because even hobby grade transmitters like FrSky need AA' s.

  13. This makes me truest wonder if something of this size larger than a woop Witt prob 7mm or 8mm motors could carry a small fpv camera and then what protocol this quad works on as with a multiprotocol chip this could almost be a super cheap nano race quad with the right gear inside it ? Hmm got me thinking now 😂😂😂 super cheap fun fly vs super cheap nano racer
    The choice is ours I guess
    Great review of a really fun little quad it’s whole purpose in life is to fly nothin else and I like that 😁

  14. When I drop a drone I call it a durability test too 🙂 LOL I guess it's what they call rationalisation….😄

  15. You should make a series top 5 for different price ranges, like top 5 under 50$ 2017, top five under 30$ 2017 and so on…

  16. Hey tigger im here yaaaaay!

  17. I'm betting from your enthusiasm that you started with a basic Hubsan, Syma or Cheerson. I recognise that feeling as I started that way too

  18. Hi! Very good fly …like mini spark or mavic :))) Eachine – ruled! Many thanks

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