There are two extra propellers and four propellers guards in the kit. The instruction is multilingual, clear and detailed. Everything is well explained in it. Here are the specifications of the quadcopter. The drone and remote controller are made from plastic. Quadcopter is really compact when its folded. However, i dont like that. There is no case for transportation. Remote controller works from 3a batteries. You can control the drone by remote controller or by a phone. You can also take photos and record videos from the application. What i noticed is that the drone isnt controlled so well by a smartphone as from remote controller, keep in mind that the maximal size of the phone which can fit in the remote controller is 5.5 inches. My xiaomi mi max 3 doesnt fit in it. The drone has lighting which can glow or blink in general. The drone is quite stable and well controlled. If it drifts to any site, you can easily adjust and calibrate it. Headless mode works. Fine. The only function which doesnt work correctly is automatic return in order to return to remote controller it just flies somewhere. Quadcopter has a function of emergency shutdown. The drone has three speeds when its windy. The third speed is the best to control it. Music, Music. The drone can also perform flips. The camera has two positions which you can change manually here. You can see some photo and video samples. If you need originals. Let me know in the comments and ill send them to you.

One battery charge is enough for around seven. Eight minutes of flight, so i do recommend you to buy the drone with two or three batteries. It takes two hours to get the battery charged. I like that the batteries have micro, usb so its possible to charge all batteries at the same time. So, to sum up, i can said that, overall, its a pretty good amateur drone with many cool features, the only thing which doesnt work appropriately is one key return function. I would also add a case for transportation. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them in comments.