In it – and my guess is that it should be different, it should be able to calibrate itself, because now the drone will know its position. So we see this drone has gps incorporated, so the one key return button should be working now because in issue 58, as you know, this return button that is described in the instructions. Although it is saying its a return button, it does not work and i guess just the instructions are generic for all models. Thats why this description was there, but if there is no gps, there cant be any return button, so it also has headless mode. It has altitude hold not sure what it means for now, but normally each a58 would also hold the altitude well, and i hope this has a better camera, because uh the eastern e58 doesnt have a good camera for. If you want to film something i mean you should be flying the drone very smoothly to be able to have a good picture, and it says it has speed. Control well. E58 also has speed control. It has three speeds. One of the other functions that this drone has is the follow me function. The algorithm in the drawn allows it to follow a person so thats an interesting feature that i would like to test too and see how it works between trees and where there are obstacles, etc. Also, you can see that it can come with different options with 720 pixels camera 1080 pixels camera 4k uh.

It also has different wi fi modes 5g, and i chose to to get a 5g wi fi standard, because now it should be faster in e58. As you remember from my tests, when you would connect the camera to the phone, the picture would sometimes interrupt because the wi fi signal was not fast enough in this model. I hope that the signal will be fast enough, so that you get a smooth picture. All the time on your phone, which is important when you fly or when you record to your phone, you dont want any interruptions. So i got. The medium option. Is 5g 1080 pixels because im not going to film in 4k. It takes a lot of time to process and most screens dont need that much of resolution. Now i got the drone out of the box and it looks like this. Drone is huge e58, its small. When i was buying this one, i thought it would be of the same size actually, but just the functions will be different, but its bigger now lets look at the propellers Music and we have third battery inside. So we got three batteries in one pack. Look at this its so different from the e58 model, but the price is not that different. Now you know. Actually, when you get discounts, you can get it at a really nice price and the difference of the price between this and this one is not very big. So once you learn to fly the drone, i think this could be the thing you should go for lets see im telling you that i havent tried it yet.

I just want to share this experience and see how i will be adapting to this new model. So you can see, the propellers are huge, the arms are huge, the body is huge, it has two antennas. While this one had only one and probably has some fancy led lights here. The batteries are huge in comparison to the e58 ones. Look at this. It has 1200 milliamperes per hour battery. Look at the difference. E58 battery e520 battery huge one. Now we can see also that the design on the remote control is much more intuitive. Now you have buttons that are intuitive, you understand better what they mean and, for example, look at this on the e58. The buttons are not marked at all, but here you understand what those buttons are about in my next videos, youll see a lot of testing of this new model, but at the same time, im not finished with the e58.