Just look at this. Finally, they have included actually this combination of buttons in the instructions. This is what was causing problems to many users of the e58 drone people. Didnt know how to launch the engines on the drone and they thought that only with automatic take off. You could actually fly the drone and the automatic takeoff was very chaotic and uncontrollable and in the end, this is included in the instructions. This combination of buttons works both for e58 and for e5 to ngs and using these buttons you turn on the engines and using the altitude stick. You fly the drone up. Another good thing that i noticed remember. I was saying that e520s drone has this light indicator and um. In the end, it turns out that these lights indicate the battery on the remote control, a good thing, also that this remote control now starts beeping when the battery on the drone goes low. So if your drone is far away from you, you dont have to look at the light indicators like it was in e58 model in e58 model. When the battery goes down, you dont have any indication on the remote control. For that drone. You would have to check the lights on the drone, so if you flew the drone too far away from you, especially during the daylight, it wouldnt be possible for you to see whether the drone is running low on battery and heres an example. What happens when the drone runs low on batteries? The remote control will, let me know it will start beeping, and this is the indicator for the battery on the remote control.

So it starts beeping and the lights are also flashing now and even if you dont see the lights, you can understand from your remote control that you need to bring the drone back before it falls somewhere. Now lets come to calibration e58 drone had gyroscope factory calibration and the manual calibration e520s has gyroscope calibration compass, calibration and gps control, and so thanks to gps, the drone stays in one place. If there is no gps signal available, the drone still drifts, but it drifts less than e58 and also the fact that this drone is much bigger and then e58 makes it drift slower and easier to control. E58 is a small drone. It tends to perform more sharp movements in the air and it makes more difficult to control. Also the instructions for this e520s drone says now clearly that before each flight, you need to perform factory gyroscope calibration, which was not the case for e58. The instructions didnt state that, but in my experiments it turned out that you should always do factory gyroscope calibration before flying the e5h drone as well. There are some problems with the instructions about how to do compass calibration.